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24. ZAYN

Glass crashes against the wall next to my weakened body and Ana wail’s out in pain. “A-Ana.” I croak out between spit balls of blood in my mouth. My lungs start collapsing in on themselves making each wheeze burn violently. “Z-Zayn.” Ana start’s to crawl over to me; my vision going in and out of reality. My breathing staggering from one to a million while my ribcage throb’s against the pain in my chest. “Z-Zayn can you hear me?” Ana’s voice is so distant and the blood pounds in my ears. “B-Baby.” I reach out. “I’m right here. I need you to stay with me. Please.”

My back arches when waves of affliction stab me on the inside where the bullet goes deeper into my liver, blood rushing down in thick waterfalls. “Oh my god. Sally call 911! HURRY!” Ana screams. She rips my shirt from her body leaving her nearly naked and presses it onto the laceration; a blood curdling scream filling the air. Blood continues to pour out of my wound as Ana’s commanding voice becomes a faint whisper in my ears. The burning in my throat mixing with the bile taste of iron crawling up into my esophagus. “Zayn. Please. Please stay with me. Zayn open your eyes. Please! Zayn!” Ana’s hands go cold against my heated skin. An unconsciousness void attempting to pull me under. “B-Baby you have t-to g-g-go.” I puff out.

“I’m not leaving you. I’m not going anywhere.” She declares. My body falls limb on the hardwood flooring where glass is sprawled everywhere. The color draining from my skin as blood spews all over the stained ground. My vision blurs wildly; her body forming intotiny spectacles, drifting in and out of the deep water’s that cloud my eyes and ears. “There on they’re way!” Sally’s voice becomes a soft muffle. “Zayn I need you to open your eyes. Follow my voice.” Ana’s tone is broken through flooding tears dripping onto my skin. “A-Anast-tasia.” My hand reaches out to find her figure and follow her into reality, but my lids become heavy. “I-I l-love y-y-you-u.” I croak out when a ripple of agony tears through me.

The piercing bullet slithering into a cavernous part of my intestines. “Z-Zay....” Ana’s voice is unclear in my eardrums and the hollow sound of continuous bullet’s flying in the air sounds no more than the flapping of a birds wings. My perception fades as my actuality goes dark and I’m left in silence. “Z-Zay...!” Ana’s voice is a polychromatic sound in my head that get's quieter and quieter by the racing seconds. "Find that bitch!" The vague sound ringing against my brain. "There you are asshole." A hand grips my throat and slams me into wall by crushing my throat. "Get the fuck off of me!" Ana screams.

"L-leave her." I rasp out-loud.

"Not a chance. This for the little bitch you keep whoring around with. What happened to marrying Ms. Crane?" My body is on high alert, but I can barely move. Scarcely trying to get an upper hand and failing. "There i-is no f-f-fucking wedding y-you prick." I spit out in a stammering voice. "Leave the damsel in distress. Killing her will be useless. Why don't we make it a challenge for Ms. Crane shall we?" One of them smirks. I recognize them as Nadia's, father's men. "Don't y-you fucking-g touch her." I cough.

"Leave him alone!" A mean punch is delivered to my abdomen, searing it straight in half. "Zayn!" Ana yells. "Shut up bitch!" One of them slaps her across the face and slams her onto the couch. "Anastasia!" My voice no more than a whisper as I try to crawl over to her. "Leave her man! Boss wants him." A commanding voice roars and my eyesight cloud's into the the fading chandelier. "If you want him your gonna have to go through me." Ana spats.

“That should be easy." They laugh. "If you underestimate the dasmel in distress as only a pretty face, you'll find out real quick that I can wipe the floor with your asses." One of them groans and screams as his shoulder smashes into the ground. "Where's Zayn!" Spencer's strong tone lingers in the air. "Take him and get out of here Spence!" Ana screams.

"I gotcha man." Spence picks me up and wraps my hand around his shoulder. My feet dragging beind me as he walks. "Zayn can you hear me?" He asks. I can barely think straight let alone hear his ass. "S-Sally." I call. "She's outside." Spence drags me into the front yard where sirens blare into the open air and my body cave's in. "Zayn!" Spencer screeches. "Where's Anastasia?" Sally's motherly voice is small simultaneously while unconsciousness overcome me. "There's 5 men, but she can kick their asses without me." Spencer says and I'm lifted onto something hard. A soft foaming material covering my neck.

“Try to breath man. Breath!" Spencer stresses. I'm lifted into an ambulance. "Keep your heart beating for An-!" A door slams before Spencer can finish his sentence and the blood pouring from my gash matched with the fuzzy feeling of numbness in my body makes everything go black.

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