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tatooed angle

is Ella. and Jacob Black is my father and unlike my parents i am. Full blood human ik right rare isnt it. But when i was going into middle school i the uk and lived with my uncle Alistair till i got out of prep. But around that time I was also getting my powers where coming in a really weird. Way to where I would end up in the hospital every other week because I did not know how to control them and uncle Jasper and Alice only knew why and they were the only ones that knew so my last time in the Hospital they allow my roommate at the time which is my best friend Caden to come in and just sit there beside me Alice and Jasper knew I liked him but Alistair did not and a week or so later they waited for me to get better before sitting me down and taking me out to lunch it was just Alistair Jasper and Alice my aunt and my uncles they sat me down and told me Bella had died and they still don't know how she got sick because because she was a vampire and they rarely get human illnesses something has happened and she was just getting older in human years and it was catching up to her as a vampire and she got really really sick I'll try to make it to the funeral but I've got to move in a couple weeks I'm moving to the states to go to college with Caden I'm kind of watching over him because yeah what's up because I like him but it's something else and I'm afraid if his parents actually knew and my parents knew vulture even come after me and Caden at the same time Alice pulled me to the side all the way from the boys and let the boys talk while we were talking and she said you know you can tell me anything I said well do you remember the little brother to Cali from the Volturi she said yeah he's a little bit of a whole butt he's kind of really nice now he doesn't look for the Volturi anymore he's a regular vampire he has a human job he's doing good for himself well he's also Kaden's cousin and a couple weeks ago at a party he got my sister pregnant well my friend she's like my sister and Alice went he got Sarah pregnant no not Sarah Colin Alice says Colleen he got Colleen pregnant I laugh and go yeah Alice. Colleen pregnant but they've been in hiding not from their fams just from everything they live in Ireland they're doing really good and we just went to go see them a couple days ago actually she's do in a couple of months but I don't think it's going to be half vampire like my mother I really don't and Alice said why do you think the baby is not going to be a vampire I'm studying microbiology and a couple of other stuff in school doing dual enrollment and doing to use here to use in France but my first year is going to be overseas with Cayden University I'm going to France in two year. Don't tell uncle Jasper I know he loves France I'm doing two years here I'm doing two years in France and Alistair knows about that he said at least check in with him every other day hea going ro send Alec over here every now and again to France when I move over there for college
So when are you telling Cade my aunt asked me. I said idk when the time is right

4 days later
Collage is fun cade has a crush and im still scared of telling him i love him text you later Hayden. I miss you ...
Kira wake up you are ganna be late. My roommate Trever just got back from his 3rd class of the day. witch. usealy means he goes down the rode and gets my breakfast and coffee brings it back and wakes me up. kind of looks like he did we're having a movie marathon tonight and that's going to be fun

Later that night
Hey can you get up and see who's at the door I sit there and poke trouble in the back of the head till he wakes up wake up there's somebody at the door he wakes up rubbing his eyes walks to the door opens it it's Caden and all I hear from my dorm room door is you ditched me you ditched me for trever for FUCKING TREVER

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