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42. ZAYN

I close the door to my office as soon as I get there and dial Spencer’s cell. I needed a plan of action before shit goes wild and I get caught in the crossfire with Ana.

“Hey man.”

“Yo I need a diversion plan for Anastasia.”

“Is she there with you?”

“No. She’s training.”

“Are you sure it’s wise to keep her out of the loop?”

“If it’s her safety on the line, yes. She’s everything to me Spence.”

“I know, I know man. Alright what do you want to do?”

“I need a plan.”

“I can set up a business meeting strictly for the Spanish mafia.”

“Business. Nothing more. I need to get secret information on Nadia and the Crane family. What are they doing behind the mafia’s back?”

“Well let’s find out tonight.”

“I’ll call and set up the meeting. You take care of Brit and work on the guns. We made need them.”

“Be safe boss.”

I hang up and immediately and dial Mr. Gonzalez. He’s the head guy of the Spanish mafia and also the most intimidating motherfucker I’ve ever met in my life. Even though I’m pretty scary when I want to be, this bitch makes you pee yourself just at the sight of him. Good thing for me though, I'm not afraid of him.

“Why good afternoon Mr. Thorne.”

“Good afternoon Gonzalez.”

“What is the necessity of this prized phone call?” Can he sound any less enthusiatic?

“I would like to set up a business meeting.”

“What type?”

“One that’s concerns one of your accomplices, Nadia Crane and her family.”

“I have the information you seek, but what are you willing to offer in return?”

Was it with Mafia lords and exchanges?

“Nadia’s hand in marriage.”


“I’ll meet you at the club near the Empire State Building at nine pm.”

“Pleasure doing business with you.”

I’m pretty sure I was holding my breath the entire time during that call. Even though he is dangerous, he is also creepy as fuck. Now I have to dial Nadia’s father and tell him that her hand has been passed on to another man. You can’t have someone that is taken.

“Why isn’t it Zayn Thorne.”

“Hello Mr. Crane. I have some important information to share with you.”

“Please continue.”

“Nadia will no longer be marrying me.”

“May I ask why?”

I think I just gulped down a spit ball. Jesus I hate this asshole and his cocky fucking tone. Especially his daughter and her hihg-pitched annoying voice.

“I am in another relationship therefore her hand will be passed onto the Spanish mafia.”

“I see. Thank you for sharing this with me. She won’t be an...issue any longer.”

“Thank you. Please cancel any wedding plans.”

That’s enough damn phone calls for one day. I think I may have a hernia if I call any other snobby-nosed mafia leader today. I make my way downstairs as soon as Sally pulls into the driveway, but I make my way down the hallway. I need to spend some time with her since our damn vacation was interrupted by no other than miss egotistical herself. The door wheezes open when I put in my handprint and I enter to an Ana throwing a knife full speed at the target on the wall.


“Hey babe.” I grab an all black handgun from the wall. “I thought you had business to take care of?” She launches another dagger and it slices through the paper with a big bang. “Already taken care of.” I cock the gun and walk over to her. “Got room for two?” She smirks.

“Scared of getting stabbed by an airborne knife?” She twirls it between her two fingers. “I can handle you.” I smolder. “We shall see.” She flips the dagger in her hands and stand's in front of the sheet. Her eyes narrow with a menacing stature that can make anyone's hair stand up on the back of their neck. When I think she isn't going to throw the kinfe she launches it and hits the head. "Fucking shit babe." She walks over to the wall and grabs the other white handgun, slamming a magazine inside and cocking the chamber. “Couples practice?” She saunters over in front of me. “Try my mad shooting skills.” She bumps her hip into me.

“Watch and learn.” She aims the gun at the wall, concentration taking over her features. I have no idea when she’s gonna fire and when I think she isn’t gonna fire, I flinch once the bullet rings throughout the air. “Very cunning.” I smile. She runs her hand up my arm. “You try.” I roll my eyes and fire at the sheet with one hand. “Congratulations you just decapitated your elder.” She jokes. "I have a trick for one handed fire arms though." She grabs the gun from my hand points it at the sheet. "The closer you are, the farther the bullet goes through the human body." I nod my head. "Maybe we should test that theory." She eyes me suspiciously. "In what way?" She raises a brow. "Couples fighting." Before she can protest I spin her around so fast she falls into me. "Oh so you want to get your ass kicked is what your telling me."

Uh oh...

She stomps on my foot which releases my grip and twists my arm around my back painfully. Her strength pins me against the wall faster than I can even blink. "Well shit." I rasp out. "Still wanna go?" She asks. I bring my elbow back to hit her nose, but she dodges and swings a mean punch to my jaw.

Jesus fucking Christ!

I stand my ground and wait for her to charge at me, but her eyes turn expressionless and her body still’s. She stays completely frozen in time until I turn my gaze away for one second and she swings her legs around my neck and spirals across my abdomen till my body falls onto the floor and she holds a knife to my neck. "Shit." She gives me a demeaning grin. "Gotcha ya." She throws the knife down and backs away. She looks so damn creepy when she fights because I have zero idea when she's gonna strike. Those blue orbs turn into a void of nothing and that demeanor of her's makes my fucking breath tremble.

Like okay snake...

"Go ahead." She waves in front of her. She's seriously testing my sanity right now. I stand in front of her and throw a punch, but her right arm meets my fist lightening fast and blocks it as soon as it came. I throw another, yet still miss and this time she uncrosses the shield she put up and uppercuts me right in the face with a swift kick to the jaw.

Holy fuck babe.

I can feel iron rise from the back of throat. "Still wanna go?" She sensually walks up to me and places her hands on my chest.

Okay now she's just toying with me...

"I think my jaw is broken." I attempt to smile. "Fucking A." She runs her hand along my bruised chin. "I'm sorry babe." Her finger barely touches my skin, but the pain there is throbbing. "I think you might need a doctor." She examines my face tenderly. "I feel really bad now. I just broke my boyfriend's jaw." She sighs. "I'm fine." Mother of god it hurt's to even talk. "You promise?" She asks. Her eyes returning with sincerity. "Yeah baby I'll be fine. This isn't the first time I've been punched." I chuckle, but wince in pain. "Not funny." She slaps my chest.

"Why there you two are." Sally's voice makes me jump. "SALLY DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT!" I try and holler. Ana giggles in my arms. "Your dinner has been served you ungrateful ass." Sally gives me a glare. "It's already dinner time?" Ana's eyes go wide. "You've had quite the busy day. Come eat." Sally leaves us in silence. "How about a movie night tonight?" I tug her waist. "Sounds amazing." She connects our lips and just like that I'm under her spell once again.
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