Mafia QUEEN🎲

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About two girls that are powerful but one does not know🎲🌺

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Somethings to know

-It’s about two girls but one of them is to bad for the other one so they get hurt because there always has to be some ass hoe they the see good and they have to fuck things .🌺

-I will put so songs so you can feel like your in the story my cupcakes 🌺

-Things that will be in the story-



- bullying


- lesbian love

-If you don't fuck with the LGBT please try the 1st chapter and see for your self you don't have to be gay , bi , lesbian to read.. We are all different right . :)🌺

Please if you want to you can try to be a ass hoe of my own life please and you will know that I am the devils wife so please try🌺

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