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Novel 1 in The Assassination Trilogy Anastasia Taylor is the most deadliest assassin in the mafia world. She kills as instructed and trains to become more lethal every second. Zayn Thorne is “The Devil” of the mafia and one of the most dangerous men known to man. He takes what he wants without thinking twice and murder’s anyone who gets in his way...until Anastasia. Will Anastasia’s heart survive? Will Zayn’s feelings keep him centered? What happens when the most deadly assassin and the most dangerous mafia leader when they fall for one another?

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I breathed out a puff of air on the coolness of the chamber and pressed my index finger against the trigger of the AR. “I have a shot.” I spoke into my earpiece. I lined up the scope with the head of the man I needed to assassinate and squinted my eyes to better see through the shining glass.

“Take it.” My partner instructed and I let my finger pull the trigger and let the bullet shatter the glass. The bullet directly smashing into the man’s head, splattering his unholy blood everywhere and he fell down to the ground. “Get out of there now Ana!” My partner yelled into my earpiece. I snapped apart the pieces of the rifle and roughly placed it into the case, locking it. I bolted down the fire escape and raced to get off the roof until I heard heavy footsteps behind me.

I froze at the sound and my ears perked up. “There’s no where for you to run now cloak.” A man with deep, darkening voice spoke and I slowly turned around. Men of the mafia didn’t make me tremble in fear. I had known fear itself once...then I realized you can only fear if you let it. “What do you want?” I asked with an edge in my tone.

Men of the mafia only wanted three of the many things: one, money. Two, women or the third, revenge. “We want the assassin to show herself.” The man spoke and I smirked. The mask I wore was to hide who I am and not expose me. “Then you’ll have to kill me in order to find that out.” I said and then glanced down at my wrist. “Ana run they have a sniper rifle headed straight for your head!” Brit yelled in my ear.
I ran down the fire escape and let the quickness of my feet lead me past sharp corners and slippery concrete from the rain. I almost tripped over my own feet if Brit hadn’t caught me. “Did you escape?” She asked me and then I felt their presence behind me.

Brit stood in front of me and guarded the men from my line of sight. “If you want her you go through me.” She spoke deadly. The poison dripping her in her tone. “Then I’ll kill you.” He said and I noticed Brit gave me an advantage. I slipped the knife from my boot and boomeranged it into the man’s throat while sliding past Brit into the corner. She grabbed the other man by the throat and threw him over the side of the railing.

I jumped out, punching the man in the throat and slamming my knee into his manhood. “F**k!” He groaned. I grabbed another knife from my other boot and held it to his throat. “You’ll never get the chance to kill be again.” I spat and slit his throat with force. Blood spewed all over my face and my purple eyes glared daggers into his pale face.

Messing the with mafia would bring me hell, but it would bring mercy to my soul. Murdering the kings and queens of the mafia would rain down on me, but it would help heal my heart. Even being near the mafia would be dangerous for me, but fixing this retched world of drug dealers and predators would make me safer.
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