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He looked so damn vulnerable only moments ago and my chest paigned out for him. “What do you and Brit do in your free time?” He asks while taking another bite. This food is literally heaven on a plate. “Uh-we like to train together or go out on girls’ night’s.” I say while stuffing mash potatoes down my throat. The creamy cheese on the inside melting on my tongue. “Don’t assassins need a day off from training?” He snorts. “Apparently not if you want to kick ass without flinching.” I joke. He bellow’s a laugh. “Don’t mafia leader’s need time off?” I fire at him. “I can take time off whenever I want. The advantages of being the big boss.” He winks. “So professional.” I roll my eyes.

I take another mouthful and pick up my wine glass that Sally so gracefully filled. “You like it?” He asks. “Very much.” I smile and take a sip. The alcohol slightly whizzed down my throat. “Where do you live?” He asks. “With Brit.” I say. “I don’t go there much because I usually pass out at the headquarters, but she gave me a room in her home. Brit’s kind.” I smile. “She is. Spence seems to think so.” He laughs. I chuckle to myself. “Brit doesn’t really date so he has his work cut out for him.” I say. “I think we both do.” He jokes. I smile wider and seep my fork back into my green beans; the juice pouring everywhere. “I want to know more about you.” He says. I shrug. “There’s not much to me really.” I admit deadpanned. “That can’t be true.” He says. “You’d be surprised.” I say and take a bite. “What types of novel’s do you read?” Zayn asks.

“Romance.” I admit. I’ve never been one to try and physically find love for myself so instead I look for the love between two characters. It seems easier. “Why romance?” He questions. I swallowed a lump that I didn’t know appeared. “I- like to discover the love that two people share in a novel. That way whatever happens...I won’t get hurt.” I explain. His eyes turn sullen and his face darkens with gloominess. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I grab his hand. “I know you didn’t.” His voice vague.mI choke down a ball of spit and take another bite.

Did I really just ruin a perfect day for the both of us?

How could stupid can I be?

Pretty stupid.

“On a lighter note how did you move to New York?” Zayn’s question catches me off guard. I thought I just ruined this entire night. “Uh-Uh I moved here from Mexico a year ago.“I stutter. “How’s Mexico?” He asks. “Poverty filled, shitty water and barely any food.” I sum up. His face burst into a smile that I love so much and there’s even a twinkle in his eye. “That sounds very much like Africa sadly.” He says.

“You’ve been to Africa?” I’m shocked. “When I was twenty-one. Spence was set on having a huge party whereas I just wanted to sleep the whole day.” He huffs. “Brit and Spence have a lot in common.” I laugh. “Uh oh. What did she do?” He smirks. “For my twenty-first, Brit bought me a limited edition white and black Ferrari.” I take my bottom lip between my teeth and shake my head with a long groan. “Those things are expensive.” He says with wide eyes. “That one was.” I snorted.

I pick up the last piece of delicious tender, juicy steak and shove it into my mouth. That shit’s good. “If it makes you feel better Spence bought me a damn vacation home for no reason.” He snickers. “That’s pretty extra.” I comment while taking the last mound of mash potatoes in my mouth. I take my napkin and wipe the corners of my mouth. “He’s an extra guy that’s for sure.” Zayn laughs. I smile while finishing the rest of my plate off and down the remainder of blood red liquid in my glass.

“It’s time for your surprise.” He slides the chair back and stands. “My surprise?” I’m confused. “Come.” He takes my hand and grabs a blindfold from the table in the foyer. “It’s not a proper surprise without a blindfold.” He smiles. I grin as the black satin comes in contact with my skin. “You’re gonna love it.” He whispers in my ear. He takes my hand and walks me over into the unknown. “Take a step.” He instructs. I push my black stiletto on concrete steps and my heart starts to beat rapidly.

Where is he taking me?

“Take off the blindfold.” He whispers and I gently lift it from my head. I stop dead in my tracks however when the most beautiful setting lights up in front of my eyes. The white ambient lighting hung around a gazebo with hundreds of roses plunked and placed in all sorts of places. A fountain nearby with running water creates all kinds of sea creature’s. The wind whistling around us and whipping my air in all sorts of directions. “What do you think?” He places his hands on my shoulders. I’m in complete awe of the scenery.

“It’s the best surprise ever.” I say. My breath was stolen from my body. I turn around and wrap my arms around him. “It’s perfect.” I snuzzle my head into his chest. “I’m glad you like it.” He smiles. “I don’t just like it, I love it.” I correct him. His expression grows into an affirmative grin and I take his face in my hands. “How did you pull this off?” I ask. “Sally.” I smile even bigger and place my lips against his. I don’t feel an obligation to kiss him back anymore because for the first time in a long, long time...I don’t have to pretend. I can be me in front of him and never look back. “Ana I have something to tell you.” Zayn’s voice is encased in uncertainty. “What is it?” I ask as the pit of my stomach twists into knots. “I should’ve said this to you long before now and it’s been killing me.” My lungs freeze up.

“I love you Anastasia.”

My ears light up with shock, but a pool of tears brim my eyes and I grin from ear-to-ear. “I love you so much more.” I finally admit to myself. There’s no point in hiding it anymore. I’ve fallen completely head-over-heels in love with this man. “Really?” He asks. His eyes brim with liquid. “Yes.” I confirm.

A single tear sweeps over his flawless face and I capture it with my finger. “Don’t cry.” I say. “How can I not? You’re the only one.” He admits. “You’re the only one for me.” I confess. A huge weight leaving my lungs. “I love you so much.” He smashes our lips together and I gist my fingers through his unruly, yet sexy hair and moan deeply into his mouth. My core ignited with desire and my thoughts racing a million to one. “I love you.” I say again. My tongue feels as if I’ve said so many times. “You have no idea.” I back up and lock his lips with mine once more; his hands gripping my midriff and shoving my body against his. I tug on his locks and slip my tongue between our mouths. The fire in my stomach is growing.

I did it.

I finally did it.

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