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I ran into the building after throwing my purse into the car and locking it. I whip open the steel doors to see find glass shattering, tables flipping, chairs flying and screams coming from innocent civilians. My mind is racing from zero to a hundred in a millisecond and I have to find Brit. “Cloak!” Brit manages to catch my attention and I bulldoze over there without a second thought.

“Take this! Hurry!” She shoves a small microchip usb in my hand. “Activate it with one tap!” She hollers over the crippling noise. I run under the nearest table trying to hide myself and I tap on the chip. It buzzes to life in seconds and surrounds my body in all-black armor, stocked with thousands of weapons.

It reveals my legendary white hoodie and mask that I use to protect my identity. “Go!” Brit hollers as she kicks the culprits straight in the damn face. I whip around nearly missing one of the men trying to swing at me, but get the upper hand and knee him in the crotch followed by an uppercut and punch to the jaw.

“perra! (bitch)!”

A man yells, lunging for me. My head smashes into the concrete floor and I wince from contact, but try to refocus, watching hands travel to my throat, cutting off my air circulation, yet I have a pocket knife and easily plunge it into his erratic body. I roll him off of me, careful and calculated of my next move when my vision blurs.

My throat gasps for air while I stumble backward through glass door. “Cloak!” Brit yells. I stumble on my feet trying to run, but I can’t see. Then my vision refocuses enough for me to see the running brigade aiming towards me. I whip out both swords from my backside, aim it towards the army as I slide underneath a table and swing my legs, knocking down the a man by his legs and slam his face onto the cold concrete.

He crashes to the floor with a loud thud with yelps of pain as my fist collides with his nose and blood spatters everywhere. I lunge back, kicking a man in the face, hearing the bones shatter. I wrap my legs around his neck and travel in a loop around his abdomen at the speed of light, shoving his head into the wall.

A brick wall...

He cries in pain, holding his face in fear it will fall off from the shattered bones and spewing red liquid.

“puta! (whore)”

A man’s voice pierces my ears and smashes my head onto a table. I hear my nose crack, following small amounts of blood pouring down the wound. He tries to punch me, but I spiral in the air, careful to hit him square between the eyes and land on the table. I draw my handgun faster than my hands allow and put a bullet in his head. "Dagger!" I holler in order to protect Brit’s identity. She looks over at me, dodging my sword within two seconds to spare before I release the chamber of the gun and a bullet lands in the man's head.

"We don't have much time! Get the innocent's out of here!"

I do a one-eighty spin and kick a man in the stomach before twisting his arm in half and crushing his head into a glass desk, shattering it to pieces. "Cloak!" Brit yells. I whip my head around, glancing at the knife held against a recognizable man’s throat.

He was at the gala!

He was the man who gave me away to Zayn. What the actual fuck? I walk over, placing my swords against the sleeves on my back. The heels of my 'suit' click against the bloodied floor and I wipe my forehead from victorious sweat. "This bitch says he knows where the rival's are." Brit says to me. I yank him up by the throat, slam his body against the wall and begin to choke the life right out of him. "Cloak!" Brit yells. "He is the rival mafia! If he was with Zayn, he would've known about this shipment!" I growl.

Brit's eyes go wide as saucer's the longer my fist squeezes around the man’s esophagus. A smile tugging on the corners of my mouth at his gasping state. I glower into his eyes, threatening him to keep squirming beneath my iron-locked grip. "If you keep moving, I'll make sure to have you on my kill list and your face on a silver fucking platter." I seethe. My toxicity of assassination spilling from my tongue. "Pl-Plea-se." He pleads. I have no desire to keep a viscous criminal alive. "What the hell were doing the night of the gala! You knew 'The Devil' would be there! What we're your people doing there?"

I glare, concealing my fist rigorously around his throat. “P-Please!” He whimpers. I mildly release his neck, keeping pressure under his jaw-line. He glances into my eyes without a word and I have radiating anger flowing down in waves. I squeeze his throat again, smashing his figure onto a glass table. I retrieve my knife and press it against the skin covering his trachea.

I'm not fucking playing...

"Talk!" I yell.

My eyes draining into a claustrophobic darkness where my pupils slowly disappear into thin air. The void of adrenaline filling in my veins.

"Okay! Okay! My boss said he would drive out the Italian mafia and their mistresses as fast as he could! They messed with their drug shipments and blew up our headquarters'. I swear that's all I know!" He confessed.

"What shipments!" I yell.

"The ones Mr. Thorne issued out!" He admitted. My breath caught in my throat at my significant others name.

"They were going to threaten his mistress!" He said.

"Who's his mistress!" My voice laced with acidity. "Someone he kissed on the beach earlier today!" The man yelled, a ball of acidic spit developing in my throat as my blood goes cold.

Someone was watching Zayn and I on the beach?

The most intimate moment of our relationship and someone was watching us?

I couldn't hear anymore and I slit his throat with devilish delight and smiled at the blood slowly dripping out of his body while Brit stood horrified. "Who in the hell was Zayn kissing Cloak! There probably going to kill her!" Brit says. I swallow the lump in my throat and glance away from the hell I've created. "Then let them try and kill me." I state and Brit's eyes go wide. "You! You're the one Zayn kissed!" Brit hollered. I smiled with a satanic grin. Damn right he kissed me. "Cloak your on the mafia kill list! What happens if they find you!" Brit exclaims.

Suddenly, my vision goes blank and my body flips through a table, onto the ground in agonizing pain. My throat is cut off from the rest of my body, my lungs heaving desperately for oxygen. I kick my legs aimlessly below a force of human strength and wail around to release his palm from my esophagus. My hoodie is yanked off and my mask ripped from my face. I force my eyes open and stare up at an unfamiliar face. His brown eyes blazing into mine. I hear Brit yelling to try and break free from something, but I can't make anything out passed my clouded thoughts. "Let-go!" Brit screams.

The pressure on my throat throbs against a powerful set of hands and I feel myself slammed into the ground. My head pounds in pain while my legs start to go numb. "So this is who Zayn spends his time with? A worthless assassin by the name of Anastasia Taylor." The man menacingly smirks.

My vision turns to coal.

My neck hair's stand on end.

My body on high alert.

How does he know my real name?

"Stay the fuck away from the mafia if you want to live, or don't and suffer consequences. Nadia will be pleased to hear that I found you. The mistress of the one and only Zayn Thorne." He snaps. "I have no idea-a what you're-re talking-g about-t." I say. Tears filling my eyes from hideous affliction.

"Shut up bitch! If you think you can jst come in and destroy the mafia empire you have another thing coming!" He threatens with intimidation.

However, I'm not intimidated and I use all of my strength to knee him in the groin and slice his throat in half. I run over to Brit's aid, turning the man around with a quick pace and smash my fist into his now, broken jaw. "Cloak your in a mess." Brit says. I grab my other handgun and kill the remaining culprit hanging on for dear life. I move my eyes to her's. My body numb. "Then let them. Let them come for the most deadliest assassin in the world." I grin with menace.
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