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29. ZAYN

I put the Bugatti in park and walk up to front door of my home. I haven’t been here since some assholes tried to kill me and broke in. “I wonder what it looks like.” Ana wraps her arms around my torso. I open the door and I hear a huge crunch as my foot crushed a piece of broken glass. “Oh my god.” Ana gasps. This place looks like trash.

My home looks like a crime scene from Law & Order: SVU. What the fuck? “Are we sure it’s safe?” Ana asks timidly. She’s always concerned for no reason. “It’s fine baby. I’ll just pack a few bags and get out to the yacht.” I say and place a kiss to her lips. “Sally?” I call out. “Zayn!” The woman gives me a huge motherly hug and slaps my chest. “Where in the hell have you been young man?” She crosses her arms. I smile a bit. “I’ve been with Ana and her best friend.” Ana enters the room. “Ana!” Sally crushes her into a huge hug. “You two young’uns have some explaining to do.” She points a finger at us. “Yes ma’am, but I have to pack.” I kiss her cheek. “Can you keep an eye on Anastasia please?” Ana gives me a cold stare. “Babe I’m an adult. I can take care of myself.” When she does that I can’t even be mad. “Can you at least stay with her?” I rephrase.

“Yeah I’ll stay with her.” Sally giddily drags Ana into the living room. I shake my head and walk up the stairs into my bedroom. I hear my phone vibrate in my pocket.

“Hey Spence.”

“I have some information you may want on Ana’s ex-boss.”

“Go for it.”

“Apparently he’s been to prison at least thirty times and has a track record of sexually assaulting women. He also made a meeting with Nadia two days before Ana and Brit went on their obligation call.”

“That’s fishy.”

“Yeah and even more fishy is that the Spanish mafia and Nadia made a deal with Ana’s boss for him to kidnap her and move her to Russia. He wanted you dead, but Naida paid him over ten million dollar’s just to make it look like you got murdered.”

“Son of a bitch.”

“Nadia is playing dirty just so she can carry the Thorne name.”

“And getting rid of Anastasia is how she’s gonna do it.”

“That’s what she thinks.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Two can play at the game she’s playing. Let’s play stupid and distract her.”

“Sounds like a plan boss.”

“Thanks, but before you go how’s Brit?”

“She’s not feeling good. I’m trying to take care of her, but I don’t even know what to do.”

“Get in contact with her doctor and schedule and appointment.”

“That’s a good idea. How’s Anastasia?”

“She’s trying really hard to just forget about it. When we got home we had s*x.”

“TMI dude.”


“But seriously is she okay?”

“Yeah she is. I’m taking her on a vacation to Italy.”

“She’ll love that bro.”

“I hope so.”

“I know so.”

“Have a good day and keep me updated. Take care of Brit.”

“Will do brother. Have a good vacation.”

I hang up the phone and finish packing my bags. I ran into Sally’s room to get some gowns because I snooped around for Ana. “You okay?” Ana stands in the doorway. Her head leaning on the frame with arms crossed. “Yeah.” I zip the suitcase and put it on the ground in order to scoop her up bridal style. “Ready to go to Italy.” I ask. “Yeah. Sally made us cookies for the road.” Ana winks. I should’ve known.

“Well let’s go. Don’t want to keep the lady waiting.” I smile. She has no idea I’ve been planning this for month’s. “Your lady is angry.” She frowns. I wrap my hands around her waist. “Why is that?” I rub her cheek. “I’m sacred something bad is gonna happen and that I’m gonna have to fight a bitch.” That made me snort. “I have no doubt that you’ll beat them up without my help.” I grin and her white teeth show. “I was supposed to be angry and that smile of yours made me forget it.” She says. I pick her up by her thighs and push her against the wall. “That’s a good thing.” I smile.” She wraps her legs around my waist and pushes me into her. “I want something from Mr. Devil.” She smirks wickedly.

Uh oh...

