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31. ZAYN

I cradled her into my arms as her feet tangled with mine and her head laid against my chest. I softly stroked her silky black hair through my finger's, memorizing each strand as our chest breathed as one and I gazed out into the bright lit up sky with fluffy white clouds and swooshing water beneath the yacht.

It was peaceful.

It was calm.

The water reminding me of the things clear and centered in the world. Her, the center of the universe. Where Earth, Mars or even Venus orbited her. The sun symbolizing a time when Spencer and I would drink beer outside and talk about ridiculous things that hadn’t mattered, but the feeling of having her in my arms made my heart leap from my chest and into the deep water's of the unknown. Every time I looked at her she just got more beautiful by the passing day's and I always have to remind myself that she's mine. Though there's always that lingering thought that she might leave.

What if the mafia life becomes too much? What if she finds someone else who can love her better than I can? What if, by sheer chance, she leaves me because I treat her horribly? Or what if I get killed? What if she does and I'll never see her again? The throbbing notion in my chest reminds of the days whenever she would look me in the eye and tell me not to worry, but I always worry.

Especially when it comes to her.

Her safety is everything to me. Even when she's safe we're still in danger because of me. "What are you thinking about?" Ana's hand grazes my jaw. "Us." I swallow a ball of spit. "Wanna talk about it?" She sits up to where her chest meets mine and her finger's knead into my hair. "I'm okay." I pull her by the waist. "What'd you have in mind for today?" She asks. I smile creeps on my lips.

"I planned to take you to dinner and maybe...go for a swim?" My shoulder's tense. "I'd love that." She places her hands on my chest and her head on top. Her oceanic blue irises gazing into mine with such pure love. "I love you." I sweep her hair from her forehead. "I love you more." She places a kiss to my lips and pull her closer to me.

The closeness is never enough.

The distance is always suffocating me.

"I wanna ask you something." She breaks our lips apart. "What is it?" I scrunch my brows together. "What's gonna happen whenever we...when we go back?" Her eyes look so empty and lost. I cup her cheeks and kiss the top of my her nose. "Nothing's gonna happen. I'm gonna fix this mess, so we can be happy. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Your everything to me, if you’re all I have then I want to hold onto that forever." Her eyes downcast, but her face light's up. "As long as you're around...whatever happens, we'll face it together. Mafia or no mafia." She hover's over me.

Why is she so good with her words?

"Let's go for a swim." She smiles. "Get our mind off the negative. It makes my skin itch." She pulls me up with her. "Sounds like a fantastic idea." I grin and swing my legs over the recliner. "I'm gonna get my swimsuit." Her hair blows in the salty sea air. "I'll be by the deck." I kiss her forehead and look for the captain. "Can we stop the boat? I want to take my girlfriend for a swim." The captain nods his head. "Yes, Mr. Thorne." I sit on one of the chairs and wait for Ana to come back. When she comes into view she's wearing a red one-piece with gold rings covering her abdomen where the material meets.

"You look beautiful." I snake my arms around her. "Don't I always?" She smirks and wraps her hands around my neck. "Always." I agree and slam our lips together. I can never get enough of how her lips feel with mine. How they fit together like a perfect puzzle piece and finished the picture. She was the missing piece in my unfinished puzzle, but with her it's complete.

"Wanna jump or walk into the water?" She asks. "I'm gonna jump." I smile. "Not if I get there first." She bolts for the edge of the boat and jumps onto the railing. "Ana!" She dives into the water with a huge splash that makes the water hit the side of the boat. Her head pops up to the surface while bubbles float on top of the water. “Come join me! It's warm." I give her a pout. "I wanted to jump together!" I cross my arms like a five year old. "Well you can either, stand there or come and swim with me." She gives me an ultimatum. I shake my head and stand on the edge. "Cannonball!" I plunge into the blue sea with a gigantic splash.

A huge wave scoops me up with its huge hands and tosses, spins and pulls me under the wild current. “Zayn!” Ana pulls my body up to the surface. “Looks like he took the jump.” She smiles. “Obviously. How else am I gonna be close with you if your down here and I’m up there?” I wrap her up in my arms. “You’ll find a way.” She smiles. “What you wanna do?” I ask.

“I have an idea.” She grins. “Uh oh.” I grip her waist tighter. “Water racing! Brit and I do it all the time. Whoever makes it to the edge of boat faster wins.” She bounces in the water with excitement. “I have a feeling I’m going to loose.” I frown. “Well if you start swimming you won’t have a problem.” She bumps my nose.

“Ladies first.” I release her into the water. “3...2...1!” We both swim fast towards the boat. Water sprays everywhere, creating huge ripples of waves and the current goes wild with every fury kick and slam of the arm in the water. “Come on slow poke!” She teases and spins around under the water like a damn torpedo.

What in the actual ass?

Where’d she learn that?

I thrash my arms through the thickening sea and kick just enough to where my hands touch the boat before she does. “I won!” I shout. She huffs out a pout. “Uh! I always beat Brit!” She whines. I pick her up and push her against the boat. “You forget that I’m a guy with nothing, but muscle.” I smirk.

“I haven’t forgotten.” She shoves me towards her and traces the shapes of my abdomen. Her warm fingers electrifying my skin. “I just want to think that I won. It makes me feel better.” She giggles. “Your so bad.” I grip her waist. “Your worse.” She tackles me into the water. “Babe!” I screech. She pounces on me a which pushes me under the water and I swallow a whole damn thing of salty ass liquid.

“So not fair!” I shout once my head goes above the surface. She gives me sly grin. “Did you not like me being playful with you?” She attacks my stomach and begins to ferociously tickle the crap out me. A huge roar of laughter leaves my lips. My legs kick in the water and she never lets up. She just finds another tickle spot and attacks like a damn viper, leaving me rendered helpless and I can’t even hold in my laughter.

I think some tears ran down my face because she’s tickling me so bad...

My abs are hurting from laughing with her in unison that I can barely even take a breath. “Damn woman.” She jumps on me in the water and captures my lips.



Her tongue rolls in sink with mine as the water picks up with huge waves and she pulls me into her. Her legs caging my torso and lips arresting my mouth. “Shit Ana.” She growls into my mouth and I have to push her against the boat to even maintain some form of balance.

Her hands travel down to my shorts, but I grab her wrist. “Not here baby.” I rasp. She groans into my mouth when I cup her jaw and pepper kisses down her delectable neck. She releases a small moan when I rub my finger over her sensitive area and bite her collarbone. “You said not here.” She pants. “Did I?” I kiss her neck as her head falls back and gives me access to her full and luscious breast. I gently bite the skin near her swimsuit.

“Zayn. That’s not fair. You said not here.” I smile against her body. “I’m never fair.” I put her into the tiny deck of the boat and spread her legs wide. “Zayn someone will see.” She gasps when my mouth comes in contact in her inner thigh. “Even better.” I grin and rub my erection into her. “Oh my god...” Her eyes roll into the back of her head.

“Mr. Thorne?” I push Ana into me. “What is it?” I grit my teeth. They seriously just ruined the perfect damn moment. “The chef would like to know what you would like prepared for dinner tonight.” Ana giggles into my shoulder. “Anything he thinks will be romantic.” I press a finger into Ana’s labia to keep her quiet.

“Thank you sir.” Ana busts out laughing. “Really babe?” I ask. She gives a sheepish look. “It was kinda funny.” She giggles more. I roll my eyes. “Aw, is the Devil upset?” She purrs. “The Devil is very upset.” I grip her thighs under the water. “You better make love to me tonight.” She kisses me so damn hard it leaves me dizzy.
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