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“Hey Spence what’s up?” I go through the racks to find a gown since Spence went to drop off Brit at her house.

“You and Zayn have been invited to a Mafia dinner party with all of the leaders tonight.”

“Come again?”

“All the leaders of the mafia are having dinner and invited the both of you.”

“Why me?”

“Because your taking the mafia queens place.”
I snort across the phone.

“When is it?”

“At seven.”

“Alright we’ll be there soon.”

“See you soon.”

Zayn grasps to the doorframe of the walkway to steady himself while trying to walk into the closet. “Baby be careful.” I try to walk and help him, but he puts his hand up. “Let me try.” He grits his teeth. “Okay.” I reluctantly agree. He takes a step forward which makes my arm hairs stand on end. He takes another forward and slams his hand onto the shelf. One more step and he nearly falls. I catch his torso and hoist him up. “Baby steps.” I wipe his hair from his sweaty face.

“How was your therapy?” I ask. He gives me a small kiss and pulls a suit from the rack. “It was intense.” His eye squeeze shut at the pounding pain in his legs. “Take it easy please.” I plead with him. “I will baby. I will.” He kisses my forehead. “Before you take a shower I wanted to let you know we’ve been invited to dinner with Spencer.” I pull a long shimmering red gown with a long open front and back from the hanger and a pair of bedazzled black heels. “Yeah he told me a few days ago. I meant to tell you, but it just slipped my mind.” I give him a smile as I strip off my long sleeved shirt and sweats. “Black or white?” I point to my lingerie.

“Give me something to look forward too.” I bite my lower lip and unclasp my bra. Then I slowly slip down my lace thong down my bare skin which erupts with goosebumps and his gaze follows my every movement till my underwear is on the floor and breasts exposed. His gaze looks upon me hungrily while I grab the black set and clasp the bra in the front. “You just gave me the hardest erection possible.” He licks his lips.

“Better find a way to get rid of it soon.” I wink and unzip my dress. “Imma need a hand job.” He sighs and runs a hand over his face dramatically. “Zip me?” I ask. His warm fingers electrify my skin and send waves of heat down my bare back. “Your making love to me when we get home tonight.” I turn around and wrap my hands around his neck. “Why would I want to miss out on that.” He collides our lips together and cups my face in his palm while sliding his hand down my back. “Your so beautiful.” He lifts me up by my thighs and takes me over to the bed. “You need a shower.” I giggle.

“You come first.” He kisses my stomach. “I’m very flattered, but you stink babe.” I grip the roots of his hair as he lifts up my dress and slides my underwear to the side. “Tampon time.” He chuckles. My face goes burgundy red with embarrassment. “Their in my drawer.” I cover my face.

“Which size? And how do you even have different sizes?” He asks. “I don’t know babe.” I lay against the bed. “How does this shit work?” He unwraps one from the sealed package. “You use the stick to plunge the cotton inside the hole.” I get up on my elbows. “Grip the center and push the tampon in. I’ll let you know when to use the plunger.”

Why is my boyfriend putting a tampon inside me?

“Ready?” He asks. This is gonna hurt so bad. “Do it.” He pushes the plunger inside my aching walls and I swear a let out a blood curdling scream. “Does it hurt?” He grins. “No shit.” I push my dress down. “Get your smelly ass in the shower while I get the keys.” I grab my shoes from the closet and slip them on.

“Which car?” He strips out of his clothes. “Lamborghini.” I grab my black diamond covered purse and lock my phone and wallet inside. “See you in ten.” I give him a quick kiss and head downstairs. Soon the front door opens and Spencer steps through. “He’s in the shower.” I open the fridge and grab a bottle of water. “She’s at home resting.” I grab him a bottle of water and sit at the counter. “You alright?” I ask. He sighs deeply. “I’m worried about my child and my girlfriend.” His hand meets his head.

“All three of them are gonna be okay. We have to be positive.” I rub a soothing hand down his back. “How do you do it?” He asks. “Do what?” I scrunch my brows. “Pretend to be okay when you aren’t?” He asks. A pained feeling rises in my throat along with the lumping bile and I hold my stomach to prevent the knots from twisting my intestines. “I...honestly don’t know. I try to think that eventually things will get better so I put on this mask to hope and pray I’ll fine, but Zayn always sees right through it.” I confess.

