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21. ZAYN

My chest floods with relief at the most recent revelation. She loves me and I love her. I break our lips apart so I can breath again and she rests her head against my chest. My torso heaving up and down at fast pace. “This was part of your surprise.” I laugh whole-heartedly. “Part? There’s more?” Her tone surprised.

“Yeah there’s more.” I tell her and she huffs adorably. “What else is there. I love this just fine.” She points at me with a smirk. “Alright come here you dork.” I take her hand and walk her into the gazebo. “This is beautiful.” She exclaims and rakes over the inside decorated with blooming flowers and crystal rays.

I grab her by the waist and spin her around into me. “I wanted to finish the dance that we never got to finish at the gala.” I say. “You still remember that?” Her voice perks. “I do.” I authenticate. “Do by chance have any music?” She walks over to the mini radio I placed on a small white table. “Press play.” I dictate.

The click from the radio kicks up a soft melody of one of my favorite songs. “Rita Ora.” She says happily. “Come here.” I place my hand out and she wraps hers around it while I take her waist into my palm and her other hand in mine as we side step, front, back and spin from the soft rhythm of the music.

The ambient lighting dims and shines over her precious face making it glow with her tinted sea eyes staring up into mine. My feet move in a specific method around the wooden flooring and my breathing rises and falls with every unspoken word between us.

Ana lays her head against my torso as she shuts her eyes and let’s the melody of the musicality take over her senses. I place my chin on her shoulder as we spin around the gazebo at every right note sung and my heart beats in sink with hers. Any and all thought a distant kaleidoscope. Two souls in one.

My body relaxes the closer we are and father apart our minds are from reality. The music letting me fall into a deep sense of fiction with Anastasia and our lives fully content. With her in my arms for the rest of fatal existence and the feeling of her hands always intertwined with mine. How my heart beats softly and my breathing regulated when she’s near.

“You look so handsome from here.” Ana’s childlike voice breaking through the quiet atmosphere. “You look gorgeous.” My mind trailing behind in thought. “This song is pretty.” She whispers while leaning back into me and my heart leaps from my chest. I kiss the top of her head and continue to dance in step with her. The words lifting my spirit into another dimension.

My soul sets itself in flames with the feeling of her desirable body and the sensation of ten thousand fires erupts in my bones. Her quiet beating heart making my existence mean a little more very second. Each kiss a little deeper and every hug more meaningful.

“I love you.” She whispers in my ear. “I love you.” My hands lock her waist against my abdomen and I lift her chin to bring her lips up to mine. The plump creature taking mine into paradise. I feel her warm hand on my cheek and immediately her fingers comb in my hair. I groan into her mouth deeply as she kisses me more urgently and I push her up against the wall so I don’t fall over from passion. The heat stirring deep inside of my loins. “Zayn.” Ana moans while I nibble on her neck. A sensual grain escapes her sultry mouth and bite her gently while sucking the sweet spot just below her ear. “Z-“ She can’t even form a coherent sentence.

“What do you want Anastasia?” I ask seductively. Her hips grinding into my hard erection. “I-I want y-you.” She stammers in between heavy breathing. I bite her lower lip while slipping my hand under the hem of her breast. “I want all of you.” She moans in the air.

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