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45. ZAYN

“Happy birthday beautiful.” I caressed my thumb back and fourth over her sleeping form in nothing, but my shirt and lace underwear. The horizon dims down beneath the hills, creating an orange silhouette over her face tat makes the tan glow. “Ugh.” She groans and rolls over. It’s a good thing I brought water and Advil after we got stupid drunk last night and Brit had to take us home. “Hey take this.” I block out the sunlight blaring through the curtains so she can open her eyes.

“Best boyfriend ever.” She stretches her limbs out before taking the medication and washing it down. “Happy birthday.” I smile. “Don’t remind me. I’m officially twenty seven now and I gotta tell you, it doesn’t feel great.” I lift the blanket and snuggle in next to her. Her body fits right into mine perfectly. “Babe I’m almost thirty two.” I give a her a deadpan look.

“Shit your old.” She laughs. Oh that laugh is music to my ears. I don’t know why I thought keeping her away from my world was a good idea, when she almost killed a mafia leader to protect us, but I guess I was afraid. Afraid of losing the one good thing in my life. “Still hot and sexy though.” I smirk. She nuzzles her head into my chest. “My hot and sexy man.” She tugs me closer to her by my neck.

I think I got hard when she said ‘my hot and sexy man’....

“What do you want to do today? It’s already four in the afternoon.” Her eyes go wide as she bolts up. “I slept the whole day!” She shrieks. “Ana it’s fine. We were both exhausted.” I grab her waist and slide on top of her. Her back falls against the mattress as I spread her legs wide. “Damn I like this position.” She trails her fingers up my abdomen tracing every shape and form of it until her fingers remember the exact outline. “Ana don’t do that.” I tiny giggle leaves her lips.

“But I want too. It’s my birthday so if I want to grope my boyfriend, then guess what? Imma do it.” She pushes me onto the bed, flipping our positions and kissing the daylights out of me. My nails dig into her hips when she slips her tongue between my lips and twirls them together softly. “Okay if you wanted to do that you could’ve just said so.” My breathing sharpens when her mouth comes into contact with my V-line. “Ana, I don’t need Sally hearing my moans from across the hall.” She gives me a innocent smile.

“Wouldn’t that be something to hear.” She licks my earlobe and bites the skin on my neck.

Definitely gonna have a hickey tomorrow...

“Babe.” Her hair falls on my stomach as she plants kisses down my chest all the way down to my lower half and makes small moans escape. She yanks down my pants and boxers with one hand while keeping on hand in my heaving chest.

Okay so that’s what you wanted to do...

You could’ve told me to drop my pants and I would’ve...

“Oh my god.” My head falls into the pillows when her finger starts to stimulate the tip of my dick and massages my aching erection. “I want you to remember what my mouth feels like around your hard cock.” She whispers in my ear.

I’m so turned on right now my dick just sprang to life in the most painful way possible...

That dirty mouth of hers is going to get her in trouble...

“I want you to moan my name so loud it makes my libido wet.” Her tongue runs over the tip of me and I’m gone.

Mother of lord that tongue...

Claim me baby...

Her tongue licks over the sensitive area near my balls as she rubs her hand over the tip which makes her hand wet with pre-semen.

Alright that’s just teasing...

She flicks her tongue over the top and soon enough she takes my cock fully into her mouth. “Holy fuck!” Her face fills with blush when she begins to pump me up and down while moving her head up dangerously slow. “Ana oh my god.” I fist my hands in the sheets while she stimulates my balls and I can’t even think straight. I pull the roots of her hair in my hands, forcing her take me deeper into her throat until she’s gagging.

“ANA...JESUS..FUCK!” A loud moan leaves my mouth as she bops her head faster and faster until my eyes roll into the back of my head. Her tongue licks up and down until my legs are shaking and she smiles sheepishly up at me. “Babe don’t do that. You know what that does to me.” She bats those irresistible lashes at me and suctions her mouth around me. My core sets itself on fire while her mouth continuously sucks me up and down.

My hips buck up when she flicks her tongue the tip once again and my orgasm is like a damn tsunami when she takes me so far into her throat that my back arches and my semen shoots into her throat. “FUCK!” My moans rattle the walls until she comes to complete stop and straddles me. She sexily wipes her lips clean of my semen and grinds her bottom into me licking the rest from her middle finger. “That’s hot.” She runs her hand up my chest.

“That just a taste of what we’re gonna do later.” She takes my bottom lip between her teeth. “I can imagine you sucking my dick all night long.” I push her body into mine. “I know you do.” She gives me a kiss and jumps off the bed. “I’m hungry.” I leap from the mattress and pick her up bridal style just because I want too. “You just ate.” I kick the door open and head down the stairs. She glares at me, but then rolls her eyes. “I want Alfredo.” She hops down from my arms and bounces into the kitchen.

