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42. ZAYN

Finally the damn doorbell rings. “Pizza for Thorne?” The delivery guys says. “Give me the shit.” I give him a thirty and slam the door shut and walk back into the living room where Sally and Ana are in an intense game of connect four. I only have two hours till my meeting so that’ll give me plenty of time to spend with my girl before I have to go.

Imma fucking cherish it...

“Pizza’s here.” I smile. Ana jumps from her seat on the floor and grabs plates from the kitchen. “Did you really need to slam the door?” Sally takes some pizza and places it on plate from Ana. “I waited over an hour for food, so yes, yes it was.” I clarify. Ana grabs pizza and takes a seat in my lap across from Sally. “He’s very hungry.” She giggles. “Hungry doesn’t cover it.” I glare. “It’s your turn again.” Sally gives a cheeky smile. “My turn.” I wrap my hands around Ana’s waist and tug her backwards. “BOOM!” I instantly make four in a row and do fake hand explosions.

“Aren’t you so sportsmanlike.” Ana flicks pizza sauce on my nose with mischievous smirk. “Babe.” I snatch her slice of pizza. “Hey! That’s mine.” She pounces on me and tackles me to the ground like a damn tiger.

Sheesh woman!

“Ana!” She wrestles the plate from my hands until I roll over to get an upper hand. “Do not take a hangry woman’s food.” She slaps my chest. “I’d steal something else if I didn’t have a meeting.” I lean down and give her a quick kiss on the floor. “You have to leave already?” She pouts. I pick her up from the floor and cup her cheeks. “I’ll be home before you know it.” I kiss her round lips passionately; tugging at her midriff and then ascend the stairs.

“He’ll be back honey.” Sally whispers. I race into the closet and grab an black suit because mafia people are fucking lunatics. “I love you!” Ana hollers. I grab the keys to the Lamborghini and kiss her goodbye. Thirty minutes fly by and I’m at some shady ass warehouse where any burglar can steal some shit and no one would ever find out.

Seriously Spencer?

Such an ideal location for Mafia lords...

“Hey boss.” Spencer flattens his tie. “Aren’t you just fucking fashionable.” I give him a smug expression. “Wipe that smug look off your face Zayn. I don’t feel like getting murdered tonight.” We walk through the doors and take a seat in some circle where everyone holds hands and sings Hallelujah. “Good afternoon Mr. Thorne.” Gonzalez shakes my hand. Of course this motherfucker would show up in a fucking white suit.

It totally contrast’s your eyes Virgin Mary...


Who invited Santa’s helper to the party?

“Mr. Fine.” I shake his hand and take a seat pressing my hands together. “I’ve diligently laid out a file of much needed information for you that I think you may want.” Gonzalez speaks up. He grabs a cigar and lights it up.



I should really stop smoking...

“Hand it over.” Spencer commands. Mr. Fine hands each of us a Manila folder with a novel inside. “Did you think to save the trees?” I ask. “The trees were already dead.” Gonzalez snorts on his cigar. “What do we have on Ms. Taylor’s former boss?” Spencer flips the page. I straighten up in my seat to at least look professional for this shit. “We know he has at least forty felonies ranging from sexual assault of, well sadly hundreds of women and another twenty felonies consisting of murder, burglary and one kidnapping of a child over ten years ago.” Mr. Fine says.


Talk about a criminal!

“Okay who the fuck decided to make him the head of an Assassination organization?” Spencer raises a brow. I quietly chuckle to myself.

Down doggie...

“The Crane family. They’ve been working with him over almost fifty years in order to bury this information, but not until Ms. Taylor almost figured it out.” My ears perk with surprise. “Come again?” I ask. “Ms. Taylor has been doing research on him since she started working there. She probably knew all along he was trouble, probably just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt until he shot you and Nadia paid him millions of dollars rape, kidnap and kill her.” He explains.

I grit my teeth knowing full well how he tried to do it. Rape my fucking woman? Oh hell no!

“Why the ambush on Brityn Long?” Spencer sets his jaw upright. “Nadia wanted her out of the equation so Zayn’s right hand man would get distracted by the real problem.” Gonzalez chimes in. “What fucking problem.” I pierce my eyes through Mr. Fine’s. “The problem around Ms. Taylor concerning some assassin named Cloak. Nadia has been fighting tooth and nail in order to find out her real identity.”

My jaw tenses as my body goes rigid. “What does that have to do with Anastasia?” I snarl and grip the edge of the chair. “Ms. Taylor works with a woman named Dagger. Supposedly she knows their real identities and Nadia wants it. They have unprecedented skill sets, un-calculated kills.” He clarifies.

