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50. ZAYN

Ana shocked the hell out me tonight by attacking Gonzalez, but her sassy attitude had never turned me on more than it did in this exact moment. My pants were literally bulging from the erection pressing in my slacks that when I push against her bottom, a tiny gasp left her lips. “Damn how long have you been holding that in?” She grips the edge of the countertop to steady herself as I wrap my hands around her waist. “An hour.” I trail a kiss up to the base of her neck and shove my hand down the back of her dress.

“Zayn we cannot fuck in the middle of the kitchen.” She gasps when I find her sensitive labia through her sheer underwear. “Then let’s go upstairs.” I smirk against her heated skin. “What if-“ I cut off her words by slipping by hand down into her underwear, slightly grazing her clitoris. “Yeah l-let’s go upstairs.” I remove my hand and pick her up bridal style. “Babe are you sure if you can even carry me?” She asks. “I’m damn sure gonna try.” I kiss her lips at the foot of the stairs and walk up slowly, step by step as a numb feeling rushes in my legs and I finally make it to the second floor landing.

“Let’s go have s*x madam.” I grin. “Zayn don’t say that out loud!” She scolds. I walk us over to her bedroom and press up both into the bed. “Pull it out.” I lift the skirt of her dress to kiss her lower stomach area. “You pull it out.” She spreads her legs.

Don’t have to tell me twice...

I yank on the string and it immediately slips out. “Shit!” She quails. “Did I hurt you?” I throw it away in the nearest trash can. “It was soaked in blood which hurts if it soaks up too much.” She lifts her back so I can unzip her dress. “No s*x then?” I pout with a big lower lip. “Baby we can still do that. It just gonna hurt so you gotta go easy on me.” She grasp’s my jaw. “I will baby.” I give her a kiss and fuddle around in her dresser drawers for a condom box. “It’s under the underwear.” She kicks her shoes off.

“Hot damn mommy!” I find a mega box of Trojan. “Zayn just grab one not the fucking whole box!” She slaps my hands. “I got excited.” I exasperate. “Oh not at all.” She sarcastically responds and lies back on the bed. “Strip show baby.” I slowly remove my suit jacket from my broad shoulders and open each shirt button dangerously revealing more shredded muscularity. “Just show me your muscles already! Shit!” She gives me a lustful gaze.

“You gave me the hardest ass erection earlier in our closet so you know what...” I grab the condom. “Oh shit.” I spread her legs wide open. “...I’m going to relieve it all damn night with my cock buried deep inside of you.” I take over her beautiful body chiseled with silk and hover over her, slightly shifting her hips under me. “Fucking A.” She covers her face, but I pin her arms above her head.

“Oh yeah baby.” I place my lips between her breasts and slide my hand down her lean abdomen. “Oh baby.” She squirms beneath my lips connecting with her silky skin that leaves goosebumps arising over her tan epidermis and her hips buck into my dick. “You gotta tell me if it hurts.” I caress her cheek and she nods.

I rip open the package and slide it on before lining up with her entrance and pushing in softly. “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.” She grips my arms roughly. “Adjust baby.” I devour her lips and she wraps her hands around my neck to push me closer into her gorgeous body. I push in halfway when she shrieks and tear falls down the corner of her eye. “Shush baby. It’s okay.”

And they said period s*x felt good?

“The pain subsided a little.” Her nails dig into my side. “Do you want me to go in fully?” I ask. She shakes her head for me stay out in my position. “Let me adjust more.” She pulls me into her; our skin connecting. I grip the back of her thigh and kiss her lips gently. “Okay. Go for it.” I shove in fast so she has time to stretch at my size.

“Talk to me baby.” I caress her cheek when another tear rolls down her precious face. “It...just...hurts.” A tear brims down her cheek and I quickly wipe it away. “Your okay.” I sweep her hair from her face. “I love you.” She says. “I love you baby.” I slide out and knead back in at a gentle pace so she can expand around me.

