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I had zero fucking intention of even coming to this club if Spencer hadn’t nearly thrown a hissy fit over my almost absence. “I hate you.” I spat at him. His unruly hair was all over the place and the gray suit was obviously dry cleaned before he came here. I swear he is a clean freak. “You hate me now, but wait for later.” Spencer smirks and shoves his hands in his pockets. “I’m going to get a beer.” I say, but he grabs my arm and swings me around like a rag doll. Seriously dude? “Spence what the fu-“ I immediately shut up as the sexiest woman in the club catches my attention.

Holy shit...

“Is that?” He asks. “That’s Anastasia.” My mouth goes dry and my pants get extremely hard. Her ass is so fucking huge and her breasts are pushed up. My manhood is literally about to come undone. “You look like an idiot right now.” Spencer laughs. I punch him in the arm. What an asshole. “I deserved that.” He says and I grin. “Yeah you fucking asshole.” I say. My eyes shift to where Anastasia is and my pants get even tighter. It has to be the gold and the fact that the dress she has on hugs her like latex. Damn. Sexy had a whole new definition now. “Are you going to continue to stand here or go and talk to the woman?” Spencer jokes. I push down my overactive blush to prevent Spencer from seeing, but obviously time isn’t on my side.

“Oh my god! The devil is nervous!” Spencer starts waving around like an idiot. “Come on man.” I say. “Uh uh. We’re going over there. Because man her friends ass.” Spencer says. “Spence! Just because you think it doesn’t mean you can say it!” I scold, but he laughs and then drags my ass all the way over to where Ana and her friend are.

I’m assuming that’s Brityn. “Hello ladies.” Spencer says with a fake accent. If this night could go any worse with that damn accent of his, I’ll kill him. “Hey Zayn.” Ana says. Oh My God. That smile. “Hey Ana.” I say holding down the rising salvia in my throat. “Mind if we join you?” Spencer asks and I kick him in the shin. I’m already nervous as it is and earlier it was much worse. “Of course! Ana wants to hang with Zayn!” Brityn says and Ana spits her water out. She turns to the wall in embarrassment and it’s a little cute. Oh fuck me it’s adorable. “Nice I’ll go get some shots and Mr. Devil a beer because he doesn’t like tequila.” Spencer says. I scrunch my nose. “It tastes like ass.” I say. “And how do you know what that tastes like?” Brit questions. Shit. “Rather not answer that.” I feel blush creep onto my face. “Well imma go with Spence.” Brit says and he wraps his arm around her waist. Damn he’s really going for it.

About ten minutes and awkward seconds later Ana finally speaks. “You look incredibly handsome by the way.” She compliments. I grin. “Would you expect anything less?” I smirk and her face goes bright red. “I-I...well I...I’m gonna shut up.” She says. This is too adorable. “It’s okay because you look sexy as fuck tonight.” I say and she holds her mouth. I slide into the both next to her and wrap my hand around her waist. I’m not gonna tell Spencer that I’m taking a page out of his book. Not fucking happening. “T-Thank y-you.” Ana stammers. I pull her closer to me and her breathing spikes. Yup it worked, thanks Spence. “Here we go!” Brit slams the tray down and hands Ana her shot. “I’m good. I already had one.” Ana says. “Don’t be a little bitch.” Brit says and Ana glares at her. She snatches the shot and downs that shit so fast my head spins. “There you go!” Brit says, but then Ana steals all of the shots. “Wow.” Brit says. “Someone needs a drink.” Spencer laughs.

“Don’t be a pussy Brit. Go get another shot.” Ana laughs. Damn someone’s feisty. Brit chuckles. “Gladly.” She runs off and comes back in record time. “3...2...1.” They clink and down it. Hot. “Let’s go dance!” Ana suggests. Brit’s eyes go wide. “Dibs on Brit!” Spence grabs Brit and they shuffle to the dance floor. I’m here left with Anastasia and I have a hard on. Really Spence? “You coming?” Ana asks. “I don’t know. Don’t really know how to dance in a club.” Suddenly Ana wraps her legs around my lap and straddles me; her breath fanned against my neck and sent cool shivers down my spine.

Oh shit...

