Live Without me

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Living in Balor is so fun I just got back and it's almost been two and a half years since Maia died but life had to go on her fiance is doing good he actually still has the ring good surprise surprise he's engaged to one of my co stars on the show her name is Reah Zander. She's really nice she actually just moved here from Norwich England she has become my best friend over the past couple weeks because I left the apartment that me and Maia where living in just to try to start a new life I got a new number I got a new everything and


This is me now I get that I look like Dakota Kai from wwe ALLOT

And that is Reah
Me and her are currently actually watching the kissing booth on Netflix it's a really good movie I secretly and jelly Of Ellie Noah is so damn fine yeah a couple weeks ago I caught my fiance cheating on me so I called off the engagement and that was like 2 or 3 days before Maia s bday so. The story of my life. 5 years after college My Life Starts to spiral the amazing thing is I can relate to Noah a lot because I was the bad one in college but I also had the secret behind me that I was a straight-A student and nobody knew that except for and Cade Luca and Aryana but instead of it being in high school I fell for my best friend's brother his name Alex and my life got better after that in a couple weeks me and Alex are moving in together I'm happy to be starting over today is a big day for me and reah we have a meeting. At the Netflix Office a friend of mine Joey King and I have been writing a script for a book I wrote in High School called Vantage

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