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I bask in the sun with my gold bikini on and let the warmth from the sun heat my skin. The waves crash in the distance and the salty sea air fills my nostrils. I lay back against the white towel and put on my sunglasses to prevent from going blind. “You okay?” Zayn’s husky morning voice rings in the air. I didn’t want to wake him because he looked so peaceful wrapped up in the cozy blankets.

“Yeah.” I take a sip of water and shut my eyes to feel the cool breeze whip through my hair. Zayn shifts below me and picks me up to wear I’m resting against his chest. “You should wear that more often.” He kisses my cheek. “Wouldn’t you enjoy that?” I smirk. He wraps his hands around my waist and hoists me up. “Why did you let me sleep in when your out here all alone?” He asks. “I wasn’t alone and you were exhausted from last night.” I hear him sigh. “You always take care of me.” I turn my body around to face him. “I do it because I want too, not because I need too.” I lean against one of the chairs and soak up the Vitamin D.

I’ve been needing this. An escape from the world. Something to relieve all of the stress we’ve been under with this whole Nadia situation. Every time I hear her name I just want to throw something at whoever said it. “Brit’s calling.” Zayn picks up the call and I lean on his shoulder.

“Hey guys!”


“How’s the boat?”


“I hope you guys are having a better time then we are. We went to the doctor earlier this morning.”

“What did she say?”

“The baby is healthy, but considering the line of work we do I have to take maternity leave.”

“Take however long it takes.”

“Yeah. Spencer’s giving me shit about my baby names.”


“What was the name?”

“Maximus or Iliana.”

“Those are cute.”

“He doesn’t like them.”

“He’s a man. Of course not.”

“Hey I heard that!”

“You guys have fun in Italy. I’ll call to tell you the gender.”


Zayn ends the call and pulls me close to him. “That could be us one day.” He cups my cheek. “Yeah it could.” I cup his jaw and place a kiss to his lips. “Do you want that? Kid’s? Marriage?” He asks. I sit up and look deep into his eyes. “One day.” I answer. He grins and picks me up by my waist. “I want to be the one to give it to you.” My face is washed over with confusion. “Why wouldn’t it be you?” I ask stroking his black locks. “Sometimes I think that fate isn’t on my side.” He replies. “Fate has always been on our side. It doesn’t matter if were a thousand miles away from each other or were sleeping in the same bed.” I brush his hair from his forehead. “You sure?” He asks. “I’m positive.” I smash our lips together and tug his hair in between my finger’s. “I love you.” I place both of my palms on his face.

“I love you.” He combs his hands in my hair and I gently push him down on the floor. His hand travel’s down to my bottom and he pushes me further into him. I lift his shirt from his head and part our lips momentarily to lace his neck with kisses and nibbles on his earlobe. I bite his collarbone and suck on afterward, leaving a mark.

”O mio Dio piccola. (Oh my god baby.)” He moans out in Italian.

I travel kisses down his upper chest all the way down to his lower abdomen and stop just above the hem of his sweatpants.

”il mio turno. (My turn.)” I smile, but one of the worker’s knocks on the door outside the deck.

“Yes?” I ask softly. “Your breakfast is ready.” The waitress smiles. “Thank you.” I intertwine our hands as we walk across the deck and the smell of juicy bacon, Sugary French toast, buttery pancake’s and mouth watering gravy with biscuits invades my nostrils. “I’m starving.” Zayn chuckle’s as he pecks a kiss to my neck and pulls me into a chair with him. “Babe there’s another seat.” I whine. “I know. I just want to cuddle with you.” He smiles and grabs a piece of bacon. My eyes drool at the sight and I go to take a bite, but he pulls it from me. I give him scowl and go for it again, but he pulls it away and I end up being bent over his knee.

“You can’t tell me you didn’t do that on purpose.” I say and try to get up. “I like you bent over.” He grins. “Zayn you better pick me up right now before I punch you in the balls.” I threaten. My hair whips my face as he lets me sit up and I take a bite of bacon before he can take it away from me. “Feisty.” He smirks. “More like sassy.” I straddle his lap and grab another piece of bacon. “Open up.” I command. He goes to take a bite, but I take it from him. “Alright I see what’s going on here.” He says. I giggle and take another bite of food. “Imma get you back later.” He says. I grind my hips into his manhood and smirk. “I’d like to see you try.” I wrap my hands around his neck and comb my hands through his luscious locks.

His palm lands a hard spank to my ass and I squirm. “Completely and utterly unnecessary.” I grimace. “Karma is a bitch.” He smirks. Oh you want Karma... Okay, alright. I got Karma baby. I get up from my seat and walk into our bedroom and strip out of my bikini, into my red lace underwear and bra. You can look, but you can’t touch. Considering he loves this set he going to be all over my body. I grab his black dress shirt from the chair and go back outside. He gives me a look of confusion. “Karma really is a bitch.” I press my ass into his hard erection and slowly unbutton the dress shirt. “Fuck.” His eyes are on the top of my exposed breast and grind into him even harder as I undo each button.

The shirt drops to the floor and his eyes are huge as my breast perk from the push up of the bra. “You can’t touch.” I bite his ear lobe and press my labia into his pants. He let’s out a small moan as I kiss the sweet below his ear and rub my hand over his growing bulge. “Baby your killing me.” He grips my waist, but I grab his hands and pull them away. “You can just look.” I get up from the chair and turn around to where my ass is pressed fully against him and I slowly knead back and fourth.

He sucks in a breath and I let him touch my hips and I pestle myself into him even further. "This feels so good." He groans behind me and I smirk. I come to complete stop and he whimper's behind me. "Beg for me baby." I bite my lip in anticipation.

This is gonna be the best vacation ever...

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