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A story about a free spirit learning love through music.

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Chapter 1; The Siren's Melody

"Welcome to L-13 cafe we have a special on the hombrew section today. Which was hand made by Seven herself. Hope everyone enjoys the show."

As people gather at tables and seats getting ready for the show arranged for this night. The stage was being set up as the lights got lowered down. The quiet in the cafe around this time was always impressive to new and older visitors. Everyone was always waiting patiently for Seven's appearance and once everything had settled down and was set up properly it was almost time to begin.

I will never get use to the amount of people who come here to listen to me. I add no words to my melodies I just start with a sound an it drifts and connects in perfect harmony. For some people it makes them forget about the stress of the day and for others it brings them a little peace of mind to make better decisions. What I do is sometimes called magic the way it affects people In such a positive way. They can call it what they like as long as I can bring joy to those here tonight. Taking a seat in this familiar barstool I slowly feel myself drifting into a certain state. Before I begin like every other time I cast my eyes on the crowd to see all the faces and try to imagine what they came for. That is how I draw up my melodies and from that first sound it flows like water. One final breath calmly taken I begin to let the melody roll forth.

Calming at first the melody Carry's on to a deeper sound, almost saddening. Time seeming to all but stop for everyone inside this little cafe as they get lost in the melody produced. The melody drifts freely around changing ever so subtly never missing a single second. I feel my eyes get heavy but I know I am only getting lost in the melody being presented to everyone here. My voice doesn't crack or change it adjusts perfectly to the changes of the melody.

While getting lost in my own sound I recall my life previously. I was a foster kid so I had no parent's, the temporary family's never lasted either. I was to free and energetic which people had trouble handling. The world was my playground so I ran with the wind, eventually I was old enough to enter the world alone. I found my voice a week after departing my foster home, the streets I walked by often was filled with musicians. Different instrument's to produce a different sound and I soon found myself singing to the melodies I heard. What started out as my own melody soon brought in elements from the surrounding area, the sound of a violin and some guitar's. I managed to pull those sounds into my melodies and before I realized it everyone was staring at me entranced.

That was the first time I felt emotional inside, my melodies brought forth joy to everyone who listened. This made me happy and after that I visited the musicians corner every day to join in with the others. My life didn't have much color and everyone around me seemed colorful, my melodies brought out a brighter color of each individual. I visited this area everyday and eventually I learned the names of the other musicians, but we all went our separate ways at the end of the day. But after four day's the musicians corner was shut down because business had been disturbed by our music. And that was the last time I seen any of the other musicians, but life was like that and I was okay with that.

For the next three year's I wandered the streets, sometimes looking for a job other times new melodies. I lived at a homeless shelter which fitted me perfectly and when I decided to work was by a daily basis. My freedom was so precious so I made sure I treasured it everyday. One day I made my way down a backstreet and at the end of the corner was a Cafe, something just pulled me towards it. Stepping inside the colors of the staff and few patrons felt like a deep sad blue, the aura inside of this cafe was depressing. I sat down and ordered a tea but as I waited i continued looking around, I felt a Melody inside of me bubbling up to the surface slowly. Once the waitress placed my tea down I took a few moments to collect myself and feel the atmosphere around me. That is when my voice carried out this was the most powerful melody I have ever sung. I have had many moments to let my melodies cry out but this was different, this was the first time I felt sadness and my melody translated everyone's sadness into peace.

No matter the troubles they had I wanted to desperately convey my melodies to them. The entire Cafe went silent and still as everyone became entranced, I conveyed everything I felt and learned in this world. Turning the sadness they felt into a feeling of hope and slowly everyone here had a change in color, I was finally bringing them back from that cold sadness. My melodies even brought in more people who tried to be as quiet as possible while they ordered. This Cafe became busy and even so no one made more noise then necessary as they tuned into my melodies. I carried my melodies for an hour and when the sound finally faded I received a soft clap from everyone, so many smiles and happy faces really warmed me. As they had begun closing the owners pulled me to the side to thank me and they explained the situation. Apparently this cafe was on the verge to being closed because they couldn't keep the customer's flowing in since they had so much competition. The owners where a brother Danny and the sister Kate they looked much happier then when I first came in. But like most of the people i have met I told them I am glad I could help lift the spirits in some way and then I went on my way.

The next three days kept me busy as I tried to work some odd jobs, I didn't have much use for money but it felt nice to do something active. One night when I went back to my temporary home I was told tonight was the last night the doors would be open. Apparently the building was sold for a substantial amount of money, but nothing lasts for ever so I gathered everyone staying here tonight. This would be the last time they would hear my melodies so I sung till everyone feel asleep. And just like that it's time to move on again new faces await and new melodies to discover are on the horizon for me I'm sure. That morning I walked around the city seeing where I could sleep that coming night.

But when I visited one of the daily jobs I worked at I seen Kate again. When we sat down to talk she started crying but she told me they had been happy tears, because she finally found me. Apparently she's been looking for me ever since that day at the cafe, when I didn't come back the next day she set out to find me. The cafe had people asking about me and if I would be preforming but unfortunately they had to tell them I was just a customer. Kate told me about her outburst to her customers declaring she would find and bring me back, that really made me laugh and ultimately I decided to follow her back to the cafe. It was late but Danny was happy to see me again to and that's when I agreed to work at the cafe on my time.

The timer set by the staff begins to buzz softly signaling an end to the night, and bringing me back from my memories. So i bring the melody down slowly until it fades out fully. The silence only lasts briefly as the sound of soft claps echos the place. I give them a smile and a small bow before I shuffle off backstage. And soon the cafe returns to normal before closing up for the night fully. Kate brought me a bottle of water like she did every night I preformed. She and I have become friends mostly because she didn't wanna leave me alone afraid I might disappear again. I told her that I wouldn't disappear again without giving her a warning but she just pouted and gave me the saddest eyes possible, I couldn't help but smile at her from then on we had many chats. Danny was not much for words on most days but we talked a lot when he was up for it, apparently he was attracted to me much like his sister. This isn't my first encounter with such things but I don't have any experience with feeling those kind of things. Which makes me happy neither expressed this interest to me openly yet, I wouldn't know how to answer if they had. And since I was borrowing a room from them at the cafe I was hoping to keep things not so awkward, because I was still in my free phase.

When I finally entered my room I immediately collapsed on the bed like I did after every performance. This room wasn't large but it wasn't entirely small, but for some reason it sometimes felt like a cage to me. Compared to the shelter I use to stay at this was empty so I could only assume I felt lonely here. Maybe it was time to decorate and bring some life to this room, maybe that would help me feel less lonely and less caged. Like most nights I hummed a Melody to myself till I drifted off to sleep.

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