“That’s good.” She shifts a little. “Your okay right?” I kiss her neck. “Yeah I’m good.” She smiles. “Show time baby.” I grin. She giggles adorably with huge pearly white teeth. “Make love to me.” She says. “Gladly.” I pull out, but then thrust into her libido forcing her back to arch. “Fuck Ana.” I grit my teeth at the pleasurable feeling her tightening walls bring me and knead in faster.

“Oh.” She moans out into the air. Her nails press into my back causing the skin to inflame, but I couldn’t care less. “That’s it baby.” I purr into ear kneading in vigorously while stimulating her clit with my thumb. Her eyes roll into her skull causing me to thrust in faster to feel her walks clinch around me. “Zayn.” Her voice electrifies my veins inside my skin so much to point where the pain in my legs goes completely numb all together and I all feel is her amazing creature against me.

“Don’t stop Zayn.” She rasps the harder I knead into her wet labia and graze her throbbing clit below my fingers. Soon enough her loud screams fill the space and rattle the paint from the walls so loudly I have to cover her mouth with my hand while I thrust even harder allowing a guttural moan escape my mouth. “I’m! Im!” Her walls collapse on my pulsing erection and causes me to immediately blow into her soaking libido.

“DON’T STOP!” She begs and I knead in one last time so hard the bed frame cracks above us and her racing heartbeat fills my ears along with my extra ragged breathing and sweat covered chest. “That...was...the most amazing...period...s*x ever.” She pants heavily trying to articulate each word from her lips. “Definitely.” I fall down next to her and mold her figure into mine; wrapping us both up into the cozy covers of the mattress.

“Get some sleep beautiful.” I snuggle my arms around her breasts. “Is it weird that I’m hungry now?” She giggles. “How are you hungry?” She shifts under the blankets to face me and puts her hands on my chest. “I didn’t eat anything at your parents bougie ass dinner.” I crackup instantly. “That food wasn’t that great.” I rub her back in soothing circles. “I want fries.” She pouts. “I have Uber eats.” I suggest. Her brows wiggle with interest. “Hand me my phone.” I smile. She bites her lip and tossed it at me. “Chocolate shake and McDonald’s French fries.” She gives me puppy dog eyes. “That actually sounds really good.” I rub my eyelids. “Cause it is.” She lies down next to me and tries to put in my password.

“My birthday.” I smile. “Yeah like I know what day that is.” She gives me a deadpan expression. “July third.” I roll my orbs. “Keep doing that and they’ll get stuck that way.” She grabs my phone. “Wouldn’t that be a problem cause I wouldn’t be able to stare at you all day.” I snuggle her close to me. “Your idea of romantic gestures is just appalling.” She scrolls down the google webpage. “Yeah, yeah whatever just order some food.” I place my head on the pillow and grip her waist so she can’t escape.

Not today...

“Good morning.” I groggily move over to the side of the bed where the sun isn’t blinding my eyes and open them up to find Ana in nothing, but a towel with soaked hair. “Morning sexy.” I rest my arms behind my head letting the covers fall slightly to reveal my shredded muscular chest. “Surprise.” She smiles. I’m so damn confused for a second with a creased forehead until she drops the fluffy white towel and my jaw drops to the floor.

“Oh girl absolutely.” I grab her naked figure and flip her onto the bed. “Baby!” She squeals. “We boutta make a baby.” I devour her lips while sliding my hand to her labia to pull out the tampon, yet there’s nothing there, so I grab a condom and slide it on. “Round two baby.” She giggles below me. “Game on.” I thrust into her immediately not even preparing her. “Alright shit.”

I love mornings now...

If I get to wake up to a naked Anastasia...


“Your gonna wake up the whole house.” I cover her mouth to control her powerful moans, but she yanks it away. “I don’t give a shit about the whole house.” She digs her nails into my backside forcing her back to arch and I sink into her deeper.

“If you stop I swear to god!” She hollers out. My teeth snap together to the burning sensations rippling through my entire being at the vigorous pace that I pound into her with. I fist my hands to the sheets next me in order to stay coherent while her hands bring my lips to hers roughly and she plunges her tongue against mine. “Z-Z-“ Her words are cut short at a feverish thrust I enact into her tightening walls causing me to almost blow my load instantly.

