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14. ZAYN

Spencer’s clean-cut, trimmed dark brown hair comes into view as we enter the park and I wave him over. “Hey man.” He greets. “What’s up?” I grin. My arm has wrapped itself around Ana’s waist and I tug her closer to me. “Y’all gonna have some fun today?” Spencer jokes. “Teddy bears, cotton candy and rides.” I look at Ana and her face is bright red. “Have fun you two and by the way. Brit called me. She wants to go on a date.” Spencer smolders. “Look at you making moves!” I joke. He rolls his eyes at me. “Whatever. Make sure to keep him out of trouble Ana.” Spencer walks off into the parking lot and disappears. “I’m both frightened...and aroused.” Ana says in deadpan. I stifle a laugh and walk over to the booth. “Two tickets please.” I slide a forty dollar bill over to the ticket person and she hands me two tickets and wristbands in return. “Where do you want to go to first?” I ask as putting her wristband on. Her face lights up instantly and it makes my bones perk up inside my skin.

“Can we try the teddy bear arcade?” She joist’s up and down and I grin. “Let’s go.” I wrap her up in my arms and we stand in the long ass line wrapping around the building. “I want the big white one with the red bow!” Her voice exhilarated. “You gotta hit the target first.” I remind her and she gives me the cutest scowl imaginable. “I’m not worried about the target.” She saunter’s into the bar stool as I show the man our wristbands. ”I am worried for the target.” I whisper to myself, but she obviously heard it. “Watch it big guy.” She jokes and lines up the scope of the play gun with the cloud target.

Why does it look so unrealistic?

Like shit at least make it a white robot that talks.

“Bam!” Ana squeals as she knocks down the first target and makes fake explosions with her hands. That was just too adorable. “Wanna hit the second one?” She offer’s. “Prepare to get destroyed.” I smolder over at her. “Oh really?” She challenge’s. I shake my head as I line up the cross with the target and hit it right in the middle. “Rut-row.” She mimics scooby-doo’s voice and it makes me laugh. “We have one more.” She pouts and it’s just so cute! What the hell! “Boom-chaka-laka.” She screeches. I can’t help, but grin my ass off.

“Here you go ma’am.” The man at the counter hands Ana the exact bear she wanted and HOLY SHIT it’s huge. Is that gonna fit in the car? I’ll make it fit dammit. “It’s so cute I’m gonna die!” Ana recites with big goo-goo eyes. “What is up with you and movies? I ask. She shrugs. “It’s one of my hidden talents.” She flips her hair to the other side and I smirk so stupidly. I can’t help, but just stare at her like a hormone-fueled teen. “Like what you see?” She saunter’s over. “Definitely.” I say. Her waist fits into my hand better than a glove and I pull her face close. My breath fanning her face. “That thing is huge.” I joke. “I think it’s the perfect size.” She smiles. “It’ll make a great cuddle buddy.” She giggles. My mouth forms into a frown. “I’m an exceptional cuddle buddy.”

“Well I haven’t cuddled with you so right now you’re a crappy cuddle buddy.” She fires. “We’ll see about that.” I smirk deeply. “Bring it big man.” Ana grins and then places her soft lips against mine. I devour her whole as my tongue slips between her lips and she groans into my mouth. “Zayn.” Ana whimpers. “We’re being stared at.” She says. “Fuck them.” I say. She looks confused and I capture her lips again as I hug her body into mine. “What do you want to do next?′ She asks me with excited eyes. “I don’t know. I’ve never really been to a park.” I admit. “Now that is just very unacceptable.” Ana scolds.

I cackle secretes in my throat. “I’m going to find the nearest roller coaster.” Ana suggests. My eyes go wide. Oh shit. “I’ve never been on one of those.” I admit. “What in the ass?” Ana responds. I snorted. “It’s true.” I shove my hands into my pockets, embarrassed. “I’m quaking in my shoes right now.” Ana throw’s her hands in the air. “Just because you said that, I’m taking you on the craziest one.” Ana says seriously. My heart leaps from my chest and nerves take over me. “W-What?” I tremble. “Come on It’ll be fun. You may even lose a pair of underwear...or two.” She tried to cover up her words by coughing, but I caught exactly what she said.

“If you really felt that way you could’ve just told me because I want to take you from behind on the table.” I say. Her eyes go wider than the forming bulge in my pants. “Zayn!” She shrieks. “Ana come on.” I snake my hands around her backside. “There are hundreds of people around and no matter how hot and bothered you make me feel we can’t do it.” She says. “Can’t or are you scared of getting caught?” I smolder. “You’re unbelievable.” She rolls her eyes and sighs. “Babe I don’t care if their are thousands of people around. I only care about one.” I say and her face erupts with blush. “Oh you like it when I call you ‘babe’ don’t you?” I egg her on. “Zayn...” Ana’s puts her head in my chest to conceal her red tomato face.

“You do.” I say. She bolts from me and tries to run away, but I grab her by the waist and hoist her onto my shoulder. Her teddy bear slapping me in the back. “Oh no you don’t.” I grin. “Zayn put me down!” She squeals. “No until you say the magic word.” I say. “What magic words!” She stresses. “Say you like it when I call you ‘babe’.” My tone is very serious. “You cannot be serious right now.” She strains. “If you don’t I’ll pound into you so hard you’ll be screaming my name.” I tell her seriously. “OH MY GOD! I like it when you call me babe. SHEESH!” Ana yells. I put her down and pulled her into my body by her lean midriff. “That was all I needed to hear.” I laugh and she slaps me playfully. “That was completely uncalled for.” Her lips form a lovable sulking expression. “No it wasn’t.” I retort. “Yes.” She retaliates. “Fine, but that isn’t going to keep me from being lovely towards you in public.” I say with a smile.

“Public displays of affection often make people very uncomfortable.” She reminds me. “Fuck their judgment’s.” I roll my eyes. “Zayn!” Ana berates. “They’ve all been in love at one point. They have zero right to judge.” I say. “Would making out with me make you feel better?” My core heats up at her suggestion. “Certainly.” I agree. “Thank you.” She collides her lips with mine tasting every drop of mint and strawberry. I grip her abdomen and snake her closer to me as I swallow her mouth whole. My stomach churned on the inside with desire for the woman in front of me. When she pulls away she’s out of breath and gasping for air. “I’m still not changing my mind about pounding into you.” I say indifferently. “You’re relentless, I tell you.” She replies.

“Only for you babe.”

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