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32. ZAYN

My whole body is radiating with anger, once I pull Anastasia behind me so I can rip this asshole a new fucking pair of balls. “You prick.” I slam his head against the wall, hearing Ana screams fill the thickened space.

You don’t hurt my woman and get away with it...

Oh fuck no...

“Spencer take her.” I order.“No please! Please don’t leave me!” Anastasia pulls me off of her shitty boss, clinging to my chest. I wrap my hands around her body, letting the sons escape her lips.

He clearly doesn’t know who he’s fucking with...

“You two are shameful. Now I know why your father assaulted and raped you.” Her boss snaps. My eyes widen as the poison in my veins drains into my bones creating a rumbling feeling deep inside of my core. “What did you just say to her?” I attempt to charge at him, but Ana pulls me back. “Zayn don’t.” She pleads. Her blue eyes glazed over with tears falling down her swollen, puffy cheeks. “You know nothing about what her father did to her you prick. You better be glad I don’t rip out your voice box!” I boom. Ana flinches below me. Brit enters the room and her eyes go wide in horror of the situation playing out in front of her.

“I’d like to see that.” Spencer snorts. Brit glares in his direction while my fist clinches together at my side. “I’d like to see you try. Let’s see who she spreads her legs wide for first.” He grins sickeningly, releasing an animalistic growl from my mouth. My nails slicing through my skin as my anger pounds in my head. “What did you just say to me?” His body falters at my twitching stature.

Good he should be fucking afraid...

“Zayn. Baby please look at me. Zayn.” Ana grabs my arm to divert my attention from her boss, yet my eyes fill with even more frustration. “I’ll take your woman next bitch just like how I shot you. I’m still surprised you survived.” My ears burn around my fuming face. Brit looks terrified of what I might do and Spencer has a blank expression. He’s clearly trying to calculate my next move when I don’t know what’ll come next except blood and guts splattering on the walls. “What the fuck did you say!” This time I lunge at him and knock his ass against into the table.“Baby he isn’t worth it! Please!” Ana pleads.

“Whiny ass bitch. That’s probably why your father abused you!” I smash his skull into the table, watching as the glass cracks at the immense amount of pressure I hold his crippling skull with. “How would you know a fucking thing about her father! You better be glad that I don’t fucking ring your neck!” I bark in his ear. My hands twisting his neck, so hard my knuckles turn white. He starts to wheeze below me, his legs wailing beneath my unmerciful state.

“Zayn please stop!” Ana tries to grab me, but thankfully Brit springs into action, the horror of my climatic infuriation blurring my head of all coherent thoughts. “Get her out of here Spencer!” He nods attempting to help Brit get Ana out, but she’s so damn powerful, she fights against both of them. “Put me down!” Spence drags her out of the room and I can her screaming down the hallway. My fist tightens even more, my fingernails digging into my skin. My muscles contracting from my grip locked around his gasping state.

“You should really be cowering below me right now. I’m the fucking Devil.” I growl and throw his body into wall. The brewing, roaring waters twisting and turning inside me. All he does his chuckle insanely, a bloody smile running down his face. “I don’t give a shit. Ana is mine.” He says and I punch him right between the eyes. My eyes see nothing, but red and my entire body is running off of adrenaline.

“Ana belongs with me! She is my girlfriend!” I holler, my fist coming in contact with his jaw. Blood splatters on my fist, coloring it a dark red. “That’s my boyfriend and I’m not going to stand here and let him do something he’ll regret!” Ana’s voice roars in the air. My fist collides with this fuckers face over and over and over again until his face his discolored and his body limb.

Your going to know what hell feels like...

“Zayn look at me! Please!” Ana runs in the room and pulls me away from him. I let go and let his body fall to the ground. “Go outside Ana!” I scream. My anger is through the roof and I don’t want to hurt her in my blind fury. “You listen to me right now! He isn’t worth it! Stop wasting your time! Look at me! Please!” Ana takes my face in her hands and my muscles contort inside of my raging bones.

“Anastasia.” My veins strain against my neck while my eyes blur. “Zayn.” Her voice soft. “Zayn look at me.” She places her hands on either side of my face. “He can’t just walk away after he tried to hurt my woman!” I huff hot a breath of heated air. My bones rattling in its cages. “He’ll get what’s coming to him.” Her blue eyes break through the barrier of roaring villains inside of me. “Ana you have to go.” I say.

“No! I’m not leaving without you! I love you! He doesn’t deserve your time! Baby please he doesn’t deserve it.” She begs. Her angelic face dissolving my anger and making the red disappear clear from my vision. I crush her body into mine and wrap my hands around her waist. “But baby-“ She slams her lips into mine in a haste to shut me up.

Her lips make me a prisoner to her touch that eases my anger back inside of its cage. I grip my hands on her waist tighter, feeling my eyes close with her body completely against me. “Calm down.” She whispers. Her ocean eyes swimming through mine. “I have to get you out of here.” I tell her. My entire body is still fuming with hostility, but it has diminished so much since she forced me to look through the sea of red and find the white flag.

“We leave together. We call the police and have him arrested. Please come with me.” I nod my head. This asshole will get what’s coming to him. “Spence dial 911.” I intertwine my hand with Ana’s and walk out of that damn office before I loose my shit again.

“Why did you do that?” I drag her into another room and shut the door. “Save you from doing something you’ll regret?” She says. I push her against the wall. “He hurt you. I should’ve hurt him.” I say. “Baby I’m okay. I promise. I’m not letting the past come between us.” Her voice makes any and all frustration fade.

“I hate seeing you hurt and screaming for me.” I cast my eyes down as I feel small tears prick my eyes. I can’t cry. I can’t cry in front of her. “Look at me.” She raises my chin. “We are going to be okay. The truth is out now. I know what he did and we need to talk about it, but not right now.” She stresses and brings my lips down to hers.

I lift her up by her thighs and devour her whole. She’s the only one who’s ever been able to control my anger and make me realize what I’m doing. “I love you.” I rasp. “And I love you. You have to remember that this is me. That I’m more than just a damsel in distress.” She hooks her arms around my neck. “I know. I know.” I sigh. I run a ragged hand through my hair. “Hey.” She says. “We’re okay.” She states. Her eyes gazing into mine. “We’re gonna be okay.” She hooks our lips together.

No one will ever lay another finger on her ever again...
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