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I slowly sipped my champagne glass and inhaled the air surrounding my nose. “Ana you have eyes?” Brit asked me and I looked around for any signs of the rival mafia. “Not yet, but their just pussy’s.” I remarked and Brit snorted on the other side of the line. “Well just keep your eyes out.” She instructed me. I gallantly walked over the bar where bartender so nonchalantly gawked me up and down. I glared his way and his frightened brown ones looked away from my blue orbs He should be terrified of me. I could’ve killed him right now and no one would’ve known.

“Another glass of your finest champagne please.” I sternly asked and felt someone’s presence lingering behind me. I hated the feeling of someone watching me and I turned around to glare at the man who stared at me with an amusing smile. I wanted to wipe that smirk from his fucking face. “Excuse me ma’am your drink is ready.” The bartender handed me my drink and I walked past the man who caught my attention for the last 4 seconds. Then I felt his stone cold hand grip my arm and I nearly spilled my drink.

“Cosa vuoi? (What do you want?)”

I spat out at him in Italian and he still had that same amused grin plastered on his face.

”La tua lingua diversa non mi dà fastidio, tesoro, ma il mio capo vuole parlare con te, quindi ti prego prima che il tuo sangue rovini quel tuo bellissimo vestito. (Your different tongue doesn’t bother me sweetheart, but my boss wants to speak with you so behave yourself before your blood ruins that beautiful dress of your’s.)”

He said to me and I was taken aback. I had no intention of seeing whoever this boss of his was until I turned around at the sultry in his voice.

“Lasciala con me e non fare del male al suo povero braccio. Alla fine ne avrà bisogno. (Leave her with me and don’t harm her poor arm. She’ll need it eventually.)”

I froze as the air escaped my lungs and I was standing in the presence of the one and only mafia lord, the one they referred to as “The Devil”, Zayn Thorne. I had to pinch myself and breath again and come to reality. His blue eyes however caught me trying to glance away and I lost all sense of what breathing was and how it worked.

”Si signore. (Yes sire.)”

His apprentice I assumed said and left us together in silence. I couldn’t breathe and my eye couldn’t break away from his seduction of a glare. I blinked back several times to get my bearing’s. I had no idea why I was acting like this whenever I was an assassin who could rip you to shreds at any moment, but I couldn’t think. I should run. Escape, but I remained in his presence and stood dumbfounded. I felt fairly faint and nearly fell if his hands hadn’t snaked around my waist and caught me before I nosed dived.

What the hell was wrong with me?

Holy crap.

“Wow là. (Wow there.)”

He spoke into my ear and steadied me to my feet.

”Sei alri- (Are you alri-)”

He cut himself off as he gazed into my blue orbs and reality faded into a kaleidoscope. I was so lost in his sea blue orbs that mine didn’t break eye contact and my stomach twisted and turned until I finally broke away and my lungs gasped for air.

”Mi dispiace. (I'm sorry.)"

I said breaking away from his grasp and restoring the air back into my lungs that escaped from my staring montage. What just happened? He is one of the most dangerous men to get tangled up with and here I am, dangerous assassin, should be threatening him and instead I'm staring at him like a hormone-fueled teenager.

"You have nothing to apologize for." He said in English with a light smile. "I didn't think mafia lords spoke different tongue's." I said astounded and trying to gather my bearings from losing my cool. "I thought Assassin's only spoke English." He retorted and I grinned a little. "I speak three languages and there not that renowned." I said. He had a twinkle in his eyes that I hadn't caught before and I shifted on my right foot to control the burning pain in my feet. "Are you okay?" He asked me and I realized I winced in front of him.

"I hate wearing heel's." I insulted them as tried to sit, but almost missed the chair and he grabbed me again by my waist. I really needed to get my shit together. "How many drinks have you had?" He asked me and I stared at him in shock. "Excuse me?" I asked and he laughed. "I didn't mean to be rude." He said and I rekindled myself. "Oh, Only two." I said and he smiled.

