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28. ZAYN

Ana scan's over the options of different types of pizza. Her face washed over in indecision. “Which one?” She asks. I run my hand along her waist and pull her into me. “Meat-lovers.” I answer and she smiles. “You want a large?” I run my fingers through her long hair. “Yeah that’s good.” I kiss her forehead. "I'll go find a seat." I tell her and walk over to a booth in the corner.

I slide in and run my hands over my face. Feeling's of nervousness overcoming me. How am I supposed to protect Ana when I can't even protect myself? I know she can fight for herself, but I want to be the one she can run too if she ever needs too, yet she was the one I ran too.

Why is it everything in my world get's hurt the more I try to protect them?

When will it end?

The pain in my chest reminds me of what I do have. I have her and I know she'll never leave, but the vision always run wild in my mind. What if that day comes? What am I supposed to do? "Zayn?" Ana calls for me. "Hm." I say in response.

I play with my finger's and my face falls to the floor. "Are you okay?" she asks. "I'm fine." I shrug. "No, I know that look. What's wrong?" She asks. I put my head on the table. "Hey, talk to me." Ana urges. She slips into the booth, wrapping her arm around my back. "Zayn please." She pleads. Her word's make me face her worried eyes.

"I can't help thinking about unsafe you are because of me." I feel small tears build up in my eyes. "Zayn..." She pulls me into her. "I'm okay, I'm here and I'm safe. It wasn't your fault." She says. I pick my head up. "Yes it is. You could've been killed because people are coming after me." I chastise.

Ana sighs. "People come after me on a daily too. We both make mistakes and people try to hurt us. You can't blame yourself for that." She says. I wrap her up in my arms. "I'm just so scared I'm going to loose you one day because of my stupidity." I say. "You won't loose me because of your stupidity. You won't loose me at all." She takes my face between her palms.

Her blue eyes glazing over.

"Love is about protecting each other and fighting for one another. I'll always protect you. I don't care what from." She says. I take her hand and kiss the top of it. "I just want to be able to walk around freely without thinking of a sniper trying to kill me at any given moment." I admit. "Well good luck to them because I'll kick their ass if they ever try that dumb shit." She proclaims. It makes a tiny laugh roar in my throat.

"I love you and I don't want you to go anywhere without me. I don't care how overprotective that sounds." I notion with serious eyes. "I'm by your side always." She gives me a sly smile. I cup her cheek. "I wouldn't live with myself if you got hurt because of me." I search her eyes for clarity of my overwhelming emotions. "Well I can promise you that nothing is going to happen to me because of you. I'm going to be here for awhile so everyone else better step aside." She chuckles. I laugh in unison with her. It feels good to know she will always be with me no matter the length of the storm.

"I love you." She places a gentle kiss to my lips.

"I love you more." I wrap my hands around her waist and tug her even closer. The distance literally killing me. "We can tame the vicious seas together." She smiles. "Aye, Aye captain." I grin. She salute's me playfully. "Here is your food Ms. Taylor." The waitress announces and places the steaming pizza on the table.

"Thank you! May we have some napkins please?" Ana asks nicely. "Yes right away." The waitress gawks me up and down which making me shift uncomfortably. "Can we some water?" Ana glares dagger's at the woman. "Y-Yes." She scurries off. "Bitch." Ana rolls her eyes.

I love this feisty side of her. Such a damn turn on. "You keep doing that and your eyes will stay like that." I tease her. "You keep doing that and you'll be sleeping alone in bed tonight." She retorts and grabs a piece of piping hot pizza. She goes to take a bite, but I steal it right from under her nose and take a huge chunk into my mouth. Her eyes are wide with shock and I smirk chewing up the delicious pizza.

"You ass." She hits my head. "Love ya." I finish chewing. She shakes her at me and takes a bite. "Your buying me lunch tomorrow." She sways her hips to grab another slice and put's it on her plate. I slap her bottom extra hard. "Zayn!" She shrieks. My palm stinging from the contact of her jeans. I smile up at her.

"That was so uncalled for." She plops onto the seat. I grip her thigh and slowly moved my hand up. "Z-Zayn." She stammer's. Her chest starting to rise and fall faster. "I can think of something else 'uncalled' for." My hand travels up to her jeans button and I undo it with one tug. "Zayn were in public." She gasps. I whisper in her ear seductively. "It'll be worth a show."

She shuts her eyes closed as she bites her bottom lip and I snake my hand into her underwear; rubbing her clitoris. I hear her grip the leather seat and moan softly. "Feel good?" I purr. My breath tickling her ear. She nods franticly and kisses my lips to stifle her loud groans.

I insert a single finger inside her and her nipples harden through her shirt. I knead in slowly back and fourth making her chest heave up and down unsteadily. Her breathing becoming ragged and her walls wet. I place another finger inside and pick up the pace a little faster when her head falls onto the headrest of the booth. "Your so damn wet it makes me hard." I whisper in her and she shudder's.


The sexiest moan leaves her mouth and it makes me thrust into her that much more. She grips my arm to ease her breathing, but I thrust even faster making her pants turn into heavy blissful moans. Her walls clinch around me as I knead fast and hard and she's biting her lips to keep the moans from disturbing the entire restaurant. "Z-Zayn d-don't stop." She whimper's into my mouth as my lips encase hers. Her walls tighten and drowns my finger's in her juices. She moans loudly against my mouth and I have to hold onto her lips longer while she rides out her powerful orgasm.

My finger's never letting up and wildly knocking her into the seat. "AH!' She screeches into my ears. Another tidal wave of pleasure hitting her in the face. "Was that uncalled for?" I edge her. She whines as I stop. Her orgasm not finished yet. "Zayn p-please." She begs just like she did in our bedroom. "Cum Baby." She moans loudly and honestly I don't give a shit who hears her.

I seize her plump lips and kiss her roughly while thrusting my finger's to a complete stop and she soaks my finger's. She rests her head against my mine and tries to slow her pants down. "That was so uncalled for." She smiles and kisses me again. I grin against her lips. "I need to finish eating." She breathes heavily. "I need to start eating." I say. She smiles and locks our lips together. I cup her cheek. "I love you, insolent little ass." She says. I smirk.

"I love you, you naughty girl." I reply. She shakes her head at me and grabs her pizza. "Open up." She instructs. I open my mouth and take a bite from her hands. "It's good." I say. "Didn't your mom tell you not to talk with your mouth full?" She asks and then slaps herself.

Her eyes widening as the words slip out. "Oh my god, I can't believe I said that." She puts her face in her hands. "Baby it's fine." I grab a slice and stuff my face. "Are you sure?" She asks. I nod my head and continue to swallow down the pizza. I feel like a starved animal. "Okay..." She takes another bite and chews. "Where does Brit live?" I ask. "Upstate." She answers. I take another piece and scarf it down. "Jesus. Hungry much?" She jokes.

I smile at her. "I was and now I'm full." I place my hand on my stomach. "Wanna get out of here? She never brought the damn napkins." Ana huffs. "You probably scared her half to death." I reply with a grin. "Yeah stay the hell away from my man." The way she says 'my man' makes my erection get that much bigger.

Claim me any day of the damn week.
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