“Because he loves you.” He smiles. “And you love Brit.” I smile back and lean my elbows on the counter. “I do love her...” He pauses to take a sip of water. “...that’s why I started designing a ring.” I spit my water over the marble. “What kind of ring?” My eyes go wider than saucers. “An engagement ring.” He swirls his hand over the edge of the bottle cap. “Shit things between you two must be serious.” I give him a warm grin.

“Indeed we are.” He sips more water. “Hey baby.” Zayn slowly makes his way down the stairs. “You’re finally walking again.” Spence comments. “It hurts like hell still.” Zayn makes his way over to me. “I’d rather you be walking around than conformed to a wheelchair.” I kiss his cheek. “Yeah.” He agrees and wraps his arm around my waist. “Let’s get ready to go.” Spence says. “Take the Lamborghini. It’s low profile.” Zayn takes a gulp of water. “Yeah that’s a good idea.” Spence walks out the front door.

“You ready?” I ask. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” He sighs. “I’ll be right by you the entire night.” I give him a passionate kiss and walk towards the front door and out to the car. “Get in the passenger seat.” I command. “Yes ma’am.” He smiles. “Give me directions to wherever this shit is.” I start the car up and drive out of the driveway. Soon enough we arrive to some bougie ass house and I park the car. “Where are we?” I unbuckle my seatbelt. “My parents house.” Zayn sighs. “Fucking shit.” I open the door and step out to see hundreds upon hundreds of white string lights hooked around the roof and bushes accenting the stone work on the exterior. “No. Their not rich. Not at all.” I shake my head.

“They have more wealth than brains.” Zayn rolls his eyes. “I could’ve told you that.” I smile. “Let’s go eat some bougie ass food and kiss some mafia ass.” Spencer rubs his temples. “I’m only kissing one mafia’s ass.” I kiss Zayn’s shoulder. “TMI!” Spencer gags and walks up the white brick steps.

Who the fuck thought white brick actually looked good?

“Welcome!” Zayn’s mother’s voice rings in the air. “Hi Mrs. Thorne.” Spencer greets. “Hey son. Hello Anastasia!” His motherly delightfully smiles. “Hi.” I smile. Something about this woman makes bile rise in esophagus. “Dinner is almost ready. Please come meet with the other leaders.” Zayn places his arms around my waist tightly and we slowly walk inside. “Oh son I’m so sorry. I heard about your accident!” His father half hugs him and Zayn tenses his entire stature. My eyes fall around the huge foyer with rectangular wooden stairs that follow up to a tinted glass banister on the upper floor with floor to ceiling windows. The chandelier up above shines brightly over the dining area with a mahogany table and glass cabinets full of ceramic China. “I’m so glad that all of three of you are okay.” Wrinkles form over the elderly man’s forehead in a basic white suit and black tie.

“We’re getting there.” I give the man a tiny smile. “It’s so good to see you Ana.” His father kisses my cheek. “I’m glad you appreciate my presence.” I squeeze Zayn’s center to release his clinched fist that’s digging into my side. “Please stay for dinner and enjoy the guests.” The man leaves with his wife in another pant suit, yet this one is a plain satin white with silver heels and a simple heart necklace hung around her neck.

“Can you not take my side in your fist. That would be fucking fabulous.” I pinch his arm. “Sorry baby.” He snaps back to reality. “I’m pretty sure my skin is blue.” I laugh. “Let me warm you up.” He smiles. “Thorne.” An older gentleman with dark cocoa eyes, dark brown skin, shaggy brown hair and a pressed black suit approach’s us. “Mr. Styles.” Zayn shakes his hand firmly.

“Nice to see you again.” The man brightly smiles with deep dimples that eases my anxiety. “You must be Ms. Taylor.” The man grabs my hand and places a kiss to my knuckles with his chapped lips. “Just call me Ana.” I give him an easy smile since his presence isn’t that eerie. “Your even more beautiful than Zayn’s fathers was willing to let on.” He grins. I give him some tinted blush. “I highly doubt your statement, but thank you for the compliment.” I slightly push against Zayn.

