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I woke up startled in an unfamiliar place with the sun streaming in through white curtains. I gently tried to adjust my eyes, but the scorching rays of the sun blinded my vision and caused my head to pound furiously. I placed my right hand against my temple’s and tried to message it, but the gleaming light made it harder to concentrate. I heard the opening of a door and turned my head to see who entered whatever room I was in. The walls were painted a plain grey with oak furniture decorating the empty spaces throughout.

“You’re awake.” A recognizable voice spoke and I whipped my head around; which was a bad idea to see who it was and I was greeted with those familiar sea blue orbs. Ones that captivated me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. My breathing came to a halt as I took in his shirtless chiseled chest and muscular abs that were wet from a shower, I assumed. I tried to tear my eyes away, afraid of why I was brought here. “Where am I and why did you bring me here Zayn?” I snapped and he didn’t look a bit fazed by my words. “You’re here in my bedroom because you got battered and bloodied last night, or did you forget?” He retorted.

The thoughts of last night swarmed my thoughts and I remembered the sensations of how it all happened. His lips dangerously close to mine. Centimeters from locking together; his breath hot against my face, making my core burn with the desire of his dazzling eyes. Then my world collapsed and everything went black. Agonizing pain filled my bones whole, a deep void overtook my senses. He was so handsome in every single way last night when he spoke his words in a silky, sulphuric way, yet I could not let last night’s event’s cloud my judgement.

I allowed myself to be manipulated into dealings with the devil, but I’m going to stop it before it starts. Getting involved with mafia is dangerous for anyone who wants to do business with them let alone almost fall for them. “Well thank you for giving a shit about me and my feelings, but you shouldn’t.” I said getting up from bed. Suddenly I missed the warmth and the comfort of the plushness his sheets brought to me throbbing muscles, but the sooner I left the better we both were. “I need to leave now, I have to get to work.” I state and he snorted at me.

“You don’t have any clothes let alone a ride, how the hell are you going to get to work?” He asked me with a questioning gaze. I gave him a deepening scowl while crossing my arms over my chest. “Let’s get one thing straight. I can take care of myself and I don’t need a fucking babysitter. I’ve been doing it since I was sixteen and I can definitely do it now.” Aggravation was heavy in my tone and my eyes filled with annoyance. “As if.” He half smirked. I marched up to him, ready to spit balls of fire to his face. “Your fucking arrogant.” I spat out, yet he still didn’t look a bit fazed.

“Apparently, but last night you didn’t think that when we almost gave the entire mafia dinner and a show.” He threw in my face and I angrily stared at him. “If you think I’m going to stay here because of a ‘mistake’ I almost made, you are so dead wrong.” I seethed; quickly preparing myself to slap him across the face, except he grabbed my wrist and pinned me against the wall. My breath hitched in my throat; my palms become sweaty from his touch. “Your not seriously suggesting that are you?” He questioned me. I had to glance away from his beautiful eyes before I got captured by them, but he grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. “Z-Zayn stop.” I stammer below him.

“Are you going to keep telling yourself that you don’t feel those burning desire’s from last night because you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t?” His words lit a fire in my core and I had to try and squeeze my thighs together to stop the burning sensations from pooling down. I shut my eyes tightly closed to calm my breathing and bit on my bottom lip. No matter how much I wanted to fall for his charms, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t allow myself to be suckered into the life of the most dangerous mafia lord in the country.

No matter how good looking or desirable he is with his looks. “I can tell by the way you’re clenching your thighs together that you’re aching down there...” His fingers lingers over my trembling bottom lip. “...and by the way you’re biting your lip to keep the thoughts away. I can also tell by the your breast heave up and down...” His hand slides under the hem of my underwear and softly grazes my clit; my breath hitched in my chest. “...that you want something desperately from me.” He whispered into my ear. His body was so close that I couldn’t breath. It was suffocating me, but the longer I remained still, the more my body craved for his touch. “I-I”

I stuttered over my word’s trying to think of a simple explanation. He was right, but I wouldn’t admit to myself, neither him. “In your dreams, so fuck off.” I dripped poison in my voice and tried to back away, but he snaked his hands around my waist and shoved my body further against the wall until my legs were forced to wrap around his torso. My eyes gaped into his; my tongue watering from the heat of his breath fanning my face. I had to look down and away from his eyes because if I didn’t I would make a mistake that I would regret.

“I-I have to leave now.” I growled and shoved him away from me. “If that’s what you really want I’ll call Spencer to drop you off some clothes and I’ll drive you to work.” He said. “Don’t even try and talk me out of it. You can use my shower. I’ll be downstairs.” He left no room for argument and sauntered out of the room. All I could do was stare as he left the room and left me alone with my thoughts and dignity to pick up from the floor. My assassin instincts turn over on themselves and I allow myself to be corrupted by him. I decided that a cold shower was what I most definitely needed right now and I jumped into the glass shower.

I needed to get out of here as fast as possible, but my head was still throbbing and my back was aching from last night, so I decided to linger under the cold water and let it diffuse my sores and bruises. The water rained down my body, leaving relief wherever it touched and for the first time in twenty-four hours I could breathe properly and not suffocate. The oxygen my lungs fully resurfaced and my core was reduced of the fire that now I longed for. I needed to get some coffee and hurry to work before he tried to deprave me once again.

“Here you go.” Zayn offered me a new pink blouse that crossed over in the back and had a V-neck in the front and black skinny jeans to cover my shivering legs. “Thank you.” I said turning around. Grant it, maybe I should be grateful that I’m not dead and that Zayn saved my life, but the mafia always has an agenda for anyone near them. I refused to be another victim in a grave and be just like my family.

God knows how much I missed them, but I wouldn’t relish in something that happened almost eighteen years ago simply because ‘The Devil’ was in front of me. “Do they fit?” He asked me and I turned around to face him. I had no desire to further our conversation, let alone interact, but I decided to be diplomatic. “Yes they do, thank you.” I said and walked towards the door of his bedroom. “Anastasia.” His voice caught me off guard with it’s softness. “Zayn.” I said and he walked towards me, taking my hand. “If you don’t want me to drive you to work-”

“It would be more than fine, I don’t have a ride.” I requested with an ambassadorial smile. “Alright.” He said and soon we arrived at my workplace with thirty minutes to spare. “Thank you.” I said as I opened the door, but he yanked my arm. “Ana...” His eyes locked in contact with mine as butterflies invaded my stomach. “...will I ever see you again?” His question took me off guard and I had to process an answer at first. “Um, I have no idea.”

I replied honestly and I almost thought I saw his face turn down in a pout. “Well have a good day.” He said and then zoomed off down the road like nothing ever happened. I stood there, glancing as he drove off and began to walk towards the building, but when I turned around Brit and my other co-worker Kevin were staring right at me with dropped jaws.

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