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After arguing back and fourth between sexy and hot dresses, I jumped into Brit’s black Ferrari and huffed a hot breath. “I don’t know how the dress I picked out wasn’t sexy.” I say. For lord sakes the dress was purple with leather material and ties at the side of the dress holding it together.

At any moment something was going inevitably going to fall out. “Bitch please, that dress is something my grandma would wear to the strip club.” Brit retorts. My eyes go wide as I look at her. “It’s leaves nothing to the imagination!” I holler. “If you keep yelling I’m gonna make sure you leave nothing to the imagination.” Brit confirms.

I sighed and sulked into the seat of the car. I blazed into the glass of the window and thought to myself. I should be at our compound, training and throwing daggers at a practice sheet. I should be shooting off practice rounds and blocking the horrendous sounds from my ears, but instead I’m going to a club.

Where did I go wrong?

“Ring!” My phone started having a seizure in my pocket.

“Who the hell is that?” Brit asked and I had no idea. I looked down at the screen and gasped. Why is my boss calling me? “It’s boss.” I say. “Put it in the cup holder. I’ll stay quiet.” Brit instructs. I answer the phone and put my phone on speaker.

“Hey boss. What’s up?”

“Is Brityn with you?”


“Well I have another contract obligation for tomorrow morning. Anastasia I know you don’t have work tomorrow, but I need this taken care of.”

“I can take over for Anastasia tomorrow. Just tell me where to set up the sniper and I’ll do the contract.”

Brit’s words shocked the hell out of me. Doing the sniper thing wasn’t easy and I didn’t want her to get hurt. Her being an assassin on the field was easier than being in the line of fire.

“Okay I have a plan.”

“What do you suggest Anastasia?”

“I suggest that we wait until the sniper has to be done. The longer we linger, the more it will distract the Mafia rival of the Italians and throw the Spanish one off. If they think we’re just going to come and kill automatically that won’t serve well for Brityn. Just call me when absolutely necessary.”

“Alrighty we’ll do that, but as soon as Brit calls you, you use the Lamborghini and hall your ass over there.”


“Thank you ladies. If your going out please be responsible and keep your eye open at the club for the Mafia rival. They could be anywhere.”

“Thank you boss.”

I ended the call and looked over to Brit. “What the hell?” Brit asked. “I don’t know, but we need to keep an eye out.” Brit said. “Definitely.” I answered. “You especially because your with Zayn. I know your an assassin and he’s the mafia leader, but one wrong move and we’ll all die trying to protect the mafia.” Brit said. I gave her a concerned expression. She was right. Being with Zayn made me an easy target, but I could protect myself. I’ve been doing it for fourteen years. “Alright I will.” I say.
“I’m serious Ana. Protect you and Zayn.” Brit said. “I promise.” I said.

“Now put your foot on the gas and stomp on it. I’m in the mood for partying now so don’t spoil it.” I said. “That’s my girl.” Brit slammed on the gas pedal and zoomed down the streets of New York City. Every building and street sign became a blur until we reached the grassy and forest surrounded house Brit lives in with a gate. A fucking gate.

“Brityn Long.” Brit announced and the person at her gate let us through. We pushed passed all of the trees and hilly greenery until we reach her humongous ass house. “Nothings changed since last week.” I joke. The house still looked the same with stone on the exterior and large glass windows from floor to ceiling revealing her plain black hardwood floors and delicate white furniture.

Brit is a woman of simplistic taste. “I had my rose bushes trimmed down.” She says. The rose bushes were blooming this time of the year and the had never looked more beautiful. The vibrant red gleaming against the rays of the sun. “Their beautiful.” I commented. “I sure hope so or that gardener is gonna get an ear full.” Brit laughed. We parked the car in her huge four car garage and slipped inside her house were she turned on the lights and the big crystal chandelier lit up the rest of the house.

“I still don’t understand why you need four garages.” I teased. “Because Ana, I’m a hostess. If want four garages, then imma get four f-ing garages.” Brit states. I chuckle at her and begin to walk up her staircase that cascades around in a circle up into her second floor. The foyer was huge once I reached the top and her banisters were lit with white lights. “Nice Brit.” I complimented.

“Yeah whatever. I don’t like them.” She answered disgusted. “Why? Don’t you love the simple things?” I tease her again. “Okay I’m not that basic.” She rolls her eyes. “Sure...” I whisper as I walk into her bedroom. I open her French double doors and walk straight into her closet to raid it of ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ clothes. “I heard that Anastasia!” She yells behind me.

I shuffle between each dress and millions upon millions of shoes to find something dramatic. “The gold one would look hot on you.” Brit comments. “I was going for something more low profile. How about the leather one?” I ask. It was a deep blood red with an opening all the way down the side similar to the purple dress I picked out earlier. “What is it with you and leather?” Brit asked. I shrug my shoulders. “I like the way it feels.”

