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Zayn lifts me onto the table in his bedroom and my lips attack his with full force. The lust growing every second and my womanhood becoming more wet by the minute. My hands travel down to the hem of his shirt and tug it up and over his muscular body. Our lips parting for a second and then locking again.

His arms wrap around my waist as he pushes my stomach into the bed and reaches for my zipper. A wave of moans traveling from my mouth and into the air as his mouth meets my breast once he flips me back over and hovers my body. His tongue massaging my hard mound back and fourth gently knocking the wind out me as a river of butterflies erupt in the pit of my core. His finger's linger on the edge of my underwear, slipping down in between in my wet folds; my back arches in the process when his finger comes into contact with my clitoris.

Holy shit...

A ripple of moans escape my mouth and he capture's my other breast in between his index and middle finger kneading it into paradise. My hips buck off the bed when he slips a finger in between my wetness. His lips biting and sucking my skin on my stomach, not caring as he leaves his territorial marks over my epidermis. "Ah Zayn." I groan deeply while he rubs his finger's on my clit while thrusting painfully slow inside of my throbbing walls.

His mouth blows cold air on my labia and I shiver in delight. I suck in a sharp breath when his tongue meets with my sweet spot and I release a groan from within my throat. He sinks another finger inside of my aching walls and knocks them back and fourth, letting streams of pleasure take over my senses.

"Zayn..." I howl. "Tell me how you much you want it." He stops what he's doing and I whimper. "Zayn please." I cry out. His mouth kisses my collarbone and jaw which makes me shiver. He capture's my lips and his sweet sultry turns me over to insanity. He sinks his claws further into me; my core bursting into a roaring fire. My folds becoming wetter and wetter as each second passes and his finger's devilishly knead back and fourth.

My head swims in the kaleidoscope of euphoria and immense pleasure. "Moan for me Ana." Zayn coaxes. His thumb grazes my clitoris and he applies powerful pressure onto it making me holler his name. My head is spinning and I can't even think straight at the feeling of his finger's in my tight walls. "Zayn!" He places three finger's inside of my labia and thrusts faster and faster until my eyes go back into my skull. “Uhhh..." I moan. His lips find mine and devour them whole as I feel waves of ecstasy filling me. "I love you." He says in my ear and I let out a deep moan.

"Zayn...Oh my god...Zayn."

My back arches as he tongue massages my womanhood and he maliciously slows down, making me whine. I feel another moan secrete from my mouth as he picks up the pace once more, edging my release that much more. "Beg Ana." He purrs in my ear stopping completely and the throbbing between my legs becomes nearly unbearable. “Zayn please. Please." I plead with him and he thrusts into me at light-speed.

My toes curl into the sheets of the bed as an orgasm rips through my entire body and my head plunges into the pillows while moans fill the room. My breathing becomes ragged and I feel my heart pounding in my ears. Zayn flicks tongue continuously over my drenched womanhood and thrusts his fingers in out and faster as I ride my orgasm out longer. "I...need...fuck" Zayn whispers.

"What's wrong?" I pant, coming down from a climatic high. That was the best and only orgasm I've ever had that felt that damn good. "Shit...I don't have a condom." He stresses. "It's alright." I gasp. He hover's me. "Are you sure?" He asks. "Y-Yes." I moan smashing his lips against mine. His tongue finds mine, massaging them together and I reach down for his slacks, grabbing his belt and undoing it with one hand. "Ah." I wail as he rubs his finger back over my clitoris.

"Zayn please." I plead and wrap my hands around him. I hear him growl. "Ana don't do that. I'm already hard enough." He groans. I pace myself over him slowly and feel him suck in a breath. "Ana." He moans and it's the sexiest thing I've ever heard. "Zayn I want you. I want you to fill me." I say and he kisses me lustfully. "I love you." He says and removes his boxer's.
I watch as he gets back on the bed and I crawl up backwards into the pillow's. "Come here." I shriek as he yanks my ankles so I'm directly under him. "I'm going to make love to you." He says and lines up with the entrance of my womanhood.

Then he slowly pushes in and I cry out with desire. "That's it." He whisper's into my ear and sinks further into me. A guttural moan leaves my mouth as he fills me completely and I feel my eyes roll into the back of my head. He kneads back into me slowly and then picks up the pace going in and out faster and faster until I'm a moaning, panting mess beneath him.
The steam of heated passion and dire need of him making me loose any sense of reality. "Scream for me Ana." Zayn heaves and I dig my nails into his back while he sinks in even further and I gasp when his manhood hit's my g-spot making me moan even louder.

How the in hell?

"Zayn!" I screech. His manhood slams into me feverishly and pounding so hard that I knew I'd be sore tomorrow. I grasp onto his biceps in an attempt to hang on for dear life, but the ripple's of intense pleasure surge in me and euphoria makes my skin burn. Butterflies crash together in my core and electricity in my veins explodes. Sweat beating against my forehead and deep love for this man filling the deepest parts of me.

I let out the loudest half-moan, half-scream my lungs can muster and another orgasm hits me like a damn mac truck. Zayn pursues into me harder and harder; faster and faster as my orgasm peaks and the climax kills me with my breath staggering and heart pounding in my chest.

The waves of ecstasy running through my muscles, veins and gushing out of my mouth in deep moans. Zayn groans loudly and I feel him about to blow his load, but he quickly comes out and releases himself all over me. Making it the hottest thing I've ever witnessed.

A huge moan leaves his mouth as we both collapse into the bed with heavy breathing and racing hearts. He pulls me into him and I rest my head on his chest. Sleep overcoming me and making my lids heavy. "I love you so much." He raggedly says and sleep overcomes me when I shut my eyelids closed I feel his lips kiss my drenched forehead.
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