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The sun bled in through the black curtains of darkening nature and heated my tan skin. The warmth opening my eyes to the wind racing inside from the open window. I blinked back a few times to get adjusted to my surroundings and when I heard a tiny groan, I knew exactly where I was.

In his arms.

I turned my body to face his sleeping form with tiny snores coming from his nose. I smiled in adoration running my fingers through his unruly morning hair that stood up in all kinds of directions, but looked so cute at the same time. My chest heaved up and down quietly while the waves in the distance crashed together. I shut my eyes again to breath in the air crawling in through the open glass, letting it fill my lungs completely and then exhaling out. For the first time in many nights I slept peacefully.
I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with sore muscles or sullen eyes or even sweat dripping from my skin.

I slept in his arms and not one horrible dream came to haunt me. It let me rest for the first time in nearly eighteen years and the feeling lifted my heart. The life inside of it burning around the edges. “Mm.” Zayn stirred below me, but never waked. His face looked so calm in my hands. Every wrinkle and crescent gone revealing his sharp edged jaw line and glowing skin. I ran my finger along his cheekbone, caressing my thumb back and fourth over his sleepy filled face. Every movement making each second more precious. The feeling of his body against me and the heat of his passion mixing with mine. It made me feel whole. Made me feel full of sunshine that would never fade as long as he was with me.

My sunshine.

I rolled over slightly where my feet quietly hit the floor. Honestly, I was little terrified to move because of the memorable night we shared that I knew I would never forget, but that I haven’t been with anyone like that in quite a while. It didn’t hurt. There was no ache in between my legs, but then again you never know unless you try to walk. I shuffle the duvet from my lean body and slightly take a step on the cold hardwood floor. A chilly sensation crawling up my spine. I take in a sharp breath and prepare myself to stand, my panties bunching up and the lace starting to irritate me.

I exhaled out as my feet hit the floor and finally I was standing. I hadn’t, yet taken a step forward, but this felt good. It felt right. I place my foot in front of the other and a tiny pain rolls between my legs, yet it is tolerable. I breath slowly taking step after step until I reach the table in Zayn’s room and my palms press against the wood. His black dress shirt resting there. I bunch it up in my hands and determine whether to put it on or not, but I don’t overthink it and slip it on. The soft material covering my naked upper half.

I walk over to the door that is open ajar and study Zayn for a moment before stepping out. He looks so handsome when he’s calm. I smile walking out into the hallway and down the white staircase. My stomach rumbling and punching me on the inside to feed it. I walk into the kitchen and open the stainless fridge wide while scanning for anything appetizing to eat and then my eyes land on a package of bacon and flour.

He keeps his flour in the fridge?

Wait maybe that is Sally. That’s definitely Sally.
I grab the bacon and search through the cabinets for a frying pan.

Sally must be an organized cook right?

“Baby girl what are you looking for?” A loud shriek leaves my mouth as Sally enters the kitchen and scares the daylights out of me. Her hair scattered everywhere while she clings a robe to her body.

“Jesús mujer me asustaste! (Jesus woman you scared me!)” I holler in Spanish. My heart beating out of my chest.

“niña, ¿qué estás buscando? (Baby girl what are you looking for?)” Sally shocks me by responding back in the same language.

“I was l-looking for a frying pan so I could make some breakfast for Zayn and I.” I say. She laughs and opens a cabinet on the top shelf. “Here you go.” She hands me a small pan and I smile. “Thank you.” I take it and place it on the stove. “How was last night?” She asks leaning her elbows next to me while moving her hair behind her ear. I grin stupidly while reassessing last nights events. My fingers in his hair as his sweet tongue overrides my senses. Him seeping himself inside of me while I cried out in unimaginable ecstasy. The fiery sensations of my orgasm peeking. “Yo earth to Ana!” Sally snaps me out of my dream and I rip open the package of bacon on the counter.

“It-It was...amazing.” I grin sheepishly. “Ohhh. What happened?” Sally turns into a nosy teenager within two seconds. “We kissed...then may or may not have...” I smile at the floor as blush creeps onto my cheeks. “Oh. My. God. You guys! You guys had s*x didn’t you!” Sally squeals. “Sally!” I scold with wide eyes and face turns more red than a damn Coca Cola bottle. “What?” She puts her hands up defensively. “You didn’t deny it!” She defends. “Your just as unbelievable as that man up there.” I say turning away to face the stove.