I press my fist into the edge of my chin. “Cloak and Dagger?” Spencer furrows his brows and throws photos on the table. I take one in my hands as Ana’s face catches my eye. The photo looks awfully familiar considering it’s near the beach that wraps around my home. “What the fuck is this.” My fingers tremble over Ana’s glimmering blue eyes with her radiate smile on against the sand and colliding sea-foam. “That was taken a few weeks ago by unknown personnel.”

I rip the photo in half in a violent haste. “Is there something I should be aware of?” I ask. Gonzalez scrunches his nose. “There’s speculation going around that Ms. Taylor is the famous assassin Cloak.” I scoff. “The assassin who murdered the powerful English mafia lord?”

“That’s the one.” Spencer rubs his temples. “That’s not Anastasia. I mean she threw a knife clean across a room and hit the damn bullseye, yes, but I don’t think she would ever do that.” I lean back in my seat. “We shall see. Ms. Taylor has got unknown skills I’ve heard. If she can take out a mafia boss what’s stopping her from taking out Nadia? Or your father even if she is this supposed assassin?” Mr. Fine slaps his hands together and leans into the circle.

I don’t fucking appreciate your damn accusations towards my girlfriend thank you very much...

“I can’t see it. Ms. Taylor is too guarded for that line of work. I mean did you see the way she almost drew that gun on me to protect Zayn? Yeah no. She would rather protect herself and Zayn than risk killing a powerful mafia leader.” Gonzalez shakes his head.

He saw that?

Holy fuck...

“So what the hell do we do if Nadia keeps coming after Anastasia?” Spencer straightens his shoulders. “Let her believe Anastasia is Cloak. The more she comes after her, the more we’ll be revealed. If Nadia tries anything I’ll fucking gut her, then again Nadia is stupid and doesn’t plan accordingly.” I shrug.

I have no doubt Ana will kick her ass if Nadia comes after her...

Maybe if she does that’ll give me some peace of mind in this whole ‘Cloak’ situation...

Your putting Anastasia in danger to get the truth?” Spencer’s eyes widen. “Anastasia can defend herself. I know she can. She kicked my ass easily, but I’m still going to protect her. Nadia wants me and she’ll kill Ana in order to do it.” I explain.

I shouldn’t have too, but shit...

Nadia is insane if she thinks we’ll ever get married and have babies...

“What do we do about this boss? It’s said he’s broken out of prison and is coming for Ms. Taylor on orders from Nadia.” Gonzalez puffs smoke into his nostrils. “I can offer my men as aid. It’s been a while since the Italian and Spanish mafia’s joined forces. If Nadia truly wants Ana dead she has the resources to do so because I joined forces with her before realizing the actual situation. I can’t cut the damn deal for another year and I humbly apologize for that.” Spencer grits his teeth.

If this is a war to get an identity of an assassin and marry a mafia leader, how’s it going to end?” Spencer asks. “In blood. I’m going to do whatever it takes to protect Anastasia. She’s the only thing I have left.” I say. No one is going to lay a fucking finger on her as long as I’m breathing. “Brityn can’t join the fight. I won’t put my pregnant girlfriend in danger while she’s carrying my child. Not fucking happening.” Spencer growls.

I’ll set my men up at the gates at your fathers mafia crowning. Since he’s stepping down. You’ll need all the men you can get.” I nod my head towards Gonzalez who is inhaling fucking pneumonia. “That could give me plenty of time to transfer Nadia’s martial hand over to you.” I cross my legs. “Your father is having a dinner party soon for the future mafia leaders. Bring Anastasia.”

Shit I forgot to talk to Ana about that!


Can you set up your men on the east side of the house? That way if Nadia tries anything she’ll automatically flee there because it’s the safest part of the house.”

I’ll leave Brit with Sally in case all hell breaks loose.” Spencer unbuttons his suit jacket and leans into his seat. I slap my hands together over my dress pants. “I cannot promise anything to you Zayn except that I’ll help protect Anastasia. If she has the balls to draw a gun on me to protect you...she won’t hesitate to kill Nadia.” Gonzalez says.

We need to sanction defensive lines for Brit and Anastasia. That way if anything happens Nadia won’t find out where either of them are.” Spencer suggests.

I clear my throat. “Anastasia stays with me. Wherever she is, I am.” My stern tone leaving no for room argument. “Zayn you have to be careful. Anastasia is considered a threat to Nadia.” Spencer warns. “Like I said, Nadia is stupid. She won’t figure it out.” I smugly smile. “I won’t underestimate her, but I will keep an open mind. Now I have business to attend to gentlemen.” Gonzalez gets up.

“Good doing business with you.” I shake his hand. “Same to you Thorne.” I button my suit jacket and walk out of the building. “Have a good night.” Spencer waves. I start the car up and head home to my woman, who is probably worried sick about my well being.
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