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I jump up and down like a crazy woman as we get closer and closer to the seats of the roller coaster and Zayn swallow's a huge lump in his throat. "You'll be okay." I promise. Even my nerve's are on edge. "Next!' The booth manager announces and I intertwine our hands to ease the uneasiness radiating off of him. "Buckle the seatbelt. It'll keep you from falling on your head."

I tell him and I hear the click of my own.

"Taking off in 3...2...1!" The ride comes to life as the loud rumbling takes over my ears and I lean my head on Zayn's shoulder. Maybe it'll distract him before the drop. "Are you ready for the first time ever experience?" I ask him. "I don't know." He says honestly. "Don't be a chicken. Have fun." I squeeze his hand.

"That's the same thing you told Brit at the club." He teases. "I'm resigning from this position." I frown. "Maybe I should get you drunk at the club again. It was cute." He pinches my nose. "Sure..." I roll my eyes, but not before they go wide and I forgot how steep this drop is. "Zayn I forgot to tell YOU, AH!' I scream as we shoot straight down and Zayn clasps onto the front metal bars to keep his neck from breaking.

My neck get's a whiplash when we spiral up, down and around in loops and circle's. "I'm blaming you if I throw up!” Zayn yells over the racing wind in my hair. "That's reasonable!” I say and holler my lungs out as we spin into the air and zoom down nearly into ground until suddenly we end up upside down and Zayn hold's his stomach.

Oh no.

"Zayn are you okay?" I yell over the loudness of the shrieking metal chains. "I'm okay babe.” He answers and the ride comes to complete stop which jolts me back into my seat and pushes the underwire of my bra into my breast.


"Ana I'm gonna kill you." Zayn says. "Me too." I pant. "Everyone disembark the ride please!" The ride operator shouts. I snap our buckle's loose and Zayn grabs my hand. "Did you at least have a little fun?" I ask after we walk down the steps and onto the pavement. "Yeah...surprisingly." His words shock me, but warm my heart to it's edges. "Are you not just saying that?" I interrogate him. "Babe if I didn't you'd know about it." He has a point. "Do you want to go on another ride?" He asks.

"You suggest this time." I wrap my arms around him. "How about that water coaster over there?" He offer's. My heart drops into the acidity of my stomach. "You can insult me now because I've never been on one of those." I confess. "I thought I was uneducated at amusement parks." He laughs and I jab him in the ribs. "Ass." I bark. "Awwww. Is someone mad at me." He says. "No..." I glower, but smile.

"Yes." He mocks. "Fine!" I squawk. "Do we need to take our clothes off for this?" He asks. "I have no idea." I reply earnestly. "Let's find out then." We walk past crowds and crowds of families and drunk asshole's until we reach the tall multi-colored ride with at least ten different slides.
"Wristband please." A older lady asks. I flash my wrist at her and she let's us pass.

"Were up next." I say. A worker places down a inflatable boat with two seats and I squirm my way into it as Zayn sits behind me. "Prepare to get wet." He mutter's into my ear and my core ignites a hidden fantasy as his hard erection pushes into my backside. How long as he been holding that in?

My legs spread wide...

My hands clawing the sheets...

My head pushed into Zayn's bed...

OH MY GOD my dirty mind...

"Here we go guys." A man says and presses a switch that aims us straight for the heavy silicone slide. Zayn whoops as we get splashed with water and I squeal. We get jostled back and forth between the walls and roaring waters' until the boat hit's a huge drop and we plunge deep into the streams of other boats with hyped up teenage kid's and paranoid girls. "Ah!" I howl as the boat get's hydroplaned into a huge pool and the boat slips from under us.

I land in the water with a loud smack and dive into the watery deep. I swim up top to the surface and I feel Zayn's arms cascade around my body. "I'm going to need dry clothes." He laughs. I spin around and my oxygen catches in my throat at his sexy outcome. His hair is pushed back by the water with droplets dripping down his large biceps and his shirt is clung to his muscular chest. I'm biting my lip so hard it hurt's, but it's so worth it. "What are you staring at?" he asks.

Blush heavily creeps onto my cheeks and look down into the blue yonder. "Ana don't be shy." He gently grabs my chin and my ocean eyes fall into his. "You look sexy as fuck right now." I admit and it sounds so foreign on my tongue, yet so right. "Tell me something I don't know." He flaunts. "Conceded." I complain and he giggles. "That was a ton of fun." He says. "It was, but I'm deathly hungry now." I hold my stomach which is eating it's own gastric acid.

