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I literally had to haul my ass to work with Brit after being fucked after breakfast. I had been staring out the window, biting my lip the whole way there. Don’t get me wrong, it felt amazing. I was a moaning out of my ass, but seriously? He’s completely relentless, yet I still love him dearly. Ugh, the shit that man does to me.

“Alright we’re here.” Brit says. We had the boys tag along behind us, so we could all go to lunch together. I unbuckle my seatbelt and open the door to Brit’s white Lamborghini. “Let’s go and see what the fuck he wants.” I say and Zayn snugs his arm around my waist as we walk up the stairs to the building.

I open the doors wide and stomp through. “Well good morning Ms. Long and Ms. Taylor. I see you brought friends.” I roll my eyes and cross my arms. “What did you want?” I ask my boss. “I need to talk to you about something regarding your last mission.” He says. His eyes full of something I can’t quite recognize.

“Alright then let’s talk. I have business to care of.” I place a kiss to Zayn’s lips and walk down to his office. I’m still pissed at this bitch for the shit he pulled. My boss better be glad I have a controllable temper. I open the door to his office and march through with a no nonsense attitude. I don’t have time for meaningless bullshit today.

“Thanks for talking to me. I have new news.” He runs a hand through his hair and shuts the door; locking it. My bones tense for a minute. My face remains neutral and my eyes are expressionless. Can we get on with this shit? And wasn’t Brit supposed to be here too? “Alright what is it?” I ask. My boot tapping against his desk.

“Well it’s a little hard to explain.” He says. I sigh and walk over to the door. “Just spill it.” I spat out. Suddenly he slams me into the wall and puts his hand around my throat. My breathing hitches and my heart starts to race. “Do you know how hard it is to watch you with another man?” My eyes bury in confusion and his expression completely alters into complete fury. “W-What?” I stammer. I’m trying to keep my cool and not attack him.

“Don’t play stupid with me Anastasia.” His tone spits poison. His eyes are cold as ice. “What the hell are you talking about?” My eyes harden. “I have to admit that it was hard watching you and Brit struggle to find out who ambushed her.” He smiles menacingly. My heart falls into the pit of my stomach. “It was the mafia.” I grit my teeth.

“It wasn’t the mafia! I mean they had something to do with it, but it wasn’t them!” He maniacally laughs. “What the fuck are you taking about.” My tone is encased with acid. “Honestly it was pretty exhausting setting up that meeting with Nadia Crane and the Spanish mafia.” He releases my throat, but keeps his weight against me. His hands pinning mine to the glass wall to prevent me from moving.

“What?” My head is spinning and my face is frozen in intimidation. “Oh come on Anastasia. Do the math. Do you really think it was Nadia who wanted you dead? She really wanted to get rid of you and I gave her the outing to do so.” He devilishly smirks. My palms become sweaty, but I keep my face neutral. This asshole is crazy.

“What the fuck did you do?” I spat in his face so the dripping venom. My body tensing on vey level of alertness. “You were so dumb that you didn’t even realize that I’ve been after you and Brit this entire time. The mafia didn’t ambush her. I did.” His eyes have insanity in them and he has a demeaning smile plastered on his ugly ass face. “Why?” I press my lips into a firm line to prevent myself from lunging on him and stabbing him into the twenty-third century.

“Because your so thick headed you didn’t see that I’ve been in love with you this entire time. I had to find a way to get you away from Zayn and Brit almost died because of her stupidity.” He nonchalantly says. My voice booms throughout the office as anger makes my veins heat up. “You almost murdered Brit!” I holler.

“A life for a life!” He hollers back at me and the redness in his face is visible. “It honestly shocked me that Zayn survived the bullet I put through his fucking body yesterday. I’m impressed.” My lioness peaks to her climax and I lunge for him. He almost killed the love of my life! “How could you!” I punch him in the nose so hard it breaks at the contact. I stand up straight and try to control my coursing anger, but every time he reveals more of the truth, the more my frustration builds.

“I wanted you and you were so blind you couldn’t see it!” He spits out the blood that entered his mouth. “I don’t want to you! I want him!” The veins strain against my neck and I jump on his stumbling body. I hail down a fist of blatant fury. The fury and acidity in my eyes radiating off of me.

“You think you do!” He grabs my arm and twist it. I wince and he knocks my head onto the desk. Blood spills from my nose, but I get back up to face the roaring waters. “I know I do!” I run for his face and smack him straight in the jaw. I grab him by the throat and slam his head into the glass desk. “So you think you can just take me wherever you want and make me yours it won’t happen!” I scream.

He grabs my throat and flips our positions so my face is pressed against the glass and blood smears. “You will be mine!” He screams and punches me in the back so hard I fall to the ground. He picks me back up and wrestles my back onto the desk. My eyes go wide with horror and I try to punch him, but horribly miss.

He grabs my jeans button and yanks them free while taking my underwear with it. “No! No get off of me!” I wail below him and kick out into the air. “Your mine Anastasia! No one can take you from me!” He screams into my ear and undoes his pants. My past creeps upon me in a flash and I struggle to get free.

“Let me go! Get off me!” I fling my arms to slap him, punch him, hit him, but he is too strong. Or maybe I’m too weak. I do the only thing I can possibly manage and scream my lungs out.

ZAYN!” I scream so loud my mind rattle’s and my lungs gasp for air. A hard slap rains down on me and for a second my fathers face appears in front of me.


Not again.

I won’t let him!

I’m gonna fight for my freedom!

I kick and scream and punch wildly hoping to fight him off. “Ana!” Zayn screams through the door. I let out a blood curdling scream and slap his face hard. “Get off of me!” I yell, but he rams himself into me and my past is officially a reality.

God please let me survive.

Please give me the strength to get through this.

Anastasia!” Zayn pounds on the door and the hinges feel like the may break and then...god is my savior. The door falls to the ground and my boss is lifted off of me. “Ana!” Zayn yells. My body falls limb to the ground and I feel tears pouring down my cheeks.

“She’s mine!” I have no idea who burst through the room, but they begin to fight off my boss and I crawl up into a ball. “Baby. Baby look at me. Ana please.” Zayn grabs my cheeks and holds them in his hands. Tears stream down my cheeks and I cling onto him for dear life.

I did it.

I survived.

He couldn’t hurt me anymore.

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