“FUCK!” I grunt out as her eyes rolls into her head; bucking her hips into me by hollering out my name with trembling legs and raggedly heavy breathing. “Good...morning.” She smashes our mouths together rigorously not even giving me enough time to think after exploding into her.

“” I wrap my arms around her trying to get up from the bed and straddle her around my torso so we can both shower together. I flip the knob of the shower and sit down on the chair next to the tile wall. “Body wash.” She reaches for the bottle in the corner with a loofa and pours a glob on my sweaty chest.

“I should pull out.” I pin her hands above her head. “Nah.” She squeezes her legs around me to prevent me from leaving so I lift her up against the wall and begin to relentlessly pound into her until her body tightens up once more rendering her helpless to my touch. “ZAYN!” She screams over the scalding hot water hitting my back.

“ FUCKING CHRIST!” Her walls suck my cock dry of any and all semen that left my hardened erection from her strip show. “Good morning baby.” I laugh into her voluptuous kiss and swipe her hair behind her ear drowning in soap from my body.

“Your buying me more ibuprofen cause I have a feeling I’m going to be sore.” She wraps her arms around my neck. “It’s worth it.” I kiss her lips once more before grabbing the shampoo and massaging it in her scalp. “I need to sit down.” I pick her up by her thighs and set her down on the chair. “How bad is it?” I ask.

I’m not a fucking expert people!

“One a scale from one to ten probably an eleven.” She curls her body over in pain. “It’s crampING!” She shouts at the last second. “Hold on baby.” I kiss her forehead and open the sink cabinets in search of ibuprofen. “It’s by the-“ She can’t even talk she’s in so much pain.

I’m coming baby...

“Got it.” I shuffle out two pills and grab my water from the nightstand. “Take this baby.” I wash the soap from my body and rest her body in my lap. “Thank you.” She lays her head on my sternum. “It’s okay. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I know nothing about periods.” I chuckle. “Your doing great.” She kisses my shoulder.

“Let me clean you up.” I grab the loofa from her hands and slowly stroke over her skin removing the dried up come on her belly from last night. “I love you.” She abruptly says. “You already know I love you.” I snuggle my head between her breasts. “Just because I know you do doesn’t mean I don’t get butterflies when you tell me.” She kisses my nose. “Well then...” I cup her jaw. “...I love you.” Her face covers in blush.

Hehe, still works...

“Alright beautiful we gotta get dressed and get ready for this stupid crowning shit.” I smack my forehead. She instantly groans into my chest. “Wonderful. Now I get praised like royalty for no damn reason.” She scoffs. “Your my Queen.” I push her midriff against me. “I’d rather be yours than someone else’s.” She smiles. “Definitely.” I latch onto her plump, round, rosy lips and snake my hands down her back to lift her up, out of the bathroom, to the bedroom with our lips still attached and devouring each other’s tongues.

“Come on baby. Let’s get dressed.” I kiss her glistening neck from the water droplets. “I wanna choose your suit.” She jumps into the closet. I rest on my elbows against the mattress and watch her sway her ass through the doorframe. “The red one.” She pulls it out from the rack and tosses it at me. “How did you get me suits at Brit’s house?” I grab a pair of boxers from the nightstand. “I called her when you were sleeping.” She gives me a wink.

“Sneaky.” I smile. “Uh huh. Very.” She sits on the bed with a fully exposed body completely unashamed if her nakedness in front of me which makes my core heat. “I’m getting you an outfit.” I button up my suit jacket. “Let me fix your tie first.” She jumps up. “I can tie it.” I kiss her forehead. “But I wanna do it.” She audaciously answers. “That mouth of yours is gonna get you in trouble.” I lift her up by her thighs while she tightens my tie and folds my collar over. “Can’t wait to see what kind of punishment you put me through.” She grasps my jaw and kisses me dizzily till we both fall on the bed.

