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I smirk as a groan leaves Zayn lips and I take him fully down my throat. I slowly move my head up and down, taking him in further each time and the sexiest moan leaves his lips. “Ah. Ana.” He moans my name and it makes my core ignite in flames. I reach up to stimulate his balls as I continue to bop my head; stroking him devilishly. His hand fists in my hair as I gag on his massive size plunging down my esophagus.

This is so fucking hot...

I sheepishly look up and him as he hisses. “Ana don’t do that.” I flick the tip of his cock; licking up all of the semen trickling out and bat my eyelashes up at him. His hand tugs on the roots of my hair and I pin his hands above his head. “I’m going to make you cum so hard the only thing you remember is my beautiful eyes looking up at you.” I bite his earlobe and lick the sweet spot on his neck. His breathing accelerates and I grin so much I take a dangerously slow pace on him.

I suck him back into my mouth, bop my head up and down and watch his voice contort into powerful moans. “Oh my god baby.” I wrap my hand around him and pump his length as his eyes roll into the back of his head and I suction him around my mouth. He moans so damn loud it makes my insides flip.

Make those sounds even more baby...

Let me know how much you love this...

I move my hair over to my other shoulder and take him so deep I gag, but it’s so worth it because he sinks his head into the pillows. Oh fuck yeah! I stroke the sack of his balls, lick him up like a fucking lollipop until he moans loudly and I let him fuck my mouth until I’m choking on his dick. His hips buck and my panties drip in my own juices. This is so damn hot my nipples harden and the sounds coming from his mouth are heaven in a bottle. His muscles tense and his mouth forms into a deep ‘O’ as he blows his load inside my mouth and I shake my ass for full effect. He growls and removes my mouth from him; savoring up every inch of his delectable come. I wipe my lips of his delicious juices and rock my lower half against him as my wetness builds.

“Karma is a bitch.” He rasps out of breath. I lick my lips clean. “You like that baby.” I knead my labia into his dick. “Ana I’m going to get hard again because of your beautiful ass.” I kiss him hard and wrap my hands around his back. His hand cups my ass and lifts me into him as he slips my underwear to the side, I gasp. “Z-Zayn hold on.”

“What’s wrong baby?” He smirks. “Turn away.” I demand. “Why?” Confusion washes over his features. “I mean unless you want to watch me pull a tampon out.” He rolls his eyes. “Alright you asked for it.” I nonchalantly start pulling it.
“Okay! Okay!” He turns away and I laugh. I pull the string and release I loud howl as the pain rips through me.

Was it seriously all the way up in there?

“You okay?” He asks. “I’m...fine.” I pull the whole thing out a toss it in the trash. “Holy mother of lord that shit hurt.” I hold my aching womanhood. “I’ll make you feel better.” Zayn grins. “Oh I know you will.” I smirk and kiss his neck. I suck on it. “Jesus woman.” I grin. “Now where was that vacation?” I smile. “I think I found it.” I snake my hands around his neck and straddle his lap. “Don’t freak out.” He says nervously. “Okay...” I prepare myself for his answer. “I want to take you to Italy.” He says. My eyes bulge in their sockets.

“Italy?” I ask surprised. “I knew you wouldn’t want to go-“ I cut him off with a rough kiss to his lips. “I would love to go to Italy with you.” I smile. His eyes widen with shock and then he grins like a five year old. “Are you sure? I mean after the morning you’ve had-“ I put my finger on his lips. I don’t want to hear anything else about that hoe. “I didn’t want to talk about him. He can eat my ass for all I care.” I joke and Zayn breaks out into laughter. “What the hell am I going to wear?” I ask. I mean I live with Brit, but most my clothes are at the gym in the headquarters.

“You can wear my clothes.” He smolders and grips my hips. “As much as I love that idea. I need my own clothes.” I say. “I would prefer you in no clothes.” He shrugs. I shake my head at him and sigh. “Can I call Sally and ask her to pack me a bag?” I ask. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. I have to go my house to get some shit anyways.” He says. I place a soft kiss to his lips before walking out of the room. I don’t care if I am in underwear and his shirt. I need some ibuprofen before my head explodes.

“I want to name it Maximus or Iliana.” Brit says downstairs. I hide behind the wall to eavesdrop. “What about Anneli or Aubree?” Spencer suggests. A huge grin creeps in my lips as they go back and fourth over baby names. “What are you doing?” Zayn’s voice booms through the air and makes me jump.

“JESU-“ He covers my mouth and pushes me against the wall. “What the hell are you doing?” He asks me. “I was trying to get pain medication.” I slap my hand on my heaving breasts. “We’re you?” He flips me around so my stomach is against the wall. “Or were you trying to get me to chase after you?” He purrs in my ear and presses a finger on my clitoris.

“Z-Zayn I need ibuprofen.” A tiny moan leaves my lips as he rubs back and fourth and my head falls on his shoulder. “Let’s get it and back to what we never got to finish.” He whispers seductively. I smile into the wall and walk off towards the room as he slap my ass extremely hard. “Get in their sexy.” He smiles. An hour later were both laying in bed sweaty and out of breath from fucking endlessly doggie style.

I probably moaned so loud the paint peeled off the walls. “We should get going to my place so we can pack.” He says out of breath. I grin. “I still have nothing to wear.” I lean my head on his chest. “Lemme call Sally.” He reaches for his phone, but I yank his arm back.

Yes I’m clingy on my period...

Do I care?

No, no I don’t.

“We can call her later. I’m exhausted.” I laugh. He wraps his hand around my waist and tugs me towards him. “I think I know why.” He smolders. “I’m sure you do.” I snuggle my head against him and fall into a restful sleep.
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