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The ride to the park was quiet and comfortable. My hair whisked in the wind and my skin absorbed the warmth of the sun. My head was still pounding from this morning and the god awful fight I had with my boss, but now it was tolerable. The pain slowly faded into a soft thump of a soundless drum and my eye sockets were no longer throbbing against my lids.

I felt uplifted and alive, more than I’ve ever felt in my life and all I wanted was stay in the moment of holding Zayn’s hand forever. To feel the radiating heat flowing from it and the way it fit perfectly into mine. Almost as if it was made just for me. “You look beautiful.” Zayn compliments. Blush creeps on my cheeks.

Painting them in a luscious rosy color. This is what he does to me with three little words. “You look handsome.” I take my bottom lip between my teeth and gently suck on it. He looks ravishing in plain black jeans and a tight red shirt that reveals his ripped muscles. “Like what you see?” He asks. I turn away in embarrassment and he chuckles.

The vibration in his throat filling the car. “I definitely like what I see.” I say. A huge smile tugs on his lips and I giggle. “So how much longer?” I inquisitively ask. “Someone’s eager.” He says. “I’m just excited to see the fluffy teddy bears, mouth watering cotton candy and adrenaline pumping rides.” I reply. His cheeks lift and his eyes sparkle.

Damn that’s sexy. “I’ll get you all of the teddy bears and cotton candy you want.” He says. “Now your talking.” I say leaning back into the plush leather seat. “You know at first I was extremely nervous to even text you.” He said. My eyes that I closed were now open with shock.
“No way.” I squeak. That can’t possibly be true. “Yes way. I was practically sweating up a storm.” He chuckles at the thought.

I can imagine him sweating after a steamy workout, but not because of me. No way, but I’ll never tell him that. “Well I was definitely sweating, but not because the gym was hot.” I smirk and cast my eyes away. That will definitely catch his attention. “Oh is that so?” He asks. I nod my head.

“Will see about that later tonight.” He states matter-of-factly. My mind goes blank. “Tonight?” I ask. “Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my mind is very dirty went it comes to you and that I can’t stop imagining taking you on a table.” He nonchalantly says.

My mouth is agape. “Well damn.” I say. I can’t not admit that I think about licking his manly abs, but those thoughts are for me, myself and I. “Whatcha thinking about over there?” He asks. “Nothing...” I drag. “Are you thinking about me?” He smirks. “No...” I drag again while biting my lip. “Sure....” He retorts.

“Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about doing dirty things to me.” He presses his hand on my thigh. “Don’t tell me that you haven’t thought about the things I could do to you.” My breath catches in my throat as his hand trails up my thigh. “If I say I have will you stop the car?” I ask. Maybe I want to do dirty things to you...

“And what will you do?”

He sinks his hand in between my legs and rubs a single finger on my jeans. I instantly become soaked and my head falls backward. So much for taking the easy route. I have to admit that taking it slow with Zayn isn’t an option. He makes me wet just at the sight of him. Jesus lord. “Your so wet.” He purrs in my ear. The car comes to a stop and I unbuckle my seatbelt. You want some sexy time Zayn, you get some sexy time.

Damn right.

I wrap my hand around his neck as I straddle his lap and the seat falls backward. My lips devour his and his hands grip my waist as he softly squeezes my thigh.

Holy hell.

I link our lips after gasping for air and I feel his hand tugging at my hair. “I told you thought about dirty things too.” He coos in my ear as he kisses and sucks on my neck. I shut my eyes and inhale a sharp breath as his finger rubs my womanhood.

My underwear is soaked and my head is spinning. He could make me wet in an instant. “Your soaked.” He groans. I kiss his neck and lace my fingers in his free hand. His hand unbuttons my jeans and slips a single finger inside to where my underwear is drowning in desire. I moan into his mouth and tilt my head backwards as he slowly caresses me back and fourth until my pants turn into heavy moans.

“You like that?” His lips meet my left breast and I’m suffocating in heat. His finger encircling my hard bud underneath my blouse. He moves the rim of my underwear to the side and places his finger between my wet slit. I moan in delight of the feeling.

That feels so good.

“Z-Zayn don’t stop.” I moan into his kiss. He sinks his finger inside and my eyes roll into the back of my head. He squeezes my breast and his thumb circles my clitoris. I’m swimming between reality and pure bliss. He thrust’s two fingers inside of my labia and my eyes are so far up my head I’m seeing nothing, but stars. A heat lights up in my core and my legs are trembling.

The thermal power igniting an amazing feeling in my inner walls. I’m a moaning and panting mess as Zayn thrusts his fingers faster and faster; in and out. By the time I can say anything my core erupts and I’m drowning in pleasure. My thoughts crashing together and my womanhood exploding. I moan into Zayn’s neck as euphoria takes me over and I’m laying my head against his chest.

“That was better than teddy bears and cotton candy.” I gasp. He chuckles as he places his soft full lips against mine and I run my fingers in his hair. I’d never done that with anyone before, but it was one of the best feelings of my life. To share that with someone that I feel so deeply for.
“You sure you still don’t want this teddy bears?” Zayn asks. I smile as I place my hands in his hot cheeks. “I already have my teddy bear and he is stuffed with cotton candy.”

I grin wildly. His eyes go wide and I giggle. “Alrighty then.” He says. I place my head on his chest and I feel his breathing in my ears. How it heaves up and down with every breath. “If you want to get to the park we better get going.” Zayn laughs. I smile against his shirt and crawl back over to my seat. “You ready?” I buckle my seatbelt. “Yup.” I say. I have a huge cheek-eating grin plastered on my face.

About thirty minutes later we reach the park and you can here the cheering and screaming coming from people on the dollar coasters. Zayn opens my doors and I wrap my hand in his. “We’re gonna have a ton of fun.” He says. I place a kiss to his lips as he pushes me closer to him. “I’m already having so much fun.” I say.

A huge smirk crossed his lips. “I know you would after our little sexy moment.” He purrs and gently bites my earlobe. I gasp at the contact. “Alright hit big guy l-let’s get inside before we start something we can’t finish.” I say. “Yes ma’am. He grins. We being walking up to the ticket booth when I spot a certain someone. I hadn’t really recognized him then, but I do now.
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