I push her towards me by her hips into my lower abdomen area and roll us over to where I can hungrily kiss her lips. “I need clothes.” She starts panting when my lips find her stomach, leaving goosebumps arising over her tanned skin. “I’m busy.” I place kisses down her collarbone and up her breasts until I take one of her hardened mounds in my mouth that releases a moan from her sweet mouth.

“Your gonna have to clock out mister.” I pop one of her boobs out of my mouth and swirl my tongue around her nipple before taking the other one in between my teeth and sucking hardly on it. “Z-Z, babe-“ Her breathing becomes eccentric the longer I knead my hand over her heaving breasts and squeeze them in my hands. “Babe please.” She yanks in the roots of my hair. I pop them out of my mouth and give her a huge smile. “I’m getting you a pantsuit.”

I walk into the closet and pull out a pair of white studded heels. “Why a pantsuit?” She stretches out her body. “I want to see you in one.” I move back a rack of dresses to find a whole row of newly purchased ones in several styles and colors. “Lemme guess. Brit did this.” I pull out a black ombré one with small diamonds placed throughout.

“Yeah probably.” She laughs and takes the article of clothing from my hand. “Ombré with diamonds?” She questions. “It goes with the white.” I smile and hold them up. “Help me tie the back of the pantsuit.” She puts on a plain tan set of underwear and unties the straps. “Give me my heels.” I lift her into the bed and grab her foot. “I could’ve put my shoes on myself.” She runs her fingers through my freshly cleaned hair.

“I wanted to do it.” I mock her and receive a deep frown in return. I place her foot in the platform of the pump and buckle the belt. “There pretty.” She smiles. “Brit had good taste in fashion.” I strap in the other shoe and grab her outfit. “Lift your arms up baby.” She obliges and I slip her arms through the long sleeves that turn a dark black to bright white.

“Turn around.” I grab the strings attached to her waist and tug tightly. “Shit. I have a snatched waist now.” She giggles. I pull and tie every strap on her back before finishing it with a tiny little bow. “I love you.” Her cheeks erupt with blush. “Every time.” I snuggle her into my arms. “Of course.” She flips around and delivers a dizzy kiss to me, nearly toppling me over.

“Alright baby do your womanly things so we can jet. I’m pretty sure Brit and Spencer are ready to go.” I kiss her lips once more before grabbing my watch on the nightstand and putting it on my wrist. “I’ll just straighten it and put on light make-up.” She sits at her vanity and plugs in the flat iron.

“I’ll be downstairs.” I kiss her lips and make my way downstairs to find Spence at the island pulling something out of a jewelry shopping bag. “Yo what’s that I ask. He jumps in surprise. “Jesus bro.” He curls over in fear. “Am i that scary looking?” I laugh. “Asshole.” He punches my arm. “Seriously though bro, what is that?” I take the velvet box in my hand. “That my friend...” He grabs it and opens it. “ Brit’s engagement ring.” My eye bulge from their sockets.

“Holy fuck man.” I get a look at the blinding oval shaped diamond in the black box. “It’s amazing bro.” I pat him in the back and then hear footsteps. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” Spence rashly whispers, then Ana enters the room with her suede white purse and a silver chain. “What are you guys doing?” She raises a brow and places a fist on her left hip.

“Nothing.” I act complete neutral even though Spence is hiding on the floor hurled in a ball. “Why are you acting so weird all the sudden?” She gives me a questioning gaze. “I’m fucking fabulous.” I shrug my shoulders. “Zayn Thorne.”

Oh shit...

“Anastasia.” I cross my arms and kick Spence over to the other side of the floor. “What are you doing?” She tries to go past me, but I grab her up in my arms and place her on the opposite side of the counter. “What in gods green earth are you doing on the floor?” Brit swings the French doors open to the living room.

“Spence was showing me something and then tripped.” I lie. Ana gives me a suspicious glance and slaps me upside the back of my neck. “What was that for?” I exasperate. “For hiding shit.” Ana hangs the infinity necklace I gave her for her birthday around her neck and steals the keys to the Lamborghini. “We should get there before they start wondering where we are.” She sighs.

