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Zayn’s phone vibrates on the counter like a damn crazy madman until I pick it up and look at the screen. “Babe Spencer’s calling!” I yell from the dining room. He runs in and snatches his phone of the counter.

“Hey man.”

Sally hands me the salad bowl filled with mixed berries and fresh greens to mix together with a special dressing that she refused to share with me. “Must be serious.” Sally points at Zayn who is squeezing the back of his neck until his knuckles turn white and his voice booms in the air.

“What the fuck do you mean! It was supposed to be a suggestion not a fucking done deal!”

It sounds pretty serious if he’s growling and yelling at the phone as if Spencer was here in person. “Make sure the blackberries are mixed with the lettuce.” Sally hands me a whisk. “Thanks.” I whip the salad up until a strawberry flies in the air. “Aye chill!” Sally laughs. “Sorry ma’am.” I smile.

“Tonight! Why tonight! I’m supposed to be with Anastasia tonight! I fucking promised her!”

His voice sends shivers up my spine.

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do? Break my promise to her? I can’t fucking do that to someone I love!”

“He’s definitely grumpy.” Sally tries to ease my anxiousness, but then Zayn hangs up the phone and throws it on the floor, almost shattering it to a thousand pieces. “Hey!” I run over to him and place my hands on his bruised face. My fist really did a damn number to his poor jaw.

Never training with my boyfriend ever again...

“Ana I don’t want to hurt you. I’m angry and want to break something.” His nose flares with steam and his eyes darken into a black void. “Zayn you won’t hurt me. No matter how angry you are.” I squeeze his trembling body in mine to calm him down, but he shouts so loudly it makes my ears ring.

At least he screamed and didn’t throw something...

“Baby look at me.” I grab his face and force him to look at me in the eyes. “Talk to me. What’s wrong.” I wrap my arms around his torso to ease him. He looks ready to pounce on a bitch. “It’s fucking Spencer.” He growls and balls his fist together. “Tell me.” I swipe my thumb under his penetrating eye bags.

My man needs rest...

“We have a damn business meeting tonight that came outta nowhere and now I have to break my promise to you and it’s killing me.” He confesses. “We can go together.” I give him an authoritative eye. “Babe it’s a mafia meeting. There will be dangerous people and I don’t need you getting hurt.” He scolds with worry flashing through his eyes. “When are you going to realize that we’re in this together?” I ask. “When are you going to wake up and not see me as some damsel in distress?” Hurt flashes in his blue orbs as he sighs deeply and runs a hand in his thick hair. “I’m sorry I just-I just don’t want to lose you.” He slams me into his body tightly.

“How many times do I have to tell you that your not gonna lose me? How many times do I have to tell you that I can protect myself? How many fucking times do we have to do this same song and dance until you open your eyes and remember your dating an assassin?” I pierce my blue eyes through his. “I haven’t forgotten. I’m just fearful of you being in my world.” He shuts his eyes. “Well guess what? I’m not afraid. I’ve never been afraid of your world because you’ve never afraid of mine. Either we go together or we don’t go at all.” I declare. He opens his eyes with hesitancy.

“You really mean that?” He wraps me up in his arms and hoists me up until I wrap my legs around his torso. “Of course I fucking mean it. We’re in this together. Always. Till the end.” His face lights up with a small smile. “I love you so much. Your so brave and I’m so damn afraid. I’m a fucking coward.” He looks down. I pick his head up. “You are far from a coward Zayn. I love you. Don’t you ever say that again.” I grip his bruised jaw. “I promise.” He places a kiss to my lips so passionately I almost fall down, but he grabs my back and slips his tongue through my lips. I comb my fingers in his hair as he groans into my mouth and rests my back against the sofa. I pull his neck down into me while keeping our kiss together and tearing at his suit jacket. “Fuck first then we go to the meeting.” I giggle.

“Sally can you leave for a second?” My face heats up with embarrassment. I completely forgot she was here! “I would every much like to leave while you kids fuck each other’s brains out.” She bellows a huge roar of laughter. “SALLY!” Zayn says horrified. I fall into the couch with a bright red face. “Oh my god your unbelievable.” Zayn smacks his forehead and leans into me. “Where were we before I had to scold ‘my mother’?” Zayn laughs. I grab his face to answer his question and moan deeply into his mouth while he lifts my shirt over my head and I tear at his pants. “Easy killer.” He chuckles. I slam my lips into his and shove his briefs down with his pants. He rips my underwear from my lower half and rams into my labia with such force the impact makes my hips buck into him and he sinks even deeper.

“Zayn!” I holler. He picks up the pace without wasting any time and pounds into me like the relentless godly man he is. My mouth falls open, letting the moans flood the air and my eyes fall backwards into my skull. He pulls my hair and flips me over the couch to where he can go in from behind and make me weak with the flick of his tongue. “Beg for it baby.” He whispers in my hair and milks his fingers with my juices. “Zayn please.” He adds pressure to my clitoris which invariably makes me arch my back as he sinks in deep and I moan loudly. He covers my mouth to prevent me from startling Sally, but I don’t give a shit. “Milk this cock baby.” He groans into my ear when he shoves himself deep in my walls.

I heavy moan escapes my lips as he grips my hair and hips and pounds in from behind making my entire body electrified. “That’s it Anastasia.” They way he says my name makes my toes curl while he pulls out and slams into me harder and faster each time making moans fill the room and his heavy breathing match my racing heart. “Zayn d-don’t stop!” I scream when my orgasm slaps me in the face and makes my legs shake feverishly. He rams in once more before he releases inside me and falls into my body. “I love you.” I turn slightly to kiss his lips and gain some balance I’ve lost because of his heavenly man. “You know I love you more.” I smile against his lips. He flips me around and pushes his body into mine. “Now we can go to that meeting.” I giggle.

He lifts me from the couch and hauls ass up the stairs until we enter his room. “Our room.” He sets me down and smashes our lips together once more. “You need a new suit.” I dig my nails into his back as he squeezes my ass against the wall. “Wear the black dress.” He breathes heavily. “Take me to the closet. He doesn’t waste a second lifting me up and taking me into our wardrobe. “See you outside.” He kisses my lips and leaves me in silence to get ready.

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