“Oh you mean this man.” Zayn’s deep husky voice speaks in my ear which draws a sharp breath from my mouth. “Good morning beautiful.” He says, his hand squeezing my bare thigh.


I don’t have any pants on! “Fuck I forgot to pants on.” I whisper and he pressed his hips into my backside. “Do you know how sexy you look right now in just underwear and my shirt.” His voice heating my core. “Sally is in here.” I say as an erection starts to form in his pants.

Jesus already?

“Hey Sally you can leave for a moment?” Zayn asks. “Yeah.” She scurries away in her morning robe. Zayn quickly puts his hand on my waist and spins me around, pressing my bottom against the counter. His lips slam into mine and I in-distinctively wrap my hands around his neck. His tongue devouring mine and I groan into his mouth. My hands kneading his hair and His other hand lifting me onto the counter with one swift motion that spreads my legs apart. “Well good morning to you too.” I giggle in between heated kisses.

“You left me in bed all alone and when I saw you in that sexy red lace underwear I just couldn’t help myself.” He smirks against my lips. I kiss him more passionately before breaking away. “So you like me in your clothes?” I grin. “Yes I fucking do.” He clarifies. I chuckle again before claiming his mouth once more and hopping down from the counter. “I’m making breakfast what do you want to eat?” I ask. His arms swaddle me again while I place bacon into the pan. “You.” He purrs. I push my bottom against him so he’ll spot groping my bare thighs and my ass cheeks.

“Stop it.” I say. “But why.” He whips me around. “Because I’m hungry.” I turn back around and flip on the flame. “So am I...for you.” He squeezes my ass again. “Can you at least let me make food for myself before you try to grope me in the middle of broad daylight?” I request. He sighs. “Only for five minutes.” He frowns.“Hurry.” He pleads. It’s literally only been a minute. “You are so impatient.” I roll my eyes as the flame kicks up and the bacon starts to sizzle in the pan. I place three more slices into the melting butter that Sally placed in there silently and walk over to the trash can to throw away the scraps of packaging.

When I go back to the stove and witness Zayn’s muscular body leaning against the cabinets, I smirk deeply. I walk over and run my hands over his rock hard abs. “You should wear sweatpants more often.”I seductively run my fingers along his chest and mischievously grin. “Oh should I?” His hands cling to my back and I take a step back to keep from tripping. “You sure as hell do.” I run my finger over his bottom lip. “You little tease.” He growls. I giggle with a naughty smile. “Your such a bad girl.” He takes my bottom lip between his teeth. “And your relentless.” I say. My breathing picking up the lower his hand goes down my stomach. “No your the relentless one.” He cocks an eyebrow. “Are not!” I defend.

“Are too.”

“Are not.”

“Are too.”

“Are not.”

“Are too.”

“Are n-“ He cuts me off and crashes into my lips to shut me up. I can’t, not help, but comb my fingers through his jet black hair and push my lower half against him. That released a low animalistic snarl from his mouth. “I want you so bad right now.” He heaves. “What if Sally walks in?” The idea of getting caught exciting the hell out of me. “She’d know better than to walk in on me and my woman while we’re in the middle of fucking.” His dirty mouth igniting fluttering sensations from my core straight to my soaking labia.

“What if I’m naked?” I bring his lips to mine while purposely leaning over the counter to bring his body closer to mine. “Wouldn’t that be a sight to see.” He grins while picking me up and onto the counter; spreading legs open wide. “Zayn!” I slap him playfully. “You know how sexy you would look bent over the counter?” He smirks and presses his erection into me. I suck in a breath and moan slyly. “As much I love that idea...I need to eat.” I say as he bites the sweet spot below my ear. “I already have mine.” He remarks. “I’m not breakfast.” I gasp for air. “You most certainly are.” He retorts.

“Can at least have a slice of bacon?” I ask in between ragged breath's. “When I’m done with you.” He throws me over his shoulder and I turn the flame off just in time. “Zayn what are you doing?” I say as he throws me onto the couch.
“Like I can eat when I’m done with you.” He smolders and his finger digs inside my underwear. “Oh god...” My toes curl, but suddenly a loud crash sounds throughout the house.

Ana get down!” Zayn yells.

I scramble from the couch when every window in the living rooms shatters and a piece of glass slices into my abdomen. “Fuck!” I wince falling to the ground and Zayn runs over to help me, but not before his blood spatters against the wall and my eyes watch with horror.

Zayn!” I wail.
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