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15. ZAYN

She had never looked more vulnerable than how she did an hour ago wrapped in my arms and her eyes ice cold with fear. She reminded of myself once 5 years ago. Afraid, horrified of the past. I knew the feeling, but I pushed them away. She didn't. She fought them. Which more than I can say for myself. I was a coward when it came to facing my past.

"Zayn?" Her voice was soft as we laid on the floor with her in my arms. I welcomed the feeling of her warmth and the comfort of her body pressed against me. “Yeah?" I ask. She shift's below me and straddle's my lap. Placing her soft silky hair against my chest and her head resting there. "Something happened today and Brit told me to tell you."

My body went rigid and the blood in my veins went dead. “Is everything okay?” I question with worry in my eyes. She lift's her head and connects her blue eyes with mine. The feeling of the unknown makes the hair's on the back of my neck stand up. "Someone attacked me." She admits. She casts her eyes downward and my breathing halt's. "Who was it?" I ask.

I'm deathly afraid of the answer. "It was a man. No clue who he was, but he threatened me. Well before I killed him." Ana shyly smirks, but then her face return's to it's frozen state. "What did he say?" A tingling sensation crept up my spine. Whoever attacked the woman I so deeply loved was going to pay. Ana is everything to me. "He ordered me to stay away from you and the mafia.

If I didn't he would find me and kill me. He also mentioned something about a woman named Nadia." Ana's voice sound's so small and distant. Not the independent and no-nonsense Ana I was used too. I clenched my knuckles together at the sound of Nadia’s name and my teeth were set in a firm line. I hated anything to do with that whore. She was literally with a new guy every week and then had the audacity to tell me she loved me. I don’t think she even know’s what love is.

“Are you alright?” Ana’s blue eyes displayed anxiousness. My skin was slightly bleeding from my iron locked grip of my hand. I had to calm down and focus on Ana. Her face. Her.
“I’m okay.” I say. Ana notices my indifference and rests her warm hands on my cheeks. “Don’t do that.” She says. “Do what?” I ask.

Her eyes are like an ocean I could drown in. “Pretend that your okay when I know you aren’t.” She says. Damn she knows me so well and I haven’t even known her for that long. I guess that’s what happens when you meet the one person who you can be whoever you are with.

“I’m worried about you.” I confess. Her eyes lace with endearment. “You don’t need to worry about me. I’m right here.” She says and she capture’s my lips. I wrap my hands around her waist and fall into the moment with her. I groan against her mouth and my core lights up. My mouth watering from her burning passion.
“I’m going to protect you no matter what.”

I say as she snake’s her arm around my neck. She clashes our lips together again and I’m the prisoner to her sweet sultry. The ecstasy of wanting her setting me on fire. “You don’t need too.” She says. I slip my tongue inside her mouth as a moan escapes her lips and I bring her body even closer to mine. “Just because you can protect yourself doesn’t mean you should when you have me.” I say.

Her fingers grip my hair as I kiss the spot under her ear. Another groan escapes her beautiful mouth and it’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. She slowly grinds her hips into me and I suck in another deep breath. Just like I did at the club.
“Your so beautiful.” I say. I sneakily skid my finger under the band of her bra and I hear her gasp. Our lips collide again and her grinding becomes more urgent.

“Promise me.” She says. I’m caught off guard. “Promise?” I ask. Our folds of flesh crashing together again as she claims my mouth. “Promise you won't worry about me.” She says. I break away from our kiss and place my palms on her heated cheeks.

“I’ll always worry about you, but I promise. Just know that I'm going to protect you. Your my girlfriend.” I say. She blushed profusely. “Oh you like it when I call you that?” I ask. She sheepishly turns her head away.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t get to ask me for a promise and run away.” I say. She tries to bolt for the door, but I wrap my hand around her waist and start to tickle her. “Ah! Zayn!” She squeals. Her laughter fills the small space and mine soon follows. She starts tickling me back and I’m a panting mess on the floor. “Oh my god Ana!” I screech. “Gotcha!” She giggles and continues assaulting my stomach.

I swaddle my hands around her and pick her up off the floor. “Zayn! Come on!” She shrieks. Soon I see that huge smile of hers beam up at me and I can’t help, but smile in return. She makes me want to grin. “Not fair!” She pouts. Her lower lip sticking out. I chuckle at her and roll us over. Her body rests against mine and I can’t help, but stare at the gorgeous mess that makes Ana.

She lays her head on my chest as she tries to control her breathing and I cascade my arms back around her. She isn’t going anywhere. “I promise.” I whisper in her ear. Her head perks up and she rests her head on her hands against my chest. “You do?” She questions. “Of course.” I say. Her eyes twinkle in response.

“You really do?” She asks. I smirk. “Yep.” I confirm and she places her head on my shoulder. Staying there for all eternity. “To prove it to you I want you to spend the day with me.” I state. She picks her head up. “What did you have in mind?” She asks. “I don’t know. Something with teddy bears, cotton candy and rides.” I say. I have no idea where this goes, but I’m going to take my best shot. “An amusement park!” She cheers.

Oh no.

“Yes!” She says. She pounces off of me and begins to jump around the room. She looks so adorable. “Wanna come with me?” I ask just in case. Women can be complicated. Just sayin. “YES! Omg Yes!” She jumps on me and I grin wildly. Oh fuck yeah. She kisses me softly and smiles. “Let’s go have fun.” She grins.

“Definitely.” She intertwines our hands together. “I left my purse in your car.” She says. “We’ll take the Bugatti then.” I say. “Alright.” She responds. Once we get to parking lot I open the door for her and jump in. We about to have tons of fun.
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