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-"A Bts SUGA fanfic"

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Chapter 1

I stood Infront of the huge ass building nervous about my every step towards the place, I felt insecure about myself the sound of heels clicking on the shiny tiles making me more uncomfortable, everyone around me looking at me with a disgusting look...
What did you expect who would even like to talk to an underprivileged girl wearing baggy sweatshirt with a peice of loose sweatpants... Not to mention her torn socks...
If I were one of them the same question would also be in my mind like
"Who the hell is she?-"
"Ew... look at that gross hair -"
"How did she even enter here-"
Well, I used to live in an orphanage but my other mates found themselves som jobs and got settled...
But I had dreams to achieve so I kept studying luckily I got a scholarship here but that doesn't pays my other spending so I gor thrown out of the orphanage...
The were also correct they couldn't feed an 18 year old grown up lady forever... I got an apartment Ofcourse a one room I don't have enough to pay for food my bills are pending so I started working at a cafe nearby which would barely help...
I would be kicked out of my apartment in a day or two but I have the heaven above watching over me that would guide me no matter what...
I brushed off all my thoy and went in...
As I set foot on the glossy tile I felt burning gaze of many people digging right into my skin I was getting nervous with every whisper the only words going inside were my mother’s words…
“It’s nothing”
“Calm down, It’s nothing”
“It’s alright it’s going to be just fine ”
I filled myself up with courage and plastered a genuine smile on my face. I went to a bossy looking girl asking-
“u-umm can can I may-maybe k-know whe-where is th-the pri-principle’s off-”
“Excuse me you gross girl, can you speak atleast one sentence without stuttering”
The girl beside her said cutting my words, the other girl added…
“Eww… Is that, the cheap 99 cent perfume you are wearing? can you, you know, maintain at least a two meter distance from us cause you smell like a rotten dead rat…”
I just looked down and unknowingly a tear left my eye… the girls snort and scoff, one of them said rolling her eyes-
“Wait are you now going to be a crybaby…”
They all started fake crying, suddenly a voice was heard…
“Yah! Michelle!”
Another girl came speed walking towards us… oh… so her name is Michelle…
The girl saw me and asked…
“Are you Celine?”
I just shakenly nod, she held my hand and pulled me behind her she looked at michelle with a furious look…
“What the hell Michelle??!?”
She asked being furious-
“so, you are her savior, huh?”
She replied confidentially…
“oh do shut up! If I see you around her ever again I’ll see you in the office, understood?”
She said raising her voice making me jump up… as I see both of them argue behind the girls back Michelle saw that and smirked looking at me she leaned at my face and-
I flinched and hid myself behind her getting more scared of her…
“what a scaredy cat? I don’t know why are you caring for this poor bitch lily? she doesn’t belong here…”
She commented lily looked at me with caring and loving eyes and said-
“Look here you bitch! Stay away from her or else I will chew off your fucking head”
Michelle said as she was about to slap her but soon the period bell interrupted her and all of the students started to disperse and lily turned to me wiping of my tears saying-
“be strong bae, these bitches won’t refer to your tears”
We both laughed as she gave me my time table “H-how?” I mumbled as she said…
“Duh… got it from the principles desk… now come on it’s chemistry lecture now…”
We were sitting on our seats when the teacher entered wishing a good morning which the other students returned… the teacher eyed every student carefully as she said “so where is the new student…?” I hesitantly raised my hand and there we go… I knew what was coming…
“okay, so come and introduce yourself… to your classmates…”
I gulped a huge lump and walked up to the front as I was about to go michelle again tripped me making all the students laugh though lily glared at her… I gathered all the courage and went to the front I was about to start when- the gate slammed open and a cute looking guy entered the class… the teacher boiled with anger… saying “Mi-” she stopped when the guy gave her a glare she gulped and said “I mean SUGA why are you late??!? That too again??!?”
That’s when his dark deep orbs met mine…and I kinda got lost in them…
I was late again while opening the classroom door I smirked to myself… well she wouldn’t dare schold me… I entered and she boiled saying “Mi-” but my strong gaze reminded her of what she was a about to say…then she continued her speech while I smirked in satisfaction…I was about to answer her stupid question… when my eyes fell on something…
Her beautiful hazel eyes melting my heart blinking just like the stars in the night sky… her cute nose which would scrunch everytime she would fix her goggles those rose petal lips giving her that heavenly touch and lastly…
Those dark brown hair tied up in a messy bun with the wing caressing them, not to mention those cute bangs framing her face all of this just made me whisper…
Seeing a new face I walked closer and asked as politely as I could
“Are you new?”
She immediately looked down preventing any kind eye contact which I hated… not to bluff but I got addicted to those hazel eyes… she just nodded in response…
“What’s your name…”
“She was just about to introduce herself…”
The teacher said interrupting my cute little conversation… I just sighed in frustration and sat on the last seat as usual… the teacher gestured her to start… I could feel her nervousness… she gulped hard and said…
“H-hi… my n-name is Ce-Celine Kim I like m-making friends-”
“did we ask?”
The lab filled with laughter when Michelle asked one of her stupidest question… anger build inside me when her eyes filled with tears I banged my palm on the table making all the laughter stop, I looked at her with aa assuring smile… she sadly smiled at m-me back, woah! I- my heart skipped a beat I smiled to myself thinking…
“this girl is something…something special”
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