“I’m sorry about your accident.” He says. “I’ll be okay. I have Anastasia to help me get back on my feet.” Zayn looks over at Spencer in the dining room with a glass of red wine. “Dinner is served!” Mr. Thorne roars cheerfully and we make our way towards the room. “We’ll finish this conversation later.” Zayn nods at the man and pulls a chair out for me. “Thank you.” I give him a kiss and take a seat. “Make yourself at home everyone.” Mrs. Thorne smiles. Zayn takes a seat and squeezes my hand underneath the table.

The more I look around the room, the more I notice a pattern. Everyone is wearing black, crafted suits to each part of their muscular build with styled hair and each have a glass of wine in their hands to blend with the crowd. They all seem to be closely related to one another or acquainted in some shape, form or fashion that makes each leader’s ego more obtuse than the next. “I have set up this formal dinner so we may discuss the Mafia’s future.” Mr. Thorne clears his throat.

I straighten up in my seat and take a small sip of delicate wine that sizzles down my throat. “In two days I will be giving away my crown to my son and Mr. Spencer Undad.” The man begins. “However, I’m pleased to announce that my son had found someone whom he will share this glory with...” He raises his glass to me. “ Anastasia Taylor. The woman who will stand by my son.” We all clink our glasses together cheerfully and take a sip while the leaders clap in unison of the shared news. “Thank you.” I give a light smile. “I have no doubt that the three of them will keep the family running and bring in more shared wealth for our children and future grandchildren.” Zayn’s mother shifts in her seat clearly uncomfortable.

I guess money is a sensitive subject...

“What do you do for a living?” Mr. Styles asks. “I’m an assassin.” A few of the leaders eye me suspiciously and I give them a cold glare. “You seem far too beautiful for that line of work.” Zayn literally claws at my waist and I have to pretend that he isn’t turning my skin purple from his iron grip. “Uh, well I have a particular amount of...” I try to twist his hand away. “...skill sets for the job.” I slap at his hand and I take another sip from my drink, then I turn my attention to Zayn who has volatile eyes. “Can you not take my skin with you?” I whisper.

“He’s trying to take what’s mine.” He snarls. “Babe he’s not gonna take me away from you, but if you don’t let go off my waist I’m gonna kill you in your sleep tonight.” I glower at him. “Fine.” He rolls his eyes, but then gives me a cheeky smile in return. “And even if he was it isn’t gonna happen. I’m a proudly taken woman.” I kiss his cheek. “That totally makes me feel better.” He sarcastically grins. “It should. He looks like shaggy from Scooby-doo.” I joke.

Zayn snorts to keep his laughter at bay. “How are you adjusting to mafia life?” An older man asks with eccentric golden eyes. “It’s been a process, but we’ve gotten through it.” I give him a short-changed answer and look across the table to find Zayn’s mother eyeing my with a viciously, feline gaze. “Zayn?” I call out.

He finishes chewing his pastry and looks at me. “Your mother is giving me a look.” I lock my eyes over to hers with masculine femininity as Zayn turns his head. “Fuck.” He whispers. “What is it?” My shoulders tense. “You probably made her uncomfortable.” He grins. “How do I make people uncomfortable?” I cock an eyebrow. “Babe your intimidating ass shit.” He says as if it’s obvious. “Why thank you, thank you very much.” I flaunt my hair.

“Your gonna get me in trouble.” He intertwines our hands. “Yeah they can’t handle me.” I nonchalantly answer and take a sip of wine. “I’m afraid for them.” He chuckles. “Me too.” I wipe the corners of my mouth. “I’m gonna use the ladies room.” I kiss his cheek. “Can you find it?” He asks. “Come with me.” I smile. His face lights up instantly. “Alright, say less.” He pushes his chair out and leads us down a hallway until we reach the bathroom. “Let me pee first.” I run my hand down his chest. “You have thirty seconds sexy.” I bite my lip when he slaps my ass and I open the door. Turning around from the oak, my eyes widen peculiarly.

