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“Have a good night guys.” I give Spencer a bone crushing hug and kiss Brit’s developing belly. “Happy birthday sis.” She tries to give me tight hug without crushing her belly. “Take care of her.” I tell Spencer. “I will.” Zayn opens the car door for me. “I want to drive.” I cross my arms.

“Babe I can drive.” He he waves to the seat. “Get your ass in the passenger seat. I’m driving.” I flip my hair in his face and snatch the keys. “Well shit.” He shuts the door to the car. A huge smirk crosses my lips as I put the keys in the ignition and the car roars to life.

“Don’t kill me.” He says. I give him a deathly glare and drive off at full speed down the street, passing through the zipping buildings and small strip malls. I roll down the window to let the racing wind envelope my hair, and cool down my heavy breathing from pacing adrenaline. “Someone certainly knows how to drive a sports car.” He smirks.

I take an extra sharp turn towards our house and stomp on the gas until I whip us into the garage and turn the car off. Zayn’s holding onto his chest as I open the car door and walk into the house. “I think my boxers flew out the window.” I laugh out loud from the kitchen and open up the fridge.

I want something sweet.

“Whatcha getting?” He encircle’s his arm around my waist. “I want some of Sally’s cake.” I grab the big foil covered Pyrex pan and yank off the wrapping to reveal the awesome silhouette frosting Sally did. I think it’s some flower pattern with colorful roses, but I can’t make it out. “Here ya go.” He grabs a knife and slices a piece of cake. “You want one too?” I grab a plate from the top of cabinet. He shrugs his shoulders and puts the foil over the pan.

I put the pan back in the fridge and hop on the couch with the remote. “Annabelle Creation.” I smile. He strips his shirt off from his chiseled torso and wraps me up in his arms.

What’s Annabelle Creation?

The fact that you took your shirt off though...

Oh my salvia gland is just pouring....

I’m biting my lip so bad right now it might bleed, but quite frankly I’d rather stare up at him all day if I get to look at that damn sharp jawline mixed with those deep sea orbs which make my labia wet. “What are you gawking at?” He smolders.


If I wanna eye-fuck you then imma do it...

“I would tell you that I’m mesmerizing your sexy ass, but now...” I roll my eyes over to the other side of the room until he yanks me on top of him. “Babe the cake!” I grab the plate before it shoots up into the air and splats on the floor. “I don’t give a shit about the cake.” He grabs my chin and locks our lips together roughly before squeezing my ass and lifting me onto his body.

If you wanted me on top of you could’ve just...

My thoughts are stopped short when he slips his hands inside my jeans and grazes my wet folds. “B-Babe.” I grasp the arm of the sofa with a tight grip before leaning my head back as he strokes his finger back and fourth over my libido.

I love birthdays...



A moan secrets from my lips the harder he rubs along my folds and moves up to press on my clitoris. “Z-Zayn Sally can come in here at any m-moment.” I grab his arm, but that doesn’t work because he thrusts two fingers in a flash of any eye and my eyes slam into their sockets. I push my chest onto his to slam our lips together and rip my jacket from my shoulders as he hoists me up with my shirt. His eyes bulge at my lace bra that just so happens to be sheer.


Enjoy the view baby...

“Jesus lord Ana.” I straddle his lap enough to where my legs are positioned on the sofa and slowly remove my bra from my breast until his mouth falls wide open with drool. I grip his jaw and lick my tongue sexily over his strained neck. “Like what you see.” I bite his ear lobe and he flips us over immediately ravishing my naked form below him. His mouth attacks my breast viciously while his hands travels down to my labia and powerfully stimulates my wetness.



Don’t stop!

“I’m gonna praise you like the goddess you are.” His forefinger and index finger trace circles over my hardened nipple that ignite my core with desire and twist my mind into incoherent knots. “Your so damn beautiful.” His lips place kisses over my neck all the way down to my pelvis that leave burning goosebumps all over my skin.


My breathing becomes raggedly uneven while my upper half squirms under him when his sultry of a tongue meets my clit. My hips buck into him as his tongue dangerously rubs in between my folds and completely soaks his fingers. “Already wet and ready for me.” He growls and digs his fingers into my hips to keep me from moving.

His tongue is drive me fucking crazy!

Oh who am I kidding!

I’m insane for this expense hunk of meat!

His teeth nibble on my inner thigh and suck the skin there, leaving a mark. “Your mine. All mine.” A moan escapes my lips at his words until his tongue meet my folds again and licks my juices right off of me. He inserts his devilish fingers inside my walls; thrusting until my eyes shut and my mouth fills the room with loud moans.

The way he plunges those fingers inside makes me want to come already...

My core squeezes and my walls tighten around him the faster he kneads into my expanding walls that become instantly drowned in my juices once my orgasm peaks and floods my mind like a tsunami tearing through an entire continent. My labia throbs for his hardened cock so bad it’s killing me.

“You want this?”

His hand grips my jaw. I nod my ferociously and tug at his jeans. I finally get them off before he lines up with my entrance and flicks his cock between my legs. A gasp leaves my lips the longer he continues this painful process to where my labia begs for his touch. “Zayn please. Stop teasing me.” I try to move my hips upward, yet he instantly pushes in and fully stretches me without a hint of hesitation.

This is what I call a birthday present...

Awe yeah!

He slowly pulls out and then thrusts back in hard hitting something deep inside of me. “Moan for me Anastasia.” I wrap my legs around his lower half to keep him inside, but somehow he manages to pull out and then slam back in. My head falls backwards into the sofa as the takes full control and relentlessly pounds into me so hard I know I’ll be sore tomorrow.


I holler out as he lifts my hips and sinks in further. My eyes roll into my skull when his finger meets my clit and rubs circles around it. “Ah!” A moan escapes my lips when he captures them and cups my jaw in the process. “I fucking love you. Don’t ever ever fucking forget it Anastasia.” He growls as I dig my nails into his back and he thrusts vastly until my walls squeeze around him and my core bursts into flaming fires spreading down to my curling toes and leaves goosebumps rising upon my bare skin.


He groans loudly as he rams into me super fast one last time and his semen floods into me. I grab his lips feverishly with trembling legs and an arched back in pure ecstasy. “I love you.” I gasp to get air, but the loss of his warm lips apart from mine makes me whimper.

I’d rather loose a thousands breaths than breaths once if I got to kiss him forever...

“Happy birthday gorgeous.” Sweat covers his muscular chest as my hair clings to my neck. “Best birthday ever.” I smile with panting breaths. His lips land on mine once again before pulling me even closer to him and snuggling his legs with mine. “I love you so much.” He gives me a kiss to the neck.

“I love you mor-“ My eyelids become so heavy I can’t even finish my sentence. His arms cuddle me into his torso and I snuggle my head into his chest before he takes the blanket from the back of the couch and covers both of us.

Sweat or no sweat I’ll give anything to sleep in his arms for the rest of eternity...

Happy fucking birthday to muah...
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