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He winces in pain as he tries to move the elasticity band over both his legs and pull it forward to stretch out his stiffened limbs. “Hey. Breathe.” I give him a determination-filled kiss and help pull the band up. “Fuck!” He slams his hand into the carpet with a loud thump. “Baby.” I cup his face and stroke his defined cheekbone that has somewhat returned from its pale state. “Your gonna be okay.” A stray tear slides down the edges of his eye. It kills me to see him in so much pain and I swear I’ll fucking kill whoever did this to him.

No fucking doubt about it...

“Baby it hurts so bad.” He nuzzles his face into my chest. “I know baby. I know, but we’re gonna get through this together. I promise.” I rub my hand up and down his back to soothe the raging pain traveling up his spinal cord. “I love you.” He snakes his arms around me and I place a kiss to his head. “I love you.” We stay there for awhile.

Embraced in each other’s arms, locked in a kaleidoscopic world where we can both be free to heal in any kind of way that sets our souls on fire, yet the pain of one another consumes the energy around us and suffocate’s the air in my lungs. “Let try this again.” I encourage. He nods his head hesitantly and grabs the band. “Together.” I smile. He closes his eyes and begins to pull back slightly and I caress my hands over his strained muscles. I wrap both our hands around the elasticity to gain some sort of control over the situation and tug just enough to guide him.

“Alright a little more.” I kiss his cheek and pull back with a tight grip. His face contorts into a pained expression full of affliction and the veins in his neck penetrate the color of his skin matched with the redness over his face. “Breathe.” I whisper and tug in the knot a little harder. “Ana!” He screams. “I know, baby. I know.” His head smacks my shoulder.

“It hurts so damn bad.” He fists his hand into my hoodie. “Just a little longer I promise.” My grip tightens around the latex until it snaps from my fingers and falls onto the floor. “Come here.” I hoist him up with what muscle I do have and wrap my arms around his torso.

It’s going to be a very long road to recovery, but I’ll go through it everyday damn day if that means helping him get better...

“I’m never gonna be able to get up or walk around again.” His voice is laced with defeat. “Don’t say things like that. Your gonna be okay.” I snuggle my head into the crook of his neck and place a soft kiss to his heated skin. “I wanna kill the asshole who did this to you.” I tense my jaw abnormally tight and ball my hands into fists.

What creature would think putting another human through unimaginable pain would be good?

“I’m right there with you.” He looks up at me and from afar you can see a little twinkle in his eye that dissipates the second the door opens. “Hey bro, you’ve been discharged.” Spencer comes through the door. “Thank god. I refuse to eat shitty ass hospital food and sleep on that hard as fucking rocks bed.” Zayn complains. I gently pinch his cheek.

“Be glad you have a bed period.” I wrap his arm around my shoulder and help him up from the floor. His body stumbles slightly, but I catch his abdomen and lock him in place. “Thank you.” He captures my lips with his hand on my jaw and I wrap myself into him. I haven’t seen him awake in nearly a month and I plan to cherish every moment god gives me with his amazing man. “Oh by the way Brit had an accident. The doctors are watching her now.” My eyes widen in worry.

“Is she okay? The baby?” My breath grows heavier. “Yeah they’ll be okay.” He gives me an assuring smile, yet it doesn’t suppress the forming knots in my stomach. “Let’s get you back to to the bed.” Spencer grabs Zayn’s other arm and lifts him into the wheel chair.

Why is that everyone I love somehow gets hurt?

When will it end?

“One, two, three.” I lift Zayn onto the hospital bed and turn to grab a chair, but his arms grip my waist and pull me towards him. “What’s wrong?” I ask. He shakes his head. “I just want you to stay in my arms that way I know your real.” I knead my fingers in his soft black hair and kiss his lips deeply, massaging our tongues together.

I softly groan into his mouth bringing him forward and straddling his lap on the bed while wrapping my abdomen into his palms. “Your so gorgeous.” Blush invades my cheeks as his warm hands slide up my shirt and grab ahold of my breasts through my coarse lace bra.