“Kiss me.” I press my lips against hers and place her on the bed. She squirms underneath me which makes me grin. “Someone’s needy.” I squeeze her nipple through her blouse and her back instantly arches. “Don’t start something we can’t finish.” She pants. So damn responsive to my touch. “I can take you on the desk if you’d like.” I lift her shirt and suck on her breast. “Zayn.” She grabs my chin. “Baby. Sally doesn’t give a shit.” I smile. “Yeah, but my vagina does.” She says. I lift her off the bed and smash our lips together. “Let’s go big guy.” She grins against my lips and undoes a few buttons. “Ten more seconds.” I lift her shirt over her head, kissing her neck. Her hands travel to my pants and she undoes my belt. “Okay five seconds and we’ll stop.” I bend her over the desk and pull down her sweat pants. I kiss her bottom as a moan escapes her lips and I undo her bra.

You won’t be needing that...

“Another ten seconds and we’ll stop.” I kiss and suck on her neck as I remove her underwear and thrust my shaft into her. “AH!” She moans out. I’m pretty sure my dick twitched at that sound. I massage her breast and pound into her so hard the table bangs against the wall and she grips the sides of the desk to hold herself steady. “Baby we have to go.” She moans as I slam back into her and knead her clitoris. “Not until I’m done with you.” I thrust in and out faster and faster until her back dips and I go in even further making her scream my name.

I love it when she does that...

With one more earth shattering thrust paired with our heavy breathing and breathless moans, she releases all over me and blow my load in her tight walls. “AH!” She holler’s out and my dick comes to life again. I lift her from the table and lock our lips. Her hands tug my hair and it feels so damn good. “Let’s go baby.” I smile. She wraps her legs around my hips and tugs me towards her. “I need my bra and shirt.” She grins. I take my shirt off and wrap it around her. “You can wear that.” I kiss her lips passionately. “You need a shirt.” She bite’s my bottom lip.

Alright now she just gave me another erection...

“Mr. Thorne your driver is here!” Sally yells up the stairs. I pick Ana up from the table and walk downstairs. “Can you get all of the luggage in my bedroom?” I ask and she nod’s. “Here you go baby.” I open the door and set Ana down on the seat. “Good afternoon Mr. Thorne.” I smile at Dave, our driver. “Thank you for coming on such sort notice.” I buckle her in. “No problem. Sally gets the bags packed in the trunk and I slide in next to her.

“I love you.”

Dave parked the car near the dock where the yacht is and Ana is sleeping away peacefully on my shoulder. I don’t want to wake her, but we have to get going. “Hey baby. Ana, Anastasia.” I gently caress her hair and her eyes pop open. “Is it time to go?” She yawns. “Come on.” I intertwine our hands and lead her towards the boat. The salty sea air whipping through her hair. “It’s beautiful.” She smiles. The water glistens of the bright sun. “I have a better view.” I kiss her neck and pull her close.

“It must be a really good view.” She giggles. I walk her over to the boat and help her up. “It’s tall.” She says. I chuckle at her comment. “Yeah I bought it a while back.” She wonders about the boat and the way sun hits her face makes her look like a goddess. “What are you staring at?” She asks. “You.” I kiss her lips and grab her waist. “I have a feeling the only thing you’ll be doing this entire trip will be staring at me every chance you get.” She smiles. “Definitely.” I agree.

She rolls her eyes at me. “Mr. Thorne everything is ready to go.” One of the workers says. “Thank you. If you’ll get the boat started, I need to get my girlfriend situated.” I walk Ana down a few steps and open a door to a bedroom. “Oh my god.” Ana’s eyes are huge. I made sure to lay rose petals over the bed and have a huge bouquet of flowers on her side of the bed. “You were planning this weren’t you?” She says. I shrug my shoulders. “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.” She runs her hands over my shoulder blades.

“Be honest with me.” She says. “I planned it.” I wrap my hands around her. “That’s all you had to say dork.” She smiles. “I just thought you would say no if I said I had.” I tell her earnestly. “Why would I say no? I want to be with you everyday.” She furrows her brows. “I was being...judgmental I guess.” I rub the back of my neck. “Well stop it.” She says. “Okay.” I softly kiss her and throw our suitcases on the bed. “I love the rose petals.” She plops down in the bed making them fly up in the air.

I shove the suitcases on the floor and take my shoes off. “Come lay down. You look exhausted.” She cups my cheek as I lay down. “I am exhausted.” I sigh. “Sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.” She kisses me and covers me up with a blanket sitting in the chair. “Come lay with me.” I pout. “I need clothes. I’ll be back.” She walks out the room.

Soon enough sleep welcomes me and I fall unconscious. I cuddle up with the blanket and plunge my head into the pillows. I feel a kiss to my forehead and I know it’s Anastasia.


