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I struggled looking through the racks of gorgeous dresses galore and thousands upon thousands of heels flooding the closet. I threw shoe after shoe onto the floor, covering the carpet and thrashed through dresses I had no idea I even owned. "Babe do you need help?" Zayn chuckle's leaning against the doorframe. His muscular build making my underwear wet. "I can't find a damn dress."

I push back between two gowns and huff when neither of them even look good. "Babe I'm sure you'll look good in whatever you wear." He snake's his arms around my waist. "Baby that's not the point. I know I'll look good. I just have to have find something." He plants a kiss to my neck. "Go with silver one." He suggests. I take a closer look at the gown with one sleeve and diamond sequence throughout matching the satin silver shoes on the floor.


He packed the one I wore to the gala! "Did you purposely pack that dress?" A huge smile erupts on his face. "How did you even remember what I wore?" I turn around to face him. "Because that was the first night I met you. I couldn't take my eyes off you the entire night." His eyes drill a hole into mine with developing desire so great it makes something twist in my core. I wrap my hands around his neck to pull him closer when he pushes me against the wall and slams our lips together in paradise.

He lifts me up by thighs, peppering kisses down my neck all the way up to my lips and pins my hand arms above my head when I try to run my hands over his jaw. I get in an edge in edgewise though to knead my fingers through his soft hair and tug on the roots when he tilts his head back, giving my mouth the ability to attack his neck. His skin feels so silky beneath my touch that he shivers when my tongue contacts his sensitive skin. "You need to get dressed." He smashes our lips together once more with our tongue's colliding against each other. Groans fill the air above us, surrounding our bodies with heated passion. My stomach ignites with flames of deadly lust combined with the utter need of his lips on my body. "I just want your mouth on my body making me moan out your name." I gasp.

He growls as he takes one my breast into his mouth which my back arches as he flicks his tongue over the hard bud attached. My eyes roll into my head the harder he sucks his perfect lips around me and assault's my other breast in his hand, squeezing until a moan leaves my mouth. “Zayn.” A breathy groan escapes my lips.

My bones burst with electricity coursing through my veins that adds to the burning pleasure of his tongue circling my nipple, massaging it back and fourth with his skillful ways that make my labia pool beneath my sweats. "Mr. Thorne?" We hear a knock at the door. Zayn snarls, but keeps his focus on me the entire time crushing our bodies closer into the wall while smashing our mouths together.

"Mr. Thorne." The voice says urgently. I whimper when his lips leaves me skin. "WHAT!" He roars. "Your needed in the kitchen sir." He slams his hand against the wall. "Baby if you have to go. Go." I kiss his lips again. "I'm busy." He sighs. "Your busy groping me." I grin. "Exactly. I'm busy." He licks my earlobe. "B-Babe." I rasp. A heat between my legs throbbing for his touch.

"Forgive me Mr. Thorne, but it's urgent." He punches the wall. "Zayn you have to go." I cup his cheek in order to place a hard kiss to his lips and get down from my position on the wall. "This isn't finished." He whisper's in my ear. "I'm gonna make love to you tonight so hard you'll be sore in the morning." Butterflies invade my stomach.

"I'm looking forward to it." I bite his lower lip and walk back over to the gowns hung up. "Later baby." He smiles. "You got that right." I slap his ass. "Damn." He walks out of the room. A cheek-eating grin is plastered across my face while I strip out of my clothes and into the silver gown that Zayn loves so much.

Maybe it's because my ass is on full display in this pair of sexy lace underwear...

Little does he know I put on a black set instead of red that's gonna make him forget his own name tonight. I walk into the bathroom to put on a minimal amount of make-up consisting of mascara, red lipstick and foundation. Yeah I'm not all about baking your face with chemicals all day, everyday till it fucking falls off. I stroke my long ass lashes until their full with black vibrancy and apply the lipstick over my lips just enough to give it a blood signature. Walking out into our bedroom I grab a Bobby pin and tuck in a loose hair that slipped from my braided hairstyle, then spray it with some extra hairspray and walk out onto the deck. My breath catches in my throat at the beautiful scene laid out for my eyes to gawk over.

The edge of the boat has beautiful white lights strung up and around creating a walkway down the floor with at least dozens upon dozens of roses cascading around the railings. I walk down the hardwood deck until I turn the corner and my eyes fall out of their sockets. There’s a table placed in between the stairs and upper levels over looking the sea with a giant bouquet of roses in a vase surrounded by fine silver dining and rose petals flooding the floor. My breath leaves my body along with my eyes opening in absolute awe. I slightly turn my head to wear a huge red heart is placed on the wall with the sweetest words written.

“Angels and Devil’s always fight for me, but I want fight for you. My beautiful Angel, welcome to Italy.”