“Spencer might come in and you can barely move. S*x isn’t on our radar right now.” I try reason with him, but his mouth attacks my neck sucking and biting the skin until there’s a visible red mark. “Claiming me now aren’t you?” I rasp heavily. “Your mine damnit.” His hands lift the hoodie from my body leaving me just my undergarments and the cool wind zap’s my skin with tiny goosebumps.

Well shit don’t have to tell me twice...

“Zayn come on. The door is open.” He grunts once his mouth connects with my nipple and massages the hard bud beneath.


Always hard for you...


“Ana let them walk in. They’ll get out real quick.” His hands grope my ass and lifts me onto his erection. “How long have you been holding that in?” I gasp and my folds become instantly wet.

Like shit...

“Ever since I woke up and saw your beautiful ass looking up at me.” He gives me a deadpanned expression and removes his shirt from his chiseled upper half. I bite my lip with anticipation and lean down to lick his crescent formed abs. “Damn.” I bite the skin there enough to leave a territorial mark and slide my hands ever so slightly up his ripped chest. “I guess there’s only one way to do this.” I smugly respond. “And what way is that.” He squeezes my butt cheek through my jeans. “To ride you, but...” I pause and gaze out the door.

“...I can have Spencer lock the door.” I grip his jaw and bite his lower lip while grabbing his rock-hard cock. “Oh shit.” His head falls back into the wall and I quietly slip out of my pants. “Spence lock the door.” I smirk with wild eyes. “Okay.” The door shuts immediately and I slide Zayn’s boxers down. “This was not how I envisioned this, but I’ll fucking take it.” I slowly let his manhood stretch me all the way into ecstasy and shut my eyes to savor the way he feels inside me.

“I want to fuck my woman and I don’t care how I gotta do it, to make it happen.” He slips on a condom and drops me onto him. "Holy...mother...of...god.” My eyes twitch in their sockets. “Feel me baby. Feel all of me.” His breath tickles my skin sending waves of heat to my core and igniting the butterflies from their cocoon. “I love you so much.”

He lifts me and drops me onto him at a vast pace given the time we have and vigorously pumps inside me until a low grunt and full on heavy moans fill the room. “Milk me baby. Come on this cock.”

Oh my god your dirty talk is going to kill me...

“Ah! Zayn!” My mouth slams onto his in order to silence my screams from his enormous manhood filling me up completely and then escaping, but pounding back inside at once. Finally my walls clinch around him tightly and my core erupts in flames. My orgasm flooding my senses to the max and riling up my body intensely until he moans so damn sexily and releases his juices inside of me.

Can you moan like that more often?

“Mr. Thorne?” A soft knock on the door interrupts our moment and ragged breathing. “One minute please.” He swipes the sweat from my forehead. “Get dressed baby.” He smiles. “But I’m comfortable.” I pout. His hands rise up and down over the skin on my back. “We’ll be more comfortable once we get home.” He says. I groan and jump from the bed, pulling on my clothes. “Let’s get the hell home and eat something.” I pull his boxers back up, throwing away the used condom and help him into his wheelchair. “I’m sorry baby.” He gives me sorrowed face. “It’s not your fault Zayn.” I give him a simple kiss and open the door.

“Are his release papers ready to go?” I ask Spence. He hands me a clipboard with a pen and I sign below. “Let’s get the fuck home.” I push my hair behind my ears and push Zayn’s chair out to the hallway and into the elevator. “It smells like shit in here.” Zayn scrunches his nose.

I think someone died in here...

“Here she is.” Spence drags Brit through the door who looks so beaten down with small bruises layering her skin. “You okay?” She nods her head. “I’m just super tired and the baby is taking up all of my energy.” She leans her head on Spencer’s shoulder. “Your staying with us tonight.” I declare. “Ana you don’t need too. I’m okay.” She argues. “Your staying with Zayn and I tonight and that’s final.” I glare.

She tries to click her tongue at me, but just sighs and agrees. “Let’s go home.” The elevator doors open up to the parking garage and Spence steps out. “Let me bring the car around.” He squeezes my shoulder. Soon the Lamborghini comes into view and I buckle Zayn into the backseat while Spence helps Brit into the passenger seat.


“McDonald’s.” We all agree.
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