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I growl into the receiver of my phone and slam my fist down onto the table. They came after her. They fucking came after the one person that I love! I take the closest glass that I could find and smash it on the floor. I watch as it shatters to millions of pieces.

“Then give me one reason why they came after her! Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t gut you and feed you to the damn vulture’s!” I yell into the receiver of my phone.

“I have no idea why sir! They’ve been watching your every move and managed to slip through security undetected! We’re working on her safety right now and ensuring the safety of yourself.”

“They shouldn’t have gone unnoticed in the first place! It was strictly to mess with the business deal so they couldn’t enter America!”

“I apologize. We are going to make this our first priority.”

“You better or I’ll come over there and clean that house! I mean it! Take care of this shit!”

I end the call and throw my phone onto my couch. A deep growl reverberates in my throat. I take the closest lamp shade I can find and throw it against the wall, breaking it too pieces. My anger radiating off me in waves so powerful the ocean is probably terrified. I sit down with building outrage and pick my phone up after I threw it halfway to hell and back. I dial Spencer and wait for his ass to pick up.

“I already know why you’re calling and trust me I’m beyond mad.”

I maliciously grin and growl into the speaker.

“It better be fixed Spence. If they know what’s good for them.”

I set my phone down with a hard thud and walk all the way down to a room in my house that is strictly off-limits. Even to me sometimes. I press my hand and eyes against the keypad and the voice beeps with entry. “Welcome Mr. Thorne.” I march right up to the stockpile of weapons and rip the handgun from the wall. The matte black glistening. I march out of the room and jump into my red Lamborghini, igniting it to life. I stomp on the gas and zoom all the way down to my headquarters. I race by café’s, restaurants, street lights, cars halting to a stop with their horrible brake’s. I enter the parking garage and slam the door shut. Cocking my gun, I walk up the staircase to the elevator and bring it to the top floor. “Top floor.” The voice says and opens the doors wide.

I put my gun up in the air and fire 2 bullets into the air. Everyone within a three mile radius stops in fear and cowers before me. As they should.

“Where the FUCK is Mr. Fine!” I holler. A lady with glasses too big for her face and blonde hair that looks like it got burnt, points to the direction of my office and I march all the way there. I slam the doors shut and announce my presence with ragged breathing. “I see you haven’t lost your touch yet.” Mr. Fine smirks and I want to wipe that shit from his fucking face. “What the fuck is going on!” I roar. He clicks his tongue at me and purses his lips. “Well I would tell you that your little doll is under a murder contract, but I see you already know that since you came here assuming I was behind it.” Mr. Fine says smirking once again. I rip my phone out of my pocket that I almost forgot at home and place it right in front of him.

“If you think you can be smart with me you got another thing coming! I want to know why the Spanish mafia is here and what the hell you’re going to do about it! My girlfriend’s safety is in danger!” I yell. I breath in and out raggedly to prove my panicked state. “Before you get your underwear in a bunch, you should know that dating an assassin means a lot of dirty shit. She’s has contracts line up like a line a kid at fucking candy store and you except people to not come for her! Are you that thick-headed?” Mr. Fine questions. I have always considered those options, but right now she isn’t a killer. Anastasia had to protect Brit and herself. “Everything an assassin does has a contract Zayn. Everything. If she’s being hunted it’s on her own account.” Mr. Fine stands up and buttons his suit jacket that firmly pressed as fucking usual.

“She left right before I heard bullets and shit flying through the speaker on her phone. You don’t think that’s a coincidence do you?” I growl. “Of course it isn’t. Why would it be? The Spanish mafia strikes whoever and however they want. If they want her dead, they would’ve been more stylish about it.” Mr. Fine clarifies. “That still doesn’t explain why in the hell they attacked where she was!” I roar.

“They attacked because they had a business deal there and her little assassin friend got involved! I have eyes and ears Zayn! Your girlfriends boss had them set up a sniper kill and take out the boss, but they caught up with him and then ambushed some bitch named Dagger!” Mr. Fine slammed his fist against the glass window. “Who the fuck is dagger?” I’m gritting my teeth so hard they might as well fall out. “It’s your girlfriends partner. I guess she didn’t tell you that.” Mr. Fine sneered. I point a hard finger at him. “Don’t you fucking talk about her like that! She had a reason to go and make that contract!” I yell. “Clearly not! The mafia doesn’t kill without reason! Unless their tangled with Nadia!” Mr. Fine sighs. My eyes go wider than my damn pants did last night at the club.



“Did Mr. or Mrs. Crane say anything about setting up a business deal?” I ask. Mr. Fine looks so damn confused it’s funny. “All I know is that Nadia Crane had a business meeting today, but it went south so she went to some remote area where she caught sight of someone kissing and she went ballistic.” Mr. Fine says. My saliva catches in my throat.


That’s who attacked Ana...


“It was Nadia.” I say. “What?” He asks. “It was Nadia who attacked Ana. She came by earlier two days ago trying sort out some stupid shit for our wedding, that by the way isn’t happening, but she almost had a hernia when I told her to get the fuck out.” I clarify and plop into my black desk chair. The cold metal somewhat calming my nerves. “Nadia is possessed. She wants you and she’ll do anything to get you...” Mr.Fine pauses for a second looking me dead in the eye. This man is intimidating when he wants to be. “...she’ll do anything. Even if it means killing the woman you love to get you.” My blood runs cold and my neck hairs stand on end.

Fucking shit...

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