“Nadia.” My stomach churns into knots and my throat swallows down a lump of spit leaving my skin crawling around the standing hairs. “Hello Anastasia.” She twists her head at me. “What the fuck do you want?” I snap. “What do I want? I want my man back!” She shouts. “Yeah well he’s taken.” I walk over to sink and turn on the water. I begin to wash my hands when something cold meets the back of my head.

Fucking shit...

This bitch is crazy

“Go ahead. Shoot me.” My jaw tights roughly. “You can’t do it can you?” Nadia’s hand trembles on the trigger of the gun as I glare at her in the mirror. “You can’t because you know...deep down...that if I wanted too...I could flip this situation right now.” I move my hair over my shoulder. Nadia’s body timidly exerts ragged breathing.

I’m the queen of intimidation...

“Anastasia?” Zayn’s voice calls from outside the oak door. “Put the gun down Nadia. We both know you can’t kill me. If you wanted to you would’ve done it by now.” I smirk and the bathroom door swings open. Zayn looks at me with horror filled eyes, but I hold my hand up to stop him. “Nadia put the damn gun down.” He demands.

“No! You took everything away from me! My future! My husband! My family everything!” She turns the gun on Zayn.

My breath catches in my throat as Zayn stands perfectly still. “You did that on your own.” I cross my arms. “I hate you! You love her over me! Your supposed to be with me! I’m the one who’s always been there! Me!” Nadia cries and swings me lightening fast into a head lock.

“Nadia stop!”

“You destroyed us! You destroyed everything and now I’m gonna destroy everything you ever cared about!” Nadia puts the chamber against my temple and I give Zayn worrisome eyes. “Stop pointing the damn gun at my girlfriend!” He roars which makes my skin jump.

“No!” I nod my head at Zayn and then stomp on her foot and knock her head back with my elbow, breaking her nose. “Fuck!” She whines, falling down and I point the gun between her eyes. “Don’t fucking move.” I growl.

“Son!” Zayn’s father calls out. “We’re okay!” He snatches me up in his arms. “Did she hurt you?” He tries to inspect me for any injuries. “I’m fine.” I give him a bone-crushing hug. “Get her off my property!” Mr. Thorne roars. “Honey we don’t need to cause a riot this late at night. Just send her home.” Mrs. Thorne pleads.

Are you for real right now?

“She just tried to murder Zayn and Anastasia. Her actions have consequences.” Mr. Thorne’s tone is sharp with authority. “We will take care of it tomorrow.” His wife begs. Mr. Thorne’s face shows utter hesitation, but he at last agrees with his wife. “She’s not allowed in my home any longer.” Mrs. Thorne nods her head. “Leave Nadia.” Mrs. Thorne orders.

Nadia huffs and slams the back door. “Are you sure you’re alright?” Zayn cups my face. “Baby I’m fine.” I rest my forehead on his chest. “She had me worried there for a second.” He whispers. “I could tell.” I tug him closer to me. “It’s a good thing you detained her.” His lips meet my scalp. “It’s what I was trained for.” I bump his nose and cross our fingers together. “My apologies to the both of you.” Mr. Thorne rubs the back of his neck anxiously.

“It’s fine.” I assure him. “No it’s not. Both of you could’ve been killed.” Mr. Thorne re-directs my comment. “Well thank you for your concern, but Zayn and I will be leaving.” I march down the hallway and snatch Spencer’s arm. “Let’s go.” Spencer nods at my statement and opens the front door. “Thank you for an excellent dinner.” Both of the men walk out and I shut the door behind me.

“What the fuck?” Spencer growls. “Why was Nadia here?” I massage my temples. “She wanted to kill Ana. Where the fuck is Gonzalez?” Zayn asks. “What the hell do you mean ‘where’s Gonzalez’?” I ask. “We made a protection deal with him to keep you and Brit safe.” He admits. “And you thought now would be a good time to tell me? Why didn’t you tell me before tonight?” I cross my arms and give him a piercing glare. “I didn’t tell you to keep you safe.” He draws a gun from his back pocket.

Where the fuck did he get that?

“Gee thanks Zayn.” I press the push start button on the key-fab and swing the car door open. “What are you getting?” Zayn peeks his head in the car. “My leg strap.” I dig through the glove compartment until I find my knife and gun on my leg band. “When did you put that in there?” He questions. “When did you get a gun?” I retort.

