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47. ZAYN

The chicken sizzles in the frying pan as soon as I toss it in and Ana breaks the fettuccine in half. “First meal your ever made was fried chicken?” She asks. “Not exactly.” I grab a pair of silver tongs from the drawer when the door bell rings. “Who in the hell is here at one in the afternoon?” Ana face contorts into confusion.

About to find out...

I walk through the large foyer and look at the peak hole.


It’s Nadia!

What the hell is she doing here?

I swing the front door open with glaring eyes. “Good afternoon Zayn.” The Botox in her face becomes prominent when she smiles. “What the fuck are you doing at my house while my girlfriend is home? Why are you here period?” I open the door wider to reveal Ana in the kitchen.

“I came by to drop off an Invitation from your father and ask that you attend the event with me.” She crosses her arms with a menacing eyes.

If only they terrified me which they don’t...

“Yeah no not happening if any one is going with me it’s Anastasia.” I blankly respond. “Of course you would go that whore of a woman.” She scoffs. “Get the hell off my property if you’re going to insult the woman I love.” She clearly has hearing problems because instead she puts her hand on my chest and whispers in my ear.

I’m very disgusted right now that she’s even touching me, but I don’t want to be rude like last time...

“She better watch out. I’m not easily overthrown.” She threatens.

I’m so scared right now it makes my bones tremble...if only that were the truth.

“Yeah whatever she could kill you right now if she wanted to do so leave.” I wave her off. Her brown eyes ignite with feline ferocity. “Excuse me?” Her voice goes to that damn high pitched tone that makes my balls itch.

“I’m not leaving until you go with me.” She wraps her hands around my torso and smirks when Ana turns around.

Fuck no...I’m not gonna look like damn cheater.

“Nadia get out.” Instead she rubs her hands over my chest at an attempt to be seductive, but I’m so turned off right now it’s not even funny. I snarl at her, then she huffs and slams the door behind her while throwing the invitation inside.
When I turn around Ana’s eyes are furious and her arms are crossed over with her lips set in a firm line.

Fucking hell...

“Why the fuck was she here?” Ana’s tone cuts through the thickening air. “Some stupid invitation. It’s nothing.” I rub the back of my neck when her stature intensifies. I’ve never seen her this way. “It’s nothing? She practically eye-fucked you Zayn to come with her. In front of me!” Her voice booms in the house. Her blue eyes aren’t even blue anymore as the blackness takes over her pupils.

“I said no didn’t I?” I fire back. Her eyes widen with anger. Oh fuck. “Does that change the fact that she made eyes at my boyfriend in my home?” She spits. Her words flood onto the floor like poisonous acid. “Actually Anastasia the is is my home and no she wasn’t making eyes at me. Even if she was I would’ve I ignored it.” I put my hands in my pockets and give her a glare.

“Excuse me! What the actual fuck Zayn! Weren’t you the one who said you wanted to share your life with me! This house! Your heart!” She bursts out.


Zayn you done fucked up!

Why would you say that you moron!

“Yes I did!” I rub my fingers over my temples to ease the building frustration. “Then why the fuck was she in this house when I specifically said for her to never come back!” She shouts. The veins in her neck pierce through her tan skin. “I was trying to be polite Ana! I told her to get out! Clearly it didn’t work!” I yell.

She takes the blanket and throws it across the room. Okay now she’s furious. “I don’t give a shit whether you were trying to persuade her to leave! You should’ve slammed the damn door in her face!” Her voice makes my damn ears ring. “I can’t do that Anastasia!” I slap my hands together. “The fuck you mean! You allowing her to stay is disrespectful to me and our relationship! Especially since you two we’re supposedly going to get married! Do you have an idea how that makes me feel! It’s like you would rather her be here than me!“ Her eyes blaze into mine with brewing anger.

How the hell do I calm her down?

Where’s Brit when you need her?

“I’m sorry!” I shout out. She scoffs at me and yanks her hand through the roots of her scalp. “If you were sorry you wouldn’t have done it!” She slams her hand into the nearest wall. “Can we not fucking fight over this please? Babe come on.” I try to go towards her, but she pushes at my chest. “No! Fuck that...fuck that! She’s not gonna up into this house and take my man away from me! She’s already trying Zayn and your so stupid you can’t see that!” Her fists collides with the counter top.

“Well I’m sorry that I’m an idiot.” I rasp. “I’m sorry too. Cause clearly she’s your top priority of being nice too and instead of respecting me!” She points a hard finger at her chest. “I didn’t even mean it that way!” I defend. Now I’m getting angry over something so damn stupid. “Just because you didn’t mean it that way, doesn’t mean it didn’t look that way!” Her eyes start to glaze over.

“Oh my god! I’m sorry! I’m sorry that I spite your damn pride and didn’t realize it Anastasia!” I pull the chair out from the bar and put my head in my hands. “Are you actually kidding me right now? My damn pride.” She takes a step back and I wish I hadn’t even said that. The damn words just flew right out of my mouth before I could even stop them.

“Baby I-I didn’t mean that.” I try to grab her hand, but she yanks it away. “Don’t you dare ‘baby’ me after you insult the hell out of me! Fuck you Zayn and while you’re at why don’t you go to that damn party with Nadia. Clearly that’s what she wants and you obviously don’t take my feelings into consideration about her not being here. So fuck you. FUCK you!” She turns around and storms up the stairs.

“Anastasia!” I run after her. “Get the fuck away from me!” She shouts, but I continue to climb the stairs. “Ana come back! I’m sorry!” I chase after her down the hallway as small cries leave her lips. Right as I’m about to crawl though the doorway she slams it in my face.


Your such a damn coward man!

Why would you say that?

I pound my fists against the door. “Ana open the door! Please! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that!” I yell through the door. “Go away!” She sobs. “I’m not leaving until I make this right!” I continue to pound on the door. “GO THE FUCK AWAY!” She yells. I slump against the door onto my knees.

If I had just kept my damn mouth shut she would be in my arms right now...

She wouldn’t be telling me to go away because I hurt her...
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