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The car comes to a complete stop once we roll up to Zayn’s house. At first, I was little ticked off that we had to cut our trip short, but Zayn needed me right now. You know since a psycho bitch is trying to put me six feet under because she wants Zayn’s dick inside of her.

Yeah that’s real cute...

“Welcome home Sir. Hello Ms. Taylor.” A man opens the car door for me. “Thank you.” I step out into the concrete and fix my leather jacket and super tight skinny jeans. My heels click against the pavement once the front doors open and Zayn wraps his arms around me. His muscles contract under his suit jacket when we walk inside and find a woman sitting on the sofa.

Who the fuck is in our home?

Did I just say ‘our’?

Damn I’m an alpha dog...

“Nadia what the fuck are you doing in our house?”


Aww yeah!

Bite that shit mafia princess...

“I came to see you.” I swear every inch of her forehead is injected with botox and her skin looks like she got the cheapest tanning lotion ever. Even her damn outfit is overdone with her boobs pushed up so damn far you barely see her brown eyes. “Well I’m busy Nadia.” Zayn grits his teeth and tightens his hand around my waist. “Who’s this?” She asks. Her smile plastered on her face. “I’m Zayn’s girlfriend.” I mock her smile and dig my nails into Zayn’s arm. “Nice to meet you.” She holds her hand out.

Bitch please.

I know you want me dead.

“Do you want something to drink babe?” I turn to face Zayn who looks like he wants to kill her with those vicious predatory eyes. “I’m good baby.” I snake my hands around his neck and bring his mouth to mine. Imma show this bitch that Zayn is mine.

Always will be...

“I love you.” I thread my fingers through his hair and lean his body into mine. “I love you.” He gives me a kiss that leaves me dizzy on my feet. “Let me take care of this.” He whispers. “If you don’t...” I grip his jaw. “...I will.” My eyes fill with ferociousness. “I know you will.” With one last kiss I walk over to the kitchen and open the fridge.

I’m fucking starving.

From afar I can easily hear the conversation without looking suspicious. One of the many assassination tactics I’ve learned over the years. “Why are you here Nadia?” Zayn’s voice is rigid. “I’m here because I had some wedding things to discuss. Little did I know, you have a girlfriend.” Her voice is so high-pitched it makes me gag.

“I meant what I said.” His voice searing through the thick air. I take a bite from a juicy plump strawberry that helps to ease my nerves. Nadia flips her blonde hair over her shoulder like a cheeky school girl with a big fat crush. “I was hoping we could talk privately.” She gives him a smile and FUCKING runs her long ass pink acrylic nails over MY man’s arm. “Not gonna happen. Say what you need to say, so I can spend some quality time with my lady.” Zayn snaps. Nadia jumps back a bit in fear.



“Why is she so damn important to you? I should be important. I’m the one you’re supposed to marry, not some punk rock looking skank who doesn’t even know mafia life.” Nadia insults.

Okay that kinda hurt, but not ass bad as being called a punk rocker.

“That ‘punk rock looking skank’ is my damn girlfriend and the most deadliest assassin in the world. So if I were you I’d shut the hell up before she comes in here and murders your blonde, egotistical ass.” Zayn roars. I’m laughing my ass off right now.

“Excuse me?” Nadia raises her voice.




I’d rather lose hearing than listen to her loud ass mouth.

“I’m your betrothed! You should be with me! I really love you! She doesn’t! She just wants your money!” Nadia yells. “You want my money! You want my fucking dick in your vagina! You want my last name! We’ll guess what! My genitals are going in only one place and that’s with her! My love is hers! My entire life is hers! If you don’t like it then get the fuck out because she’ll always be here! Always!” Zayn gets up abruptly and marches right up to her face.

He scares the shit out of me when he gets that way...

It’s like the Devil in him is possessed by a demonic entity....

“You don’t mean that! You love me! Please baby!” She throws herself onto him and my teeth are set on edge when she calls him ‘baby’. “Don’t you dare call me that!” He pushes her away from him and she lands on the couch. “Zayn! Zayn get back here!” He walks over to the kitchen and I innocently attend to my food.


I wasn’t listening...

Not at all...

“You’re an asshole! A pure Devil Zayn! Your father will hear about this and she’ll be gone before you can blink!”

That’s it...

“Listen here you little bitch!” I seethe and stomp my way over to her. “I’m not afraid of some conceded ass, egotistical, fake as Botox Mafia princess who doesn’t even have the balls to deal with problems herself! I don’t need to contact someone’s daddy in order to get rid of you! I’m an assassin bitch and I can kill you before you can even think twice about it! So I suggest you keep your hands to yourself and stop making eyes at my boyfriend or I promise you, you will regret it!” I yell right in her face.

Her entire face washes over in horror of me standing up to her and she takes a step back. “I-I’m sorry.” She trembles.

You should be afraid of me...

I’m worse than the Devil...

I’m pure evil in the flesh...

“Babe calm down.” Zayn pushes me into his body to relax my intensified anger radiating from my eyes. “If you ever come here again I’ll fucking gut you and feed you to the damn vulture’s! No one threatens my man and gets away with it. Especially not some blonde haired, browned eyed bitch you can’t keep her thighs closed.” I growl and take a step closer to her.

She literally looks terrified of me that she can’t even move. Her brown eyes frozen in time and her skin turning completely pale. “Babe you need to relax. She’s not worth it. Remember what you told me. She’s isn’t worth our time.” His breaths fans over my ear. My fist clenched tightly together as my eyes narrowed in her direction. “Get the fuck out of my house.” I snarl.


I yell so loud the walls shake and my entire body surges with rage. “I’m so sorry.” She scrambles for her shit and runs out the front door, but not before turning to Zayn. “There will never be any chance for us will there?” Her eyes glaze over.

“Get the fuck out.” Zayn orders.

She scurries out the door and relief floods my bones. Jesus Christ I couldn’t take another minute of that. “Well damn I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to mess with you after that.” I snuggle my head into his chest. “Confronting fear is what I do. I’m not a fleer, I’m a fighter.” I state.

“You’re a survivor.” He kisses the top of my head. I snake my arms around his waist to tug him closer to me and inhale his manly scent. “I have some things I need to take care of. Sally is on her way to help you.” He combs his hands in my hair.

“I need an anger outlet. Do we have any training rooms in the house? Punching bags? Guns? Knives?” I ask. “Yeah down the hall and on your left.” He picks my chin up. “You know I love you right?” He asks. I wrap my hands around his neck. “I know that.” I give him a small smile. “I just need to get my anger out before I hurt someone.” I give him a kiss and run down the hallway.

Sweet mother of lord there’s a damn keypad on the damn thing...

“Zayn what’s the code?” I yell. “Put your hand on the keypad baby!” I place my hand on the center and it immediately lights up. “Welcome Anastasia.” The voice beeps and unlocks the door.

This is some fancy shit babe...

I walk through the door and my eyes bulge from their sockets. Their rows and rows of guns of different variation hung on the walls and stacks of hundreds of blades to choose from based on skill. In the middle of the room there’s a ginormous gray punching bag matched with a paper practice sheet.

Alright let’s have some fun...

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