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A Litte bit bad

You know want to take a chance. And be a litte bit bad aint nothing quite like liveing on the edge im chaseing down a thrill and looking fit to kill
"Cheyenne Jackson"

I miss the higher east side of London so bad. I grew up in a rich family but i ran off to ireland when i was 11 to get away from it all. I legally changed my name when I turned 17 I was born William Alexander i changed my name Cayden Zander I am actually moving to the states soon to attend school well College over there which is fun because I get to live with family when we are on break from University and they live in the countryside but they're like me they ran off and changed their names when they were younger so it was really hard for me to even track them down it sucks that it took a while but I finally found them and they live at least two or three blocks away from the school well College so I can have to ride my bike or my electric skateboard to University everyday which is going to be fun

The next morning
Cade wake up you're going to be late. For your train to. Dublin so you can catch your plane
My best friend / roommate was jumping on the end of my bed trying to wake me up Kira it's okay I'm up I'm up you can stop jumping on the end of my bed she and I moved in together about 4 years ago me getting out of Prep school me and her were pretty smart kids we graduated at 16 and don't think I'm getting away from Kira so easy she's going to the same University I'm going to but we're going to be taking different classes so we're not going to be bumping into each other very often
2 days later in class
Hello welcome to psychology 101 criminal psychology 101 Im your professor Dr. Reid and yes before anybody says anything I used to be in the FBI in their BAU. With some truly amazing people so ask your questions after. Class and im also going to add some science and engineering after class dr. Reid was nice enough to let me stay in his room he tells me he's probably going to be gone before I get up in the morning so my dorm room key is on the kitchen counter alongside some breakfast my bag and my clothes AKA my suitcases

The next morning
Spencer left before I woke up so I got up at 8 cleaned up the apartment a little bit I'm headed over to my dormitory which on my class list and my times it says I have a roommate so this is going to be fun
I get to my dormitory they let me in there show me my room and leave me alone me being from England that don't know how to open the door so I was freaking out till the handle jiggled and the door opened and my roommate it looks like her name is Riley they wrote down everything for me on my paper she open the door and she froze in her spot but then she started talking to me we got to know each other we ended up going to a party later that night and I think in the morning the guy she was with upstairs at the party came by to apologize to her for being rude

3 hours go by
I'm sitting alone by one of the trees in our Courtyard at the college studying for a big test coming up and Kira shows up and sits directly beside me and says you like college so far I laugh yeah it's pretty good I met some good cool people my roommate she's nice but being best friends since middle school she figured out by the tone of my voice the I have a crush on Rylie and I can't do anything about it because I think she likes that Kyler kid I don't want to ruin the relationship I want to fizzle out on the its own so this is going to be fun school year Kira grab me by my shoulders slaps me in the face and goes that's the biggest adult move you have ever done is allow the girl to come to you you must really like Riley and this is only the first week if you need anybody to talk to about this you know Spencer is there and I'm here to then she gets up and says I got to go to my next class but I'll see you this weekend maybe hang out and go to the bowling alley or something just to get your mind off of Rylie because I know you really really like her ain't going to do things with your best friend is going to help get your Mind get off of everything that's going on I got up hug to we went our separate ways I stayed under the tree for another 45 minutes because my next class didn't start till 11:15 and that is microbiology which I don't know why microbiology is even on my list of classes but I'm going to accept it I walk into the class just a few minutes late and I get my seat I don't know how the professor felt my presence but she turned around and went you must be the new kid I'm going to allow you to be late at least every other semester till you get used to it this is the first semester of the year so and welcome to biology microbiology my name is Professor Skye she went easy surprisingly for my first class in microbiology and I loved it she stay back and when Spencer told me you got dyslexia next time don't sit in the back sit close to me and I'll help you read what I'm writing because I write in different languages sometimes because we do have foreign students like you but your main is English but some of the classes I do write in different languages for the foreign students so I will read it out to you write it down in English and give you a piece of paper so you can copy down the lecture by the lesson for the day in your notebook and if I do a project or something in a different language ill rewrite and type everything out for you in English so you can do that project I said thank you then I left class that was my last class foot today but later tonight I've got one more class and that is Spencer's class

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