“I have no idea how to even cook.” She grabs my hand and leads me over to the cabinet. “No better time than the present.” She smiles. I wrap her up in my arms. “I have something to give you first.” I smile. “Baby! I said no gifts! I just want you!” Even though that made my cheeks heat up, I still have a present to give her. Actually I’ve working on it pretty much since I met her beautiful ass. “Technically it’s not a gift because I already had something in the works for you.” I throw her over my shoulder as a loud squeal leaves her lips.

“Is this absolutely necessary?” She almost falls backward when I set her down. “ is.” I grab a long black jewelry box from under the coffee table and put it in her hands. “I don’t want anything for my birthday.” She pouts. “Anastasia just open it.” I force the gift in her hands and lean into her body. “It better not be a snake or I’m killing you.” A small laugh fills the room.

“You’ll have to open it to figure it out.” I smirk. Thanks to Brit I found out the exact birthstone that Ana’s has.

Yes I’m sneaky...

“Pandora?” She asks. I nod my head for her to continue opening the box. Once she does her eyes widen and her breathing completely stops.

Damn is it that good?

“It’s beautiful.” She runs her finger over the infinity necklace with both our birthstones in it. “I had no idea what to get you and then I asked Brit what your birthstone was. I wanted to put mine and yours in an infinity symbol because that’s how much I love you.” I explain. Her eyes glaze over with tears. “Zayn I-I love it.” She wraps her arms around me.

Tears fall down her cheeks as she nuzzles her head into the crook of my neck and undoes the wrapping. “I meant it when I said I loved you. I love you now and if there is life after this, I’ll love you then. Forever.” She smashes our lips together and sets down the box. Her palms cup my cheeks while and hoist her into my arms. I squeeze her waist in my grip firmly before gasping out air from our deep kiss. “This is best present I’ve ever gotten for my birthday.” She sniffles.

I wipe the tears from her cheeks and smile. “I’m glad you love it.” She takes it from the box and takes the sticker off before unclasping the lock on the chain. “Here.” I grab it and re-clasp it around her neck before lifting her chin. “Happy birthday baby.” She caresses my jaw before giving me a dizzy kiss.

Suddenly her phone goes off. “Babe who’s that?” She scans the screen and then picks up. “Brit?” I bring my eyebrows together. “What is it?” I whisper. Ana shrugs her shoulders together.


“Umm okay why?”

“Oh alright we’ll be there.”

“What time?”

“6:30? Okay thanks.”

She sets her phone on the end table and puts her hands on my shoulders. “Looks like we have a birthday dinner to go to. Alfredo will have to wait.” She grins. I comb my fingers throw her long hair. “Uh oh. Where?” She shakes her head. “Torino's Italian Restaurant.” She smacks her head on my shoulder blade. “Does that mean I need to put a suit on?” I groan.

“No baby we can just go casual. I’ll put on some skinny jeans with a plain shirt, leather jacket and converse.” She wipes the hair from my face. “I’ll just change my shirt.” I pick her up from the couch and she wraps her legs around my torso. “What shirt do you need?” I put her on the ground of our closet and her hands travel through the racks of clothes. “I’ll wear this one.”

She wasn’t kidding when she said plain...

It’s basically white with black shooting stars racing on the front.

“Simple.” I tug a black shirt from the rows of shit in this wardrobe and turn back to her pulling on her black skinny jeans. “Tight.” I take her shoes off the shelf. “I’ll meet you down stairs.” I give her a quick kiss. “Take the Ferrari!” She yells.

Why do we need to take the damn Ferrari?

I grab the keys anyways and hop into the drivers seat. Soon enough Ana jumps into the car with her tiny backpack purse thing and buckles her seatbelt. “Ready?” She rubs her thighs together.

Why is it so damn cold in this car?

I drive down the driveway and haul ass down the road until we finally reach the run down restaurant and park next to Brit’s white Lamborghini. “Looks like their already here.” I open the door for Ana and grab her purse. “Brit only shows up in the best.” Ana rolls her eyes and intertwines our fingers. I open the oak double doors covered in some dusty shit and Spence waves us over. We walk past the front patron and take a seat in the ripped up leather booth.

“Couldn’t have picked an any less ideal place for dinner?” I wrap my arm around Ana’s shoulder. “It’s the closest place without going downtown and getting all dressed up.” Spence says. The waiter gives us all a menu. “What would you like to drink?” He picks up a pen. “A bottle of your red wine and a tall glass of lemonade.” Brit answers.

“How’s the baby?” Ana asks. Brit leans her head on Spence’s shoulder. “It’s exhausting. I can barely get any sleep and it’s not even been two months yet.” She groans. “Welcome to mother hood.” I smile. “I have zero idea how to help.” Spence admits. “It’ll get easier I think once you get closer to the due date. Grant it, you’ll probably want to stab your eyes out and sleep all day, but it’ll be worth it once he’s born.” Ana encourages.