"Let's get lady some food." Zayn hoists me up and out of the water when I lock our lips together and catch him off guard. I move my hands around his neck and he nuzzles his mouth onto my neck which releases a guttural moan from my lips. "I could eat you."

He murmur's and it makes my labia pool in my already wet pants. "Zayn I bet you could, but my stomach is eating itself right now." I say and he exhale's. "Lady get's what lady wants." He smiles and places his hand on my back as we begin to walk to the food court.

The heavenly smell of chicken nachos and spicy jalapeno's fills my nose and makes my salvia build up in my mouth. "What time is it?" I asks. Zayn shrugs. "I left our stuff in the car." He says and I make a face. "Darn it." I say. "What's wrong?" Zayn pulls me to his chest. "I don't want to eat too much because Sally is going to make us a delicious meal.

I want to be hungry for it." I confess. "Baby we're not having dinner for awhile." He says. "Well in that case can we get some...chicken nachos and jalapenos?" I ask with puppy-dog-eyes. I hear a laugh escape his heavenly lips. "Of course we can." He grins and we get in line for food. "You know we haven't finished or one question per person deal yet." I remind him.

"Oh yeah." His face light's up with surprise.
"What will you have sir?" The patron asks. "One large chicken nachos with jalapenos and a big glass of Dr. Pepper." Zayn order's. "Coming right up." The lady walks off and I poke his stomach. "What was that for?" He grabs my finger. "We haven't finished our question deal yet." I reiterate. "Alright let's finish it while we eat." He suggests.

I nod my head as the lady hands me the nachos and our drink. "There's a bench over there." I point near a tree and we walk over and sit down. The cold metal making me shiver. "You cold?" Zayn opens his arms wide and press my back into him. His body heat slowly heating me. "What do you want to know?" He asks and I contemplate what to ask for a second.

"Do you ever see your parent's?" I swing my bat and see how far this goes. "No." He answer's sternly. That's a very sour subject. "Will I be considered nosy if I ask why?" I cautiously word. I feel him take an extra deep intake of oxygen and slowly answer my question. "I had a really rough childhood." He replies with his muscle's tensing. "I'm sorry." I say. "It was extremely bad and got worse and worse, but stopped when Spencer came into my life." His voice is so childlike.

What happened to him?

"Spencer is a great guy." I say. "He's better than great. To me...he's family. The closest thing I had...until I found you." My breathing stops at his admission and I briskly turn around. My wet hair going in all sorts of directions. "Do you want to talk about it?" I ask. His face grows dark and distant. "Not right now." He says rubbing my back. I have to respect that.

"Alright we won't talk about it. I'll ask something more light-hearted." I recommend. "Hit me with it." He smiles and my stomach flutter's. That's the Zayn I know. "Why are you a Mafia leader?" I ask. "Easy. I live for the excitement and danger. The feeling of being a daredevil and living life on the edge." My chest unravels the knot's it had and feel like I can breath again.

"That'" I don't quite know how to respond to that. "My turn." He says. Uh oh. "What;s your favorite movie?" He asks. "Avenger's: Endgame." I respond nonchalantly. "Yours?" I counter. "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part two." He responds quickly.


"That's a good movie." I say. "Yep." He smiles. "What's your favorite book?" I ask. "Wuthering Heights." His face light's up. "I've never read that." I cast my eyes to ashy concrete below. "What's your favorite character ever?" He asks. "Wanda Maximoff. Even though she lost everything, she fought her way through the chaos." I explain. "That's a loaded response." He jokes. "What's your favorite hobby?"

"Staring at you." My eyes go wide. "That isn't a hobby." I scowl. "Yes it is." He challenge's. "I thought mafia lord's liked to study gun's in their free time." I giggle. "Some of us. Spencer most definitely." Zayn laughs. I nudge his arm. "I bet I'm still better at sniper rifle's than he is." He raises an eyebrow. "He's pretty lethal." He says.

"Didn't I tell you not to smoke anymore. It makes you think people are better than me." I cackle. "Nope." He wraps an arm around my waist and brings me closer to his body. "I should get yo back to my place so I can get you ready for what I have planned." Our legs intertwine as I trace the veins in his arms. "When do you want to go?"

"We should get going now so Sally doesn't kick my ass for being late." He cracks up. "She definitely will." I respond and bring my mouth to his lips. Latching them together and snaking my hands behind his back. "Let's go beautiful." He picks me up and throws our trash into the nearest bin. "We have a dinner to get too."

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