“More like you like the way it makes your ass and boobs look.” Brit jokes. “Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t.” I retort. I turn around and continue searching for a dress with a huge smirk on my face. I scanned the racks and racks, still finding nothing until Brit makes my ear drums ring.


My ears are bleeding.

“What the hell dress is it?” I ask. “It’s still gold, but oh girl it got one ruffled sleeve and it’s thigh length.” Brit encourage’s. “It’s pretty, but better on you.” I say. “I look like a walking baboon in this.” Brit crosses her arms and glared at me. “Why did you buy it then?” I ask. “It looked appealing on the rack.

Now stopping asking me so many damn questions and put that damn dress on before I strangle you. I can pair it with a black heel.” Brit scolds. I sigh and roll my eyes as I walk into her bathroom and strip myself of my un-revealing clothing. “Hurry up!” Brit yells from outside the door. I huff at hot breath and slam my clothes on her clean marble counters.

Once the dress is on I feel like I’m suffocating. This thing fits tighter than a glove and literally hugs my ass and pushes my breast up. Fucking shit Brit. “Well when you told me you’d leave nothing to the imagination you weren’t kidding!” I say sarcastically.

Brit opens the bathroom door wide and her eyes nearly come out of their sockets. “For an assassin you look like a drink of water ready the be downed in one gulp. For Ana...DAMN GIRL I SEE YOU!” Brit says.

I smile as I take a glance in the mirror. The left sleeve was ruffled up along the side of the dress and it was really tight. Latex is no joke that’s for sure. “I have zero idea what to do with my hair.” I pout. Brit walks over and starts rummaging through every drawer known to man full of curling irons, flat irons and make-up. “Allow me.” She assess my mob on my head and puts a comb between her teeth. “Is this really necessary?” I pout.

Brit shushes me as she plugs in the flat iron and sections off my extremely black hair. Recently I’ve thought of dying it and I really wanted an ombré, pink effect. Like a cherry blossom on fire. “If Zayn comes to the club we’re at, he’s going to forget his name when he sees you.” Brit sits me in a chair and faces me away from the mirror. “Brit whatever your thinking, stop thinking it.” I try to persuade her, but she clicks her tongue at me. “You’re going to look sexy tonight and your going to love it, so shut up and let me do my job.” Brit scolds me.

No later than an hour goes by and Brit is jumping up and down in excitement. Oh no what did she do to me? “Brit I’m scared.” I say covering my eyes from the mirror. “Stop being a pussy and open your eyes.” Brit yells at me. I sigh and reveal myself to me in the mirror and my mouth drops.

My hair is so beautiful with every follicle straightened to perfection and a gorgeous braid bun on top. I traced my hand over my face and examined the bright gold and bold black eyeshadow against my eyelids. I had never looked more hot in my entire life until this moment. “Your silent so I assume your shocked at my artist skills.” Brit gloats.

I smile.

“It’s great Brit thank you.” I say appreciatively. “Good now I gotta get dressed. Pick whichever black shoes you like. I already have mine.” Brit instructs. I silently walk into her closet and search for the right heel when my eyes land on a completely decked out in black diamonds pair of heels. Before I can even overthink it I grab them and slip them on my feet.

“Well I didn’t expect you to go that bold, but I like it.” Brit compliments. I blush slightly and grab a black clutch with a bow to put my phone and wallet in. “Ready to go?” I ask and she nods. Her face has the full dusty rose effect to match her pink gown with a slit on the right leg. It suits her. “Yeah let’s get out of here. I need a drink and some feet killing dancing.” Brit jokes.

I laugh with her and we get inside of her white Lamborghini. What is it with this woman and white? And why are we taking her Lamborghini? “Brit why are we in this car?” I ask as she gives the gate personnel her ID. “Because. The club were going too requires us to look the part.” Brit shrugs off as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“Fine. Let’s just get this party started already.” I say and soon enough we’re flying by the Empire State Building and China town until we reach the most fancy club I’ve ever seen. The place was decked out with bright multicolor lights and music was booming from the loud bass. “Here we are now let’s loose our minds.” Brit squeals and shows the chauffeur at the front door our ID’s. He automatically lets us in without a second glimpse and Brit shrieks.

“I’m gonna get a drink! I’ll meet you at whatever table you want.” Brit says and I nod. She practically had to yell at me over the loud music. I weaved through the crowd and blinding lights in every direction till I found a small booth and sat down. Brit shortly arrived after that to get our drinks. “One tequila shot for you and one for me.” Brit clinked our glasses together and the liquid burned down my throat.

“Want another?” She asks and I nod. “Let’s celebrate.” I say. She looks confused. “Celebrate what?” She asks me. I smirk over the lights as a handsome ass figure lands in my line of sight. Liquid courage will be needed tonight. “We’re celebrating two sexy ass men who just walked in.” I say and Brit’s smile grows wide. “Oh BITCH, this gonna be fun.”
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