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My tears stream down my face, churning my stomach into painful knots the further I run out the doors and into the chilly wind outside. The reoccurring image of that kiss replaying over and over in my mind punishing my emotions. “Anastasia!” I hear him yell. “Leave me the fuck alone!” I yell out through the air that starts to suffocate my burning lungs.

“Baby please what you saw wasn’t real!” He grabs my arm. “Don’t fucking touch me!” I choke on my tears. “Anastasia it wasn’t my fault! She kissed me!” I try to escape his grip, but he’s too damn strong for me to fight off. “Baby.” He grips my chin. “Don’t.” I push against his chest.

“Anastasia I’m sorry. You have to believe me.” I scoff at him. “Believe you!” He lets me go at arms length, not letting me leave his sight as the knife in my chest slices my heart right open and tears it to pieces on the pavement. “What can I do to fix this?” He asks with glossy eyes.

“Nothing.” I let the tears crash down my face which has tiny water droplets on it from the drizzling rain coming down on me. “Baby?” He grabs waist protectively, trying to get a grip on the collapsing ground below our relationship. “I’m fine.” I shove against him, but he won’t have it. “Ana please. Look at me.” I dart my tear drenched orbs to his. “What! What do you want me to say!” I shout. “What do you want me to do! I just saw you kiss her and you expect me to forgive you just like that?” I snap my fingers together.

“Ana I would never do that to you. You have to know that.” He grasps my face in his palms. “Do I?” The twisting and turning of my intestines inside my core ignites a shredded feeling of guilt in my veins that spreads over my shard heart. “Yes you do. Who else would I go to hell and back for if it meant being with you forever?” He asks.

My chest rips right open at his revolting words, shoving the lump in my throat down my esophagus that threatens the gagging thoughts swarming in my head. “Ana your the only woman I’ll ever want. You have to know that.” He kisses me hard as too not let my lips escape his.

“You can’t just say things like that to me when it happened right in front of my face!” I break our lips apart. “Nothing happened! She apologized to me by kissing me off guard and I didn’t even have time to react!” He justifies. “You didn’t have time to react? Seriously?” I gape at him. I waste no more time marching over to the car in a haste to leave his presence.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere!” He grabs my waist and shoves me up against the car. “Get away from me!” I shout. “Your not going anywhere until I fix this!” He hollers back. “Good luck doing that!” I bark out. “Just let me fucking explain Anastasia!” His eyes ignite in fury. “You better start talking or I’m walking all the way home!” I give him an outstanding ultimatum.

“She said she wanted to apologize. I had no idea she was gonna kiss me Ana. If I did do you think I would have kissed her back? No I wouldn’t have because I already have the one woman in my life that I want.” His explanation stomps on whatever doubt I had, twisting up my emotions in the out of my stomach.

“That’s the truth. The whole truth. I swear.” He cups my face. “It better be or next time something like this happens I’ll never, ever come back home again. That is a fucking promise Zayn.” I slam the car door in his face.
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