“Giddy.” Brit caresses her growing baby bump in her olive green flowing sundress with black flats. “Time to get drunk and eat food till I’m stupid.” I smile. “That’s what you think’s gonna happen.” Ana points a finger at me and retreats out the front door. “Not even a little bit?” I push out my lower lip at her. “Nope.” She bites it and opens the passenger side door. “Your driving big man.” She puts the keys on my chest and shuts the door. “Yes ma’am.” I snort and start the ignition. “Love you.” She intertwines her fingers through my right hand as I reverse out of the drive way and jet down the street to our location.

Before I know we’re there and I park the car in the valet section because my girl deserves only the best. “Let’s go Milady.” I kiss her cheek. We meet up with Spencer and Brit who show up in his black Tesla. “Ready to go strangle some hoes?” I joke. “Only if I get the first strike.” Ana chimes in. “Ladies first.” Spencer chuckles and we ascend the concrete steps of the huge building.

“Can your parents spend any more money than they know what to do with?” Ana makes a disgusted face. “Welcome to home of the egotistical and the land of the filthy rich mafia gangsters.” Spencer about sums it up there. “Or the home of the leg spreaders and land of the schemers.” Brit interjects. “That too.” I chuckle.

“Welcome Anastasia!” My father approaches us in his ugly ass white suit and irregular red shirt. “Why hello to you too father.” I take two flute’s of champagne from a serving tray and one one to Ana. “I’m glad the four of you could make it.” I roll my eyes and down the much needed alcohol to get through this annoying ass event. “It’s not like we could refuse mom.” Spencer snorts on his drink.

“That remains true.” My father cheeks become rosy in embarrassment. “Yeah we’ll be on the dance floor if you need us.” I drag Ana out of there before I punch my father right in between the eyes. “I’m sorry about that.” She rubs my arm which immediately relaxes my anxiousness. “It’s fine babe.” I kiss her gently.

“Come sit with me real quick.” She takes my hand over to one of the tables covered with golden fine dining-ware and a long white tablecloth. “What is it?” I sit in one of the leather black dining chairs my motherly so elegantly fucking picked out. “Nothings wrong. Just want to sit with you is all.” She smiles. “Is that okay?” Her face washes over with worry of her response. “No it’s okay.” I cup her cheek and kiss her softly. “What’s up lovebirds.” Brit holds a glass of water.

“Want champagne?” I offer and she hits my head. “Bitch you done know by now that I’m pregnant and can’t have that shit. I’m already aggravated enough.” She downs her water. “Worth a try.” I smile and then Ana hits my arm. “Such an asshole.” She rolls her eyes at me. “A cute asshole.” That comment makes her smile. “Yes, you totally have a cute asshole honey.” She pokes my nose. “Thorne!” I know that damn voice. “Mr. Fine.” I clear my throat and mask my face with neutrality.

“How are you son?” He pats my back; making Ana uncomfortable. I wave off his arm and tug her close by standing up. “I’m doing a lot better since the accident.” I shake his hand firmly. “How are you Anastasia.” She gives him a clearly fake smile which he doesn’t seem to notice, but I do and she responds. “Zayn keeps me going.” She finishes her drink. “Excuse me.” She kisses my cheek and heads toward the restroom.

“Your a very lucky man.” Mr. Fine’s demeanor flips entirely. “I am.” I give him a pressing hard glare and point over to the podium. “Who’s making a speech?” I take a sip of champagne. “Your father.” Mr. Fine grabs a glass from the server walking around to the filling tables of people.

“Wonderful.” I roll my orbs into my head. “Zayn!” Nadia’s squeaking voice barks through the air. “What is blonde princess doing here?” I whisper out loud and Mr. Fine chokes on his drink. “I came to apologize.” She takes my hand in hers, so I try to be civil. “Apology accepted.” I try to walk away, but suddenly she grabs my face and slams her lips on mine.

What the fuck!

She backs away with a huge smile on her face and Anastasia comes back with shock painted on her features. “Ana!” A tear falls down her cheek as she rushes out of the room. “Ana!” I chase after her. “Baby!” Nadia trots off triumphantly.

Fucking hell!

That was her plan all along!


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