“The job didn’t get done right!” My father slams the beer bottle on my head and it shatters. I fall over in the floor with tears and huddle my knees to my chest. “If I had money it would’ve been fixed!” He grabs my throat and slams it against the kitchen counter.


“NO! STOP!” I wail and thrash in the bed. “Zayn. Zayn! Wake up!” I hear Ana’s voice, but the nightmare pulls me under.


“You worthless piece of shit!” My father screams and I scramble from the couch. “Get back here!” I run as fast as I can up the stairs to escape the monster. “Zayn!” He yells.


“NO! Please! NO!” I scream. “Zayn! Wake up! Baby wake up!” My eyes shoot open and I have sweat running down my back. I meet two frightened eyes and I pull her close. “It was a dream. It’s not real.” She says. Tears leave my eyes and I crush her against me. “Shush. It’s okay. Your okay.” She says. I can feel my ragged breathing all the way down to my toes. “Baby look at me.” I dart my eyes to hers. “Your okay.” She caresses my cheek. “Hey look at me. Listen to my voice.” I put my head in her chest and exhale out broken cries.

“Your gonna be okay.” She kisses my head lifts my chin up. “Talk to me.” Her eyes bore into mine. “My dad.” My stomach churns. “You remember what you said to me? You won’t let him hurt me anymore? I won’t let him hurt you.” She states. Her ocean eyes confident. I shove her body into mine and lay back down. “That’s never happened before.” I wipe the sweat from my forehead.

“It won’t happen again.” She kisses my jaw. “I love you. You know that don’t you?” My eyes timid. “Why would you ask me that? Of course I know that.” She gives me a curious look. “I feel like I don’t show you enough.” I admit. “That’s simply just not true. You show my every second.” She climbs on top of me. “You deal with my mood swings and horrific periods.” I laugh. “You take care of my best friend and me.” I nod my head. “You make love to me in the most inconvenient times.” She giggles.

Isn’t that the truth...

“You make me breakfast and buy me flowers and take me to dinner. You let me cry on your shoulder for zero reason.” She names off everything from her fingers. “I think I got it.” I chuckle and pull her close. Her chin resting on my upper chest. “What do you want to do for dinner?” I run my thumb over her cheekbone.

“It’s already seven?” She shrieks. “Yes baby.” I confirm. “Can we just do something simple?” She asks. “Like what?” I trace circles over her thighs. “This sounds so cringe worthy, but I want pizza, soda and chocolate.” She gives me those cute puppy dog eyes. “Lady gets, what lady wants.” I smile.

She tugs my hair and presses her lips against me mine. “I love you.” She says. “I love you.” I lift her hips up so she’s straddling me and kiss her harder. Her tongue slip between my lips and I groan into her mouth, digging my nails into her hips. “I’m hungry.” She says between heated kisses.

“Can I eat you?” I smirk and squeeze her ass. I love doing that. “You can after I eat.” She bites my lip and jumps from the bed. “Where do you think you’re going?” She runs out of the room in just my shirt and those god forsaken lace underwear.

I have growing erection and it’s just gonna get worse every time I see her in them...

“Ana come back!” I holler after her. I hear her giggle and pull back one of the doors. “Baby!” I yell. One of the workers gives me a smile and points to the stairs. I run up their and chase her down until I finally hoist her up by her waist. “Gotcha.” I tickle her stomach and she bursts out in laughter. I tackle her to the ground and she kicks her feet out as I tickle her more and more. “Babe I’m gonna pee!” She squeals.

I laugh out loud with her as she begins to get me back and wrestle’s me to the ground.

I like this position...

Jesus my dirty mind. “Babe I’m literally gonna pee!” I yell and grab her wrist, but she attacks me again and I squirm. “Ah ha! I’ve gotcha.” She pounces on me and captures my lips. I have to break away and take a moment to breath for a second. “Good lord woman.” I gasp. “That’s what you get for chasing me.” She bites my lower lip. That was hot. I slap her ass really hard and her mouth falls open in shock. “Zayn Thorne!” She scolds me.

“I didn’t doing anything.” I give her a pouty face. “You ass.” She playfully hits my head and gets up. She’s about to run away again, but I snake my arm around her waist and press her into me. “Your not running away from me again.” She giggles below me which makes me smile.

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