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The Broken Ones

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Chapter 2


I met an anxious-looking Brad at the nurses’ station. The pen tapping stopped as soon as he spotted me.

“I thought that you would be upstairs staring at your wife’s vagina by now.” I said stopping in front of him.

“You smell like sweat and smoke.”

“I didn’t get a chance to shower, it was a grab and go kind of morning.” I said lifting my bag.

“Jesus Justin will you ever change.” his usual admonishment.

“Lucky for you, not anytime soon. You should probably get going, Marley is expecting you.”

The anxious look took over once more. “Thanks mate, I appreciate it. I will owe you plenty.” he shouted capturing a few curious glances at us both while he sprinted towards the elevator.

“Damn right about that.” I laughed and shook my head.

I noted that the nurse was staring at me. Pupils dilated, cheeks red and chest heaving. I was a known arsehole, but she still wanted me. I will never understand women. “Morning,” I winked and her breathing stopped.

“Doctor Connors,” she said squeakily. Yup, she definitely wanted me, but I usually left trouble at home, I didn’t need that kind of drama at work.

I grabbed a shower and slipped into scrubs and a white coat. There was nothing much going on in trauma bay. I just finished suturing an arm that got busted in a bar fight when I heard the ambulance roll in.

"Finally, action.” I muttered. “Nurse finish dressing this, I will see what is going on outside.” I said as I flicked off the gloves and exited from behind the curtain.

I walked up to the EMTs. “What do we have?” I asked.

“Woman mid to late twenties involved in a road-traffic accident. Has multiple lacerations to the face and neck, possibly a mild concussion. A broken femur and humerus and possibly some cracked ribs on the left. Vitals have remained fairly stable, but her blood pressure is 100/60 mmHg. She was bolused and two bags of saline are going.”

I listened to the chest, breath sounds were good and heartbeat still strong. I percussed along the ribs. No haemo or pneumothorax then at least not large ones.

“Get her to radiology and page whichever resident is on with me and also on ortho. Call the blood bank to get at least six units ready and phone O.T.” I said to the nurse beside me.

“Dave,” muttered the woman.

“Everything is going to be alright miss. You had an accident and are at the hospital. We are going to take very good care of you.” said a nurse.

“Dave,” she muttered once more.

“Dave?” I asked.

“That must be the husband. He didn’t make it. They were coming from their wedding reception I think.” said the EMT.

It was then that I noticed the bundles of white satin stained with blotches of red cut up around her. She was in a wedding dress.

I looked at her face once more. It was bandaged and slightly swollen, but when she opened her eyes, I froze.

I knew those eyes. I knew her.

This was the woman that had saved my life.

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