My heart leaps from my chest at the love covering the quote that makes my veins melt with growing desire for this man. “Do you like it?” His warm hands wrap around me under the shimmering moonlight. “I love it.” His eyes glow under the lights beaming down on us. “I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to show you my love and this is what came to mind.” He smiles. “It’s perfect.” He brings a rose from behind his back and puts it in my hand.

“You got me flowers?” His hands hoist me up slightly to where his lips capture mine. “The quote is beautiful.” I smile. His hands run through the fallen pieces of my hair. “That was very hard to come up with by the way.” A fit of giggles leave my lips. “I’m sure it was easy for you once you figured it out.” I press my palm against his warm cheek. “For you. Nothing comes easy, except you.” He locks our lips together passionately with radiating waves of love and lust flooding my senses. I string my fingers through his soft hair and groan softly into his mouth. “What did you plan for dinner?” I make my way to the table.

“Some Italian cuisine.” He grins. “You would obviously know Italian cuisine. Your Italian baby.” I joke. He pulls my chair out for me. “That dress is perfect on you.” I wink at him. “Just wait till later.” He visibly chokes on his spit. Soon the deck fills with the heavenly smell of cheese and delicious chicken Marsala. “For you Ms. Taylor.” The chef sets down two plates full of al dente noodles covered with red sauce and topped with cheese covered chicken. “It smells amazing. Thank you.” I thank him as he fills our glasses with wine.

Damn Zayn really knows how to treat a woman...

“Have a blessed night.” The chef bows and shortly returns to the kitchen. “Dig in.” He picks up his fork. “This is my favorite Italian dish.” I grin and cut off a piece of chicken.

“Ho pensato che fosse il piatto preferito di tutti. (I figured it was everyone’s favorite dish.)”

Oh my god that accent when he speaks Italian..

It makes my damn labia scream.

“se fosse il piatto preferito di tutti, finiremmo il pollo. (If it was everyone’s favorite dish then we would run out of chicken.)” I crack a joke.

He shakes his head at me and devours his food. It really is so damn good. The chicken is tender with the creamy sauce and the pasta adding a little amount of crunch to cleanse the palate. It’s just delicious all around. “I have something I want to do after we eat.” The boat comes to halt. “What’s that?” I ask. “It’s a surprise baby.” He smiles. His eyes dazzle with his words and twinkle below the tiny lamp on the table. Something churns in the pit of my stomach that makes my spine crawl.

After we finish eating the amazing food and drinking the fine wine, Zayn’s takes my hand in his. “Time for your surprise.” A devilish grin spreads on his mouth. “I’m frightened.” I smile and wrap my arms his torso. “Don’t be.” He leads me over to the stairs and we descend slowly until we reach the lower level of the yacht. “Here.” He hoists me up and sets me down on the dry sand. “Make sure you remove your shoes.” He unties his and removes his suit jacket that reveals his shredded chest.

“Your biting your lip babe.” I turn my head down in embarrassment. “Hey. I’d look at me too.” He laughs. I pinch his arm. “Not funny Zayn.” He pout. He takes my lower lip in between his teeth unexpectedly. I almost fall, but he catches me before I can nose dive into the boat. “Your surprise is almost here.” I intertwine our fingers as we walk down the sandy shore with water spraying out of the waves and into the developing sea-foam. The water slips in the crevices of my toes the further down we go from the boat making them shiver with delight of the cool breeze shaking through the palm trees. “Close your eyes.” His hands land on my closed lids as we stop abruptly in front of something. “Should I be worried?” I ask.

He removes his hands and once I open them my heart leaps out of me. “Brit!” I squeal. She crushes me into a huge hug which knocks the wind out of me. “Oh my god! Oh did you get here?” My eyes are light up like the Fourth of July with joy pumping in my veins. “Zayn scheduled us a flight the day you left.” She smiles with small tears leaving her eyes. “Baby! You did that!” I give him a dizzily, feet faltering kiss before he wraps his hands around my midriff. “Yeah I did. I wanted you have an amazing vacation did I?” He smirks. I can’t even stop the happiness keeping me afloat right now. He truly is the best man on earth.

“Hey girl.” Spencer’s voice rings in the open air. “You brought Spencer too?” My voice is ecstatic. “I love you.” He smiles. “You didn’t have to do that baby.” I stroke his cheekbone. “When I said I wanted to take the stress off of you I meant it.” He rubs soothing circles over my back. “Stress is definitely lifted.” I grin and kiss his lips once more. “How was the flight?” Brit holds her shoes in one hand and holds mine in the other. “It was good, but it was not without its challenges. Being pregnant takes a lot out of you.” The wind whips through our hair the farther our feet walk up the beach.