“I can teach you.” She purrs in my ear. She moves her hips against me and I suck in a breath. “Let’s test that theory.” I say as I bite my lip and she bites my ear lobe. Tequila is clearly working it’s course. “You won’t be able to resist.” Ana giggles. I don’t oblige, but put her over my shoulder and she yelps. “Zayn put me down!” She hollers over the loud ass music. “Not a chance.” I laugh. We got on the floor and I set her down. I’m not letting her out of my sight now. Hell no. I turn her around and flush her against my body.

It’s about to get steamy in here…

“Z-Zayn.” She stammers. She’s clearly nervous even though she just straddled me no less than two minutes ago and I have zero idea what to do. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get epilepsy before this night is over with all of the moving lights. “Ana! Nadie Como Yo!” Brit calls and Ana’s eyes light up. What have I gotten myself into? Ana grate’s her hips into me and I hold my breath once again. She digs her nails into my side and I release an animal growl. Anastasia starts reciting the lyrics in English and then all of the sudden she’s speaking Spanish like it’s her second language. She grinds herself against me and a bass drops. Ana put’s her arms in the air and makes movements with the melody of the music. I wrap my hands around her waist and grind back into her to remind her of her previous action’s. I’m in complete shock as Ana sings the song in Spanish and it’s the most beautiful sound in the world. Then Ana begins to gnash her hips again and smash her bottom against me more urgently.

I’m her prisoner.

Jesus this woman.

My pants are tight and Ana is so beautiful under the lighting. Or breathing becomes ragged together and we’re both dirty dancing with each other.

Anastasia is very expressive when she’s drunk...

Ana and Brit continue to sing the song and Ana releases fully as she granulates against me and shifts her hips as each lyric is said. “Nadie Como Yo!” Ana shouts and lifts her arms to dance more freely. I’m so compressed right now it’s not even funny and this woman just makes me want to take her right here and right now in front of all these people. “Nice bro.” Spencer whisper’s in my ear. “I’m hard as fuck right now man. What the hell do I do?” I ask. His face has a smirk plastered against it. “Go get laid, I don’t know.” He says. “You’re not helping.” I scold. “You’re not helping yourself.” Spencer laughs. The music picks up as the dance floor shifts colors and the lights shift in different shapes and sizes to match the fast pace of the music and then a bass drops loudly and Ana screams for the rest of the song. My eardrums bleed, but it’s worth it because she’s having fun. “I’m gonna get some water.” Brit tells me and I nod. “Take care of her.” Brit instructs.

I whip Ana around to face me and the music surrounding the club shifts to a softer song. She begins to do a salsa maneuver as I memorize every crescent and shape of Ana’s facial features before she lays her face against my chest. “That was fun.” She laughs. I push her further against me and once again it was like the hour we were in that gym. Bodies close, lips almost touching and breathing in one. The things’ this woman does to me. “You’re so beautiful.” I tell her. She smiles. “And your hotttt as fuckkkk.” She says and instantly her eyes go wide at what she said. “I must be really drunkkkk.” Ana slurs. “I got you.” I say. Brit comes back with a full bottle of water and Spencer keeping her center.

“Heeyyyyy guysssss.” Brit slurs. Oh no. “Brit how much did you have?” Spence asks. “More than Anaaaaa. Sevennnnn shooootssss.” She grins. Ana is still dancing against me and making me bulge with every passing second. “I’m gonna take Brit home. Where do you live?” Spence asks. “Ttttaaakkke Annnnnaaaa, Z-Zaynn.” Brit says and Spencer grabs Brit before she face plants. “Let’s get these ladies home.” He nods his head. “Definitely.” I confirm. I take Ana in my arms in a bridal style. “Zayn what are you doingggggggg.” Ana slurs again. “Taking you home before you get sick.” I tell her and she snuggles her head into my chest. I carry Ana to my Bugatti and lay her down in the backseat because she is going to have a killer headache in the morning.

“I have zero idea where Ana lives, so I’m going to take her my place and take care of her when she wakes.” Spencer nods. “Brit where do you live?” I ask. “Youuuu won’tttt be ableee to gett innnn.” Brit slurs and then shifts her head to vomit on the concrete. At least we’re outside. “I’ll take Brit to my place. Let her sleep it off.” Spencer says. I give him a nod and slip into the driver’s seat when I hear Anastasia’s soft snoring. If it was a different circumstance I would comfort her, but she needs sleep. So here we go. The engine roars to life and I Tokyo drift onto the road to my place.

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