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27. ZAYN

I pull Ana closer to me by her midriff and clash our lips together for the thirtieth time this evening. “I love you.” I remind her and her smile brings the fibers in my veins alive. “I love you more.” She kisses me deeply, leaving me dizzy to her sweetness. I press her body closer to me and passionately slip my tongue between her lips. “Mm.” She moans into my mouth with desire. Heat radiates through both of us as I bring her even closer.

"Uh hm." Spencer clears his throat. What the fuck bro? "What is it?" I snap. I just want to be alone with my woman after you know, I almost died today. "We need to get you home, but your house isn't anywhere near safe." He says. "No shit sherlock." I retort. Ana hits me on the forehead. "Play nice with the other children." Her forehad creasing with a scowl. "You guys can stay at my place. I have six extra bedrooms." Brit offer's.

"Thanks, but I don't think you want Ana and I to stay with you." I smolder. Ana's go wide. "Man chill, you guys can the farthest wing towards the kitchen and Spence and I will stay in my room." Brit waves me off. "I can't believe you just said that." Ana whisper's. "What?" I defensively say. "I don't need her putting her ear on my door when I'm in the middle of fucking my man." She clarifies.

"I heard that bitch." Brit twiches one of her eyes. "Good." Ana remarks. "We should party tonight." Brit soon suggests. "Brit Zayn can barely walk." Ana sighs. "I'll drag his ass." Brit barks. "Down kitty." Spencer says. I think I just threw up in my mouth. "The only person dragging my man anywhere is me and that is too the bed."

Ana's mouth is so damn sassy.

It makes me more hard.

“So you two can have more s*x?" Brit snorts. "Down besy." I say to Ana who looks ready to kill Brit. "We can go the club when Zayn feels better." Spencer says. "So you finally care about my well-being?" I raise a brow. "Oh now I take it back." Spencer says. "Nope." I shake my head.
"Fucking manchild." Ana rolls her eyes. "I need to do something about that dirty mouth of your's." I smirk.

"Oh yeah?" She remarks. Her eyes sparkling. "Oh yeah." I state. She lifts her leg over mine and straddle's my lap. "What do you want to do about it?" She asks sexily as she grinds into me. "If they weren't in here I pound into you until you can't see straight." I announce. A huge smile creeps up onto her lips. "I'd like to see you try." She challenge's. Her tongue licking under my earlobe. "You now I can't get up from this bed." I say. "Even better." She kisses my neck and shiver's travel down my spine.

The shit she does to me.

"I want the chocolate one." Brit huffs. "Babe we already have the ones that smell that way." Spence reminds her. "Chocolate?" I shudder while Ana continues to rocks her hips into me. I mean...I don't mind. "Flavored condom's for muah." Brit points to herself. "That's disgusting." Ana says. "Don't tell me you guys freestyle it?" Brit's mouth agape.

"Oh yeah." Ana smirks.

Oh hell yes we do...

"And I thought we were the dirty ones." Spencer snorts. "Watch it." I growl. Ana grins wildly and leans her head against me. "I don't have any clothes." She says. "That's good." I laugh. She hits me. "What?" I gasp. "I can't just be naked every damn day." She frowns. "I don't see the problem." I say. "Unbelievable. Completely unbelievable." She puts her hands up in the air.

“Ba-" I'm cut off by the door opening.
"Mr. Thorne you are released." The doctor says. "Thanks." He shuts the door behind him and I try to remove the blankets from my body. "Ana, a little help." I say deadpanned. She hops off the bed and I swing my legs over. That was a bad idea because a sharp pain hits me. "Zayn don't do that." Ana whines. "I'd like to get out of this hell hole." I say. "Can you give me a second to get my shit please?" She pleads. “Ugh." I sigh."Mark may damn is scared and horny!" Spencer shouts. I glare at this asshole. "You look like sponge-bob and Patrick star had a child." I remark. "Your a mix between a husky and a damn chihuahua." Spencer fires back.



"Sleezy top."

"Power bottom."

"Circus clown."

"Flabby dick."

"Slime ball."

"We can all agree your both a mix between dumb and dumber." Brit is on the floor dying in laughter. Ana giggle's. "That's just insulting." I say. "You insult yourselves." Ana interjects. "But babe-" She cut's me off. "Uh uh. No you don't." Ana ticks her finger at me. "You two are so childish. You do it to yourself." Brit says. "You two are worse." Spence says. I chuckle. "No I'm not." Brit denies. "Bitch."




"Drama queen."

"Cock sucker."

"Cum lover."

I can't hold back my laughter as Ana and Brit argue back and fourth. "I'm still better at holding down tequila." Ana fires. "I'm better at fashion." Brit stands up. "I'm better at going three rounds in bed." Ana's final statement enrages Brit. "You win this time!" Brit shouts. I wrap my hands around my stomach to keep the laughing cramps at bay. "What the fuck are you laughing at?" Ana grabs my damn dick. "Babe what the fuck?" I hiss.

"I'd every much like to do that." Ana flips the script on me. Just bury me alive at this point. "Bitches if you don't mind I'd like to eat before I starve." Brit jmps from her seat. "I have my dinner." I say. "Asswhipe." Spencer says. I cackle pushing Ana into me. "Are you trying to make me fall?" She asks. "Wouldn't that be nice." I grin. "Are you like s*x deprived or something?" Ana gripes.

"I'm just deprived of you." I answer. "I want McDonald's." Brit says. "Burger and fries." Spencer agree's. "What do you want for dinner?" Ana asks me. I shrug. "Whatever you want." I say. "Pizza?" She asks. "Deal." I smile.
"I'm gonna take Zayn to dinner. I'll meet you back at the house later. Maybe I can kick your ass at just dance again." Ana smolder's at Brit. "We shall see." Brit says with challenging eyes. "I'll bring some beer." Spencer says.

"We celebrating something?" I ask wrapping my hands around Ana's torso. "You not dying." Spencer says. "Not yet." Brit jokes. Ana sighs and slams her forehead into my shoulder. "I quit." Ana says. "I gave up on him a long time ago." I laugh. "I'm taking the Lambo." Brit tells Ana. "I drove the Bugatti over here. Will they let us through?" Ana asks. "Just say 'Cloak' and they'll let you in." Brit says.

Ana nods and they depart the room. Ana pulls her jeans up and tries to head for the door, but I grab her hand. "What's wrong?" She asks. I answer her question by slamming her into the wall and kissing her. "Mmm." My tongue slips in between her heavenly lips and I grip her waist; lifiting her up.

Her legs wrap around me and I press her further into the wall. "I love you. Don't ever question it." I lock our lips once again. "I wouldn't every question it. I meant it when I told you, you were the only one." She says. I press my lips to her's once more and my hand on her cheek.

I love her with everything I am.

Even if that’s not enough.
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