“Touché.” He rolls his eyes.

I shift the zipped slit of my dress and tighten down the strap to my thick upper thigh. “Thank god for slits on dresses.” I stress and grab a small usb from the dash. “What’s on that?” He takes it from my hands. “Assassin shit. Now give it to me.” I snatch it back and stick to the center of my bra

That’s my suit...

“Let’s go hunt this bitch down.” Spence cocks his gun. “Where do we even look?” I ask. Zayn grabs my hand and tugs me along the side of the house. “The back.” Spence directs at a bright yellow light in the backyard where a huge garden is on display and duck down low as to not be seen.

“Move and you die.” A gun meets the front of my face, but I twist it in the man’s hand, knee him in the crotch and punch him in the head with the butt of the handgun. “What was that?” I smirk while slamming his head into the pavement.

“N-nothing.” Blood spews from his nose. “So it was you.” Gonzalez’s voice cuts through the chilly air. “About fucking time.” Zayn snaps. “Where the hell were you?” I put the gun back in my holster and stomp over to the mafia leader. “Why the fuck was Nadia here?” My eyes glaze over in developing fury. “She snuck in undetected, but we grabbed her on the east wing of the house.” Gonzalez puffs a cigar into his mouth as he rolls his eyes and I chew on the inside of my cheek.

“Listen here motherfucker.” I snatch the cigar from his hands and stomp all over it until it turns to ashes. “A crazy bitch just tried to kill Zayn and I while your here sitting on your ass smoking some cheap ass tobacco instead of watching your shit. Don’t even try to justify your damn actions with me right now and expect me to swallow it because it won’t fly. I don’t care who the fuck you think you are. I won’t be disrespected just because I’m new to this shit so you better have a good reason for why Nadia was in that house or I’ll ring your damn neck and I don’t care who the fuck watches.” I threaten. He physically swallows a lump in his throat with huge eyes watching me cautiously.

“Yes ma’am.” He chokes. “Damn girl.” Spencer claps in the background which makes me smile. “Marry her.” Gonzalez snorts. “Now give me a damn good reason why the fuck she was in that house.” I twist my knife in between my fingers. “To kill you.” He pushes his throat against the blade. “Now if your gonna kill me get it over with.” Instead I give him a demented smile and then snap his arm behind his back. I slam his face into the brick wall and lean in close to his ear. “Note to self mafia leader...” I lean in close to his ear where my breath touches his skin. “...don’t mess with the women of the mafia.” I growl.

“Dutifully noted Ms. Taylor.” He caresses his hand over his battered face once I release him and turn back to Zayn and Spencer who look star-struck. “Let’s go.” I command and walk over towards the car. “Your not gonna attack a mafia leader and then expect me to walk to the car.” Zayn laughs.

“I can and I just did.” I flip my hair and start the car up, yet Zayn stands in front of the car. “Well don’t just stand there like a deer in the damn headlights.” I holler at him and slam my hands on the steering wheel while Zayn gets in the car and places his hand on my thigh. “Put in Brit’s address.” I throw my phone in his lap. “Why are we going there?” He asks.

“Because I want to check on her.” I put the keys in the ignition. “Okay damn.” He flips the phone into his hand and starts up the gps. I reverse out of the drive way and zoom down the streets of downtown. “Make a left.” He instructs. I Tokyo drift onto the corner and stomp on the gas down the road. “Keep driving down here and make a right.” I follow his directions and then drive upon Brit’s gates with swaying trees in the freezing wind. “Cloak.” I tell the parking booth.

“Why does she have you say that?” He asks. “It’s not suspicious and keeps my identity hidden.” I shrug off and park the car. I open the front door and walk in. “Yo!” I holler out. “Jesus Christ Ana! I thought you were a criminal!” A dodge a shoe thrown at the wall next to my head and giggle loudly. “Nice to see you too.”

“What are you doing here?” She struts into the kitchen and I throw my leg strap on the counter. “Your best friend can’t drop by whenever?” I grin sheepishly at her. She rolls her eyes at me and retreats back out of the kitchen.

“Love you!” I yell at her.

“Sure!” She responds.

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