“Wanna talk about it?” I ask. “I’ve been trying to talk to Spencer about it, but it’s like the words just don’t come out the way I want them too and we get into small arguments over it.” She sighs. “No one said relationships would be easy.” I give her reassuring smile. “Definitely not. Though the goods news is that I know the gender of the little bundle of joy.” She smile profusely. “It’s a boy.” I squeal leaves my body as I jump and down in excitement. “Brit that’s great!” I grab her hand. “I want to name him Maximus Spencer Undad.” She smiles. “After his dad?” I smirk. “After the man I love.” She wraps her arms around my shoulders.



“How’s your vacation been with Zayn?” She asks. I bite my lip. “Oh yay good huh?” She jokes. “Oh you know just consistent s*x and fancy dinners and you know the causal cuddling now and then.” I stupidly grin. “So dirty.” She punch’s my arm. “Indeed.” I agree. “You ladies enjoying yourselves?” Spencer takes Brit’s hand. “We we are.” Zayn wraps his arms around my waist. “I want to be alone with you.” His breath tickles my ear. “Zayn and I will see you guys in the morning. There’s an extra room if you wanna stay awhile.” I smile against his chest.

“Yeah we will.” Spencer says. Zayn grabs my hand and takes me back to boat. Once we reach our room he pushes me against the wall and immediately unzips my dress. “Someone’s eager.” I smirk. His lips find my neck as he slips he his hands down into my underwear that make waves of pleasure ripple through me. “Moan for me Anastasia.” He flips me around and bends me over our bed. A cold wind hits my labia when Zayn slides my underwear down and spreads my legs wide forcing my core to heat with desire. He blows air over my sensitive area before I arch my back into heaven. “I want to hear you moan my name as I pound into so hard, they’ll hear you screaming from America.” He whispers.

Oh my god he’s being verbal during s*x.

Such a damn turn on.

My legs spread wider for him when he pushes my stomach into the covers and slips a single finger between my wet folds. “Ah!” I cry out. His tongue kisses my inner thigh as I start to squirm beneath him while he dangerously adds more pressure to my clit. “Oh my god Zayn.” A moan escapes my mouth when he kneads in his finger at devilishly slow pace, just milking my labia with my own juices and making heat pool in my throbbing walls. I squeeze around him when he inserts two fingers inside of me. “Ana don’t do that.” He hisses. My head falls back over my shoulders at the slow pleasure his fingers bring to my bursting core of flames. My hips start to move in sink with his fingers pulling in and out of my soaking labia.

Once his tongue connects with my clitoris, I’m a goner.

“Zayn!” I moan. He grips my hips to prevent me from moving as he tongue slips over my folds, making me drenched. “So damn wet.” He purrs. My ass goes up into the air at the loss of his touch releasing a whimper from my lips. I hear his belt unbuckle and his pants drop to the floor. My folds become even wetter, me legs failing me as my knees buckle under me, onto the mattress.

He thrusts his shaft inside of my tight hole spreading me to the max and pounding in so fast my head spins around in circles. His hand grips my throat while his finger traces circles over my aching clitoris. “Zayn!” I holler. My eyes roll into the back of my head as his dick hits something deep inside of me. His fingers applying more uncontrollable pressure to my clit then he already had.

My head lands on his shoulder when he picks me up and relentlessly pounds into me from behind against the rocking headboard. Waves of intense euphoria travel through my veins and electrify my bones the farther he sinks in. His shaft thrusts in and out feverishly pouring loud moans from my lips, followed by sharp cries when he flips me over on the bed and slams into my womanhood with full force.

Our lips lock together with pulsing tongues and powerful breathy moans filling the bedroom. “Zayn! Don’t stop! Baby!” I dig my nails into his back when he hits my G spot and my hips buck into him. “That’s it baby. Moan. Scream my name.” He thrusts in so fast my core hollers out with pleasure, my falls head back into the pillows and the intensity of his shaft brings my orgasm out of me.

He pounds in harder making each moan louder and my legs tremble on the bed when he sinks in so deep I scream. The paint peels from the walls, my screams filling the room once an irresistible orgasm that hits me hard and fast like a damn waterfall. My juices spill over his dick making my back arch into his chest and my core releasing the ecstasy inside of me. He rides out my orgasm longer thrusting faster and kneading so fast my senses go weak until he finally groans and blows his load all over my sweaty abdomen. He pumps himself until every single drop of semen leaves his hardened cock and he collapses on the bed next to me.

“I love you.” I lock our lips together and snakes his hands around me to pull me against him. “I love you so damn much it hurts.” He shoves me into his body that’s covered in sweat and wipes my hair from my forehead. Soon sleep blankets me and I drift off into a dreamless sleep with his arms surrounding me.
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