The waiter quickly opens the bottle of wine and gives Brit her drink. “Ready to order?” He asks. “We’ll have chicken parmigiana and breadsticks.” Brit smiles. “And can I have a straw?” She asks. He hands her one and writes down our order before taking off again. “Get anything for your birthday?” Spence asks. I kiss the top of Ana’s head.

“Zayn got me an infinity necklace with both of our birthstones in it.” She blushes. I kiss each knuckle on her hand before taking a sip of this bougie ass wine. “Sleep the whole day?” Ana’s face heats even more.

She sucked my cock this morning...

I take another sip of wine and put the glass down. “Zayn and I were basically making out before you called us.” Brit spits her lemonade out. “GIRL! TMI!” Brit coughs. “You ask, you shall receive.” Ana smirks. “I’m having a hard time figuring out pregnancy s*x.” Spence admits. I snort. “Just do it from behind.” This time Ana chokes on her wine. “Don’t give him any ideas Zayn.” Brit scolds. “I can barely move as it is without his dick making it worse.” I laugh into Ana’s shoulder.

“Stop fucking each other so hard.” Ana smolders. “Anastasia!” Brit shrieks. “I know how it feels. The way the headboard rocks against the wall.” Ana takes a sip.

I’m interested...

“The way he probably stretches you so damn far your eyes widen.”

I’m liking this...

“And most likely how he pounds into relentlessly until you can’t walk in the morning because your so sore.”

Okay I’m coming in my pants...

“I GET THE PICTURE ANA!” Brit hollers. It’s a good thing we’re in a far corner where no one can hear us. Spencer falls over laughing while Ana has a huge smile on her face. “Nice.” I whisper in her ear. “You like the way I explained it.” She gasps when I unbutton her pants. “You really want me to come in front of them.” She grabs my hand. “Yes I do.” I push my hand into her underwear and graze her clit.

She immediately bites her lip to stifle a moan. “Ana you okay?” Spence asks. Ana gasps out as I knead my finger back and fourth over her sensitive clitoris. “Y-Yeah I’m fabulous.” She squeaks. I sink a finger inside of her and thrust inwards making her cry out. “Girl you good?” Brit asks. Ana slams her hand on the table. “Yup everything’s great.” She gives them a thumbs up.

I brought a vibrator babe...

She digs her nails into my skin when I turn on the vibrator and her eyes dart to mine. “Are you insane?” She heavily rasps. “I’m perfectly fine.” I give her an evil grin and push two fingers inside of her tight walls. I graze her with the vibration near her clit and run it up and down until she clawing at my arm. “Zayn stop.” She squeezes her eyes together.

“Ana are you sure your okay?” Spence asks. Ana grabs my arm, but I thrust hard into her and her head falls on the table. Her walls clinch around my fingers and her clit pulses fiercely against my hand.

Fingering at its finest ladies and gentlemen...

“I uh-I’m g-good.” Her hips buck when I up the volume and place it near her wet folds. “Babe.” She tugs on the hem of my shirt. “You want to come?” I ask her. Her thighs tremble. “Or do you want my cock to sink deep inside of you?” Her eyes shoot open. “We’re in a damn restaurant.” She tries to frown, but ends up moaning the faster I thrust into her. “Z-Zayn.” She locks our lips in order to be quite, but I just knead in even harder and stimulate her sensitive bud with the burning vibration.

“Oh my god.” Her walls tighten around my fingers as she soaks my fingers with her rippling orgasm and her head falls into the seat. “That’s it baby. Come all over me.” If we weren’t in front of hundreds of people I’d fuck her right here, right now.

Happy birthday beautiful...

“Don’t do that again.” She gasps. I keep the vibrator on to drag out her euphoria while she downs the rest of her wine. “Happy birthday.” I smile. “I need fucking vodka.” She takes my drink. “Babe.” I try to take it back. “That’s what you get for fingering me in front of god and everybody.” She tips her head back and downs it.

That shit was disgusting anyway...

“Here you go.” The waiter sets the food down on the table and leaves as soon as he came. “Happy birthday Ana.” Spence says. “Thanks.” She takes a bite of food.

I’m not hungry, but I’ll eat to be nice...

“Wanna beer instead?” Spence smirks. “Look here you asshole.” I threaten him with a fork. “That was one fucking time.” I growl. “What’d I miss?” Ana asks. “I accidentally split beer on my food one damn time and this dick wad won’t let me live it down.” Spence busts out laughing. “It was funny.” He says between laughs.

“You could’ve spilt it on yourself.” Brit winks at Ana.

The fuck?

“Ass wipe.”

“Chicken shit.”

“Pussy lover.”

“Dip shit.”

“Cow looking head ass.”

“Pig nose.”

Alright bitch we can go all damn day...

“Both of you are ridiculous.” Ana shakes her head. “You like it when I’m like that.” I smile.

“Dude!” Spencer yells.

“Shut the hell up you vagina stretcher.”

“Okay ass spreader.”

“Listen here you little motherfucker.”

“Okay then judge Judy.”
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