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58. ZAYN

Finally we arrive home after eating a burger and salty ass French fries which put me in a diabetic coma for an hour and I snuggle Ana under the warm covers. “Mm.” She groans quietly and rolls over into my body. “Are you warm?” She nuzzles her head into my sternum.

“I’m okay.” She wraps her arms around my torso to bring me closer. “How do your legs feel?” She asks timidly. “I know they exist.” I haven’t even tried to move my legs for the past thirty minutes leaving them completely numb. I’m afraid if I do that the pain will be unbearable and I’ll never get any sleep. “Want me to rub them for you?” She picks her head up. “It’s okay.” I sweep my palm over her face. “Are you in any pain?”

You don’t have to worry about me baby...

“I’ll be alright.” I kiss her forehead and snake my arms around her. “Baby if your not feeling good you need to tell me.” She expresses. “I’ll be fine. You don’t need to worry about me.” I wave off her words. “Don’t do that.” She frowns. “Do what?” I furrow my eyebrows. “Pretend everything’s okay.” She rolls over and out of the bed in nothing, but her purple lace lingerie. “Baby.” I sit up on my elbow. “I wanna fucking kill a bitch for putting my man in critical condition to the point where he can’t go anywhere without me having to carry him. It isn’t fair. You should be able to get out of the bed whenever you want and have a bite to eat, but you can’t and it makes me angry. So damn angry.” A single tear slides down her cheek.

“Ana it wasn’t your fault.” I try to swing my legs over the bed, but pain washes over my nerves and electrifies a burning sensation over them. “Zayn don’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself.” She scolds. “I don’t like seeing you cry.” I push her towards me by her midriff. “I’m upset Zayn.” She tries to get free from my iron grip by pushing against my chest, but I pull us both on the bed. “Baby look at me.” I cup her face.

She downcast her eyes to the floor. “Ana please.” She tries to avoid my gaze, but I grab her chin gently and turn her towards me. “I’ll be okay before you know it. Maybe not now, but we’ll get there soon.” I tug her bare thighs onto either side of my lap and push her breast into my upper chest. “I love you.” Her lips collide with mine, breaking my lips open and seeping her warm tongue inside.

“I love you and I hate seeing you in so much pain.” Another tear leaves her eyes and drips onto my hot skin. “We’re gonna be okay. No matter what.” I open up the blankets and cover both of us up. “Let’s try and get some sleep.” I give her a sly smile. “Okay.” She nuzzles her head into my chest before rolling us over slightly. “I love you.” I kiss her forehead. “I love me too.” She grins.


The insult though...

“My heart physically hurts now.” I pout. “Oh cheer up you big baby.” She hits me playfully. “I’m the big baby?” I smirk. Her mouth goes agape and her eyes widen. “That’s it.” She says.

Oh fuck...

She grabs a pillow and launches it at my head. “Jesus Woman!” I have to dodge it before it impales my head. “Baby!” She hits me in the head with another one and I swear my brain flew out the window. “Ana!” Her hands find the tickle spot on my abdomen and she attacks wildly. “Baby!” Our laughter fills the room happily bouncing of the walls and my legs wail all over the place.

I can certainly feel them now...

“Baby! Ana! Babe hold on!” I grab her wrist so she’ll let up and the pain in my legs will hopefully sleep out. “Oh fuck! Zayn!” She gets off of me and jumps from the bed. “Baby I’m sorry! Jesus! Fuck I forgot.” She runs a violent hand down her beautiful face. “It’s okay baby come lie down. I’m not dead, so we’re good.” I chuckle.

“That’s not funny.” She throws a pillow at me. “Would this make you feel better.” I cup her jaw and give her a kiss so deep her feet fall onto the bed. “Shit.” I roll her beneath me even though the burning in my legs reminds me that I can barely function, but I just want her.

To feel her...

“If you think you can just kiss me like that and have me go to sleep afterwards, it isn’t gonna happen.” Her thumb lingers on my bottom lip as she bucks her hips into me. “Oh fuck.” My legs buckle under me. “Are you okay?” She asks. “Baby stop worrying about me. I’m a grown ass man.” I capture her lips again, careful to sit on my knees comfortably in between her legs. “Zayn not right now. I’m sore.” I leave of a trail of desirable kisses down her neck to her collarbone as she squirms under me. “Even more reason to do it that way I can carry you around the house.” I smirk. “Unless you want to clean up period blood and besides you can’t carry me.” She deadpans me.

“Well shit.”

I hear her giggle adorably. “So not fair. Isn’t period s*x supposed to be the best?” I ask. She shrugs. “I don’t know. Never tried it simply because my vagina is cramping.” She runs her hands along my back. “First time for everything.” I grin. “Not cool babe.” She pouts.

It’s so damn cute!

“Is it because you have a tampon in?” I ask. I hear her audibly gasp. “YOU CAN’T JUST ASK A WOMAN THAT BABE!” She shrieks.

There goes my earwax...

“Jesus.” I massage my ear drums. “Even if I did I wouldn’t tell you because then you’d try to pull it out so you can put your cock in.” She crosses her arms. “Well...yeah obviously.” I wave my hand in the air. “Really babe?” She hits me on my arm. “Does it hurt that bad?” I ask.

“I’m supposed to be worrying about you, not you worrying about me.” She says. “Babe I’m literally going to sleep on the couch if you say that one more time.” I grit my teeth. I’m not weak. I’m a grown man who take care of himself. Yeah it hurts to walk, but I’ll be fine. “Do you want me to pull it out?” I ask.

“Do you even know how to pull them out?” She shyly smiles. “I’ll figure it out in the next five seconds.” I clap and rub my hands together to create friction. “Lemme take off my underwear so it doesn’t get blood on them and you can pull it out as much as your little heart desires.” She rolls her eyes.


“Alright here.” She spreads her legs wide. “It’s a damn string? The fuck?” I ask. “I’m not the damn manufacturer babe.” She digs her hips into the mattress. “I’m afraid to even pull it. Your vagina may come with.” She busts out laughing. “Well you better hope the string doesn’t break and stay in me forever. Wouldn’t that be a bummer.” She wiggles her eyebrows. “So not cute babe.” I grab ahold of the string.

“Here goes nothing.” I inhale a breath and tug on the string hard. “FUCK!” Her hips buck as the tampon comes loose. “Well then ladies and gentlemen that’s how you take out your girlfriends tampon.” I smile.

This is fucking disgusting...

“Throw it away I don’t want to see it!” She blocks her eyes. “How do you think I feel.” I gag and hold my nose while dumping it in the trash next to the bed. “I’ll take that out in the morning.” I hold the nausea in my stomach. “Are you quite satisfied now? My legs are wide open.” She scowls. “Essentially happy.” I kiss her lower stomach. “Do not put your finger inside me. I don’t want to see blood on your finger.” She squirms uncomfortably.

“Babe that’s why we have condoms.” I reach over to my nightstand. “I swear if you have an entire box-“ She’s cut off when I pull out two full boxes of condoms. “Chocolate or Vanilla?” I ask. “Do I look like a vanilla bitch to you?” I crack up at that. “Chocolate it is.” I hover over her. “Are you sure?” She asks. “Certainly.” I grin.

This is gonna be fun...
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