"What's your name and I mean your real name?" I stopped in my tracks for a minute as I looked into his eyes. I swear I could stare into them all night and never get bored. I stuttered over my words while I spoke. I had no idea if I should even trust him with my real name. As an assassin you have to keep everything about you a secret, but something in his orbs told me I could trust him. So I did. I trusted someone for the first time in a long time.

"Anastasia." I said and his grin turned into a huge smile. The curves of his lips turned upward and I bit my lower lip. "You probably already know who I am." He chuckled and I snorted. "I'm pretty sure everyone knows who you are, but me not so much. They're probably staring at us trying to figure out what we are." I said and he laughed. "Honestly I couldn't care less what people thought about us. It's none of their business." He spoke with and edge in his voice. For some reason I wanted to dive in his arms and stay there till the gala was over and not worry that he was danerous, but I also had a mission to do and besides these feeling's would where off tomorrow after I've had sleep. “I should go." I said, but he grabbed my arm. "Dance with me Anastasia." My breath caught in my throat at his request.

He snaked his hand around my waist and I couldn't escape the feeling that consumed my stomach at every second. "Alright." I replied as he led me to the dance floor. We swayed together to beat of the music and looked at each other for what felt like an eternity. He was so captivating by the way he looked and the way his voice was drugged with sweetness and the overpowering urges of seduction. I really should've ran away from him, but something inside told me too stay. To stay in his embrace of affection and never let go of the longing feeling of his arms around my waist and his hand in mine.

"I can just say how beautiful you look under the ambient lighting?" He asked me and I turned away embarrassed. I mean I was wearing a long satin silver gown with diamonds throughout and had one shoulder with a sleeve, but I couldn't possibly compare to the gorgeous mafia women who wore clothes three times the cost of mine. "I don't nearly look as good as all of the mafia women. I can't compare." I said with a sullen voice and Zayn used his soft finger's to raise my chin.

“You don't compare, because your better." He complimented me and I bit my lip once again. "You obviously have a poor judge of character. I'm an assassin. I supposed to kill people and not look back, but here I am wearing something I hate to protect the one man who everyone wants dead." I said and he chuckled. "Trust me, I'm not a monster. I only choose to be to protect the one family I do have." He said and I suddenly felt guilty for my words. "I'm sorry." I said and looked to the side of his face wear there was a gleaming light bouncing off of his genuineness.

“I can understand why people would think I'm heartless and cower, but you-" He paused and I looked at me in the eyes. "-You didn't run from me and that surprised me." He admitted and I was taken aback. I suddenly stopped thinking and scanned his eyes for a sign of a lie. There was nothing, but the truth hidden behind a mask that he wore. "I didn't run away because their was nothing to run from." I said and shocked at my own words. Something about this man blocked my senses of critical thinking skills and made me fall deeper into a hole that I wasn't meant to fall into.


He said as we swayed to beautiful rhythm of the music and waltzed around the dance floor as if we were the only ones in the universe. What happened to the heavy backbone Ana who never stumbled in front of a man's presence and never stopped breathing because he looked sculpted from a Greek god himself? I couldn't breath while he was around and it had only been less than an hour.


I said our faces closed in next to each other, dangerously close. Too close to be real. His breath was pacing back and fourth and I thought I might faint. What in the hell was happening? Our lips were layered with lust and our eyes filled with desire and as our lips inched closer and closer, centimeter by centimeter, all of the world was nothing, but an insect below us. Then as soon as our lips were going to touch I felt a pain shoot through my face and my body slide roughly into a glass table. "Ana!" Brit screamed in my ear and I felt iron layer my tongue. I tried to get up from the floor, but pains electrocuted through me and my head spun in a circle.

“Ana!" Zayn's deep voiced called to me and I could only see a fragment of my imagination. "Ana fight through it!" Brit hollered and suddenly reality snapped back into focus and I stared right into horrified eyes. "I'm okay, I'm alright." I confessed and fought through the stabbing needles in my side. I lunged towards one of the mafia men coming for Zayn and punched him square in the nose. His bones cracked and I knew it was broken. I grabbed the dagger from my leg wrap and threw it towards one of the men's head before I crashed to the ground from un-relieving pain. "Anastasia." Zayn spoke and the last thing I remembered was his worried blue eyes looking down at me.

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