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Chapter 2; Ever Shifting Winds.

Early morning rising was normal for me I just didn't know why. But at least I could enjoy more of the day so it wasn't terrible. Before any day could begin shower and hygiene was a must. The stuff I have to use was provided by Kate which was nice of her, I really enjoyed the scent she had which sounds really weird. But she had really good taste in soap and shampoo fragrances. I didnt really have much stuff because i didn't wanna carry it with me if i decided to just up and go. But I would need new clothes at some point and I had a steady income so perhaps that will be today's adventure.

After showering and getting ready to start the day I did a little side cleaning in the cafe. Then headed off to the shopping district I had no idea what my style was or what I even looked good in. This part of the city I normally avoided because it was really loud and hard to hear melodies but it had it's perks. Like the wonderful smell of foods and people lots of people, and of course lots of stores for different things. But this place was really lovely so if I wasn't hunting for melodies then being here was really fun just to walk around.

When I entered the first store it was not yet crowded thankfully. I tried on varying outfits but I just couldnt decide on what I liked. Every so often I get indecisive like this and clothing for some reason was the biggest indecision I have ever had. Surprisingly enough Kate was out and had company which made me debate on calling out to her or not. But I did and eventually I was tagging along with them and we visited a lot of stores till Jace had to head home. When me and Kate visited a few clothing stores. I had given up full rights of my clothing choices to Kate and I swore to not complain. To my suprise she had great taste in clothing she liked to mix and match clothing to get the best out of each piece.

I decided to treat her to some of the food cart food as a thank you. We eventually agreed on a hotdog vendor but without a place to sit we decided to eat and walk. We actually ended up touring the city for most of the day taking in sites and visiting parks. She laughed a lot and was enjoying herself I even showed her some places she never knew existed in this city. Eventually it was getting late so we headed back to the cafe before it got dark. Her brother gave us a lecture about being out so late without a warning. But truthfully he was left alone to handle the cafe so he was probably grumpy about that. To make amends I promised him ice cream as an apology which he accepted. Kate had a good idea for a night activity we could all enjoy. For some reason I wanted to dress up for this occasion so I put on one of the outfits Kate really liked. With that we headed off to the mysterious nighttime adventure.

We had talked on the way to the mystery Kate had planned for us. Danny was just as lost as I was on our destination but that was apart of the fun I thought. We ended up walking through the park to the fountain at the center. That's when I saw everyone again,the musicians from the musicians corner. It really made me smile to see them together again, music really brings people together in suprising ways. Apparently Kate met up with Jace again while here which Danny informed me that she was crushing on him. Which I kind of figured from the little time I spent with them earlier. Maybe the attraction I thought she had was just admiration I really wasn't good with this stuff. So I went up to join my Musician friends and we made a musical piece together once more. I danced an let my melodies fill the night sky accompanied by the instruments of my fellow music lovers.

I danced and sung well into the night but like all things an end has to come. When we closed out our musical piece we said our hellos and our goodbyes just like before. I will surely see them again as long as I have music in my heart I'm sure of that. As I headed back to where I left Danny apparently Kate and Jace went off somewhere during my performance. So me and Danmy headed back to the cafe he was really surprised I knew those other musicians. He told me that each of them are actually really famous in this city. I offered a smile and told him that music brings people together in strange ways sometimes.

After we returned to the cafe Danny said his goodnight to me and headed off towards home. Tonight was really fun and I got to spend some time with those two. I kind of hope Kate watched me perform till the end. Still late into the night I had the musical notes in me from earlier so I ended up signing late into the night softly. That's when I heard the cafe door open which surprised me when I realized who had entered. Kate had come here so late at night and she was crying. I guess she didn't notice me at first but I moved to her and wrapped her in a hug which surprised her. But she just kept crying so I held her and gave her a melody as I guided her to my room to lay down. Eventually I soothed her to sleep but just a little longer I continued the melody while I watched her sleep, hoping I could keep the nightmares away this night.

I had no idea why she was crying and I probably could have asked but it did not feel like my place to ask. So I did something only I could do and that was to sing a melody to her and take away her tears with it. She fell asleep curled up close to me I however did not sleep, I just kept my eyes on her while my hand brushed fingers through her hair. Soothing her while she slept let her awake more refreshed in the morning, even though she was embarrassed by everything. She then decided to tell me what happened and like Danny said she was crushing on Jace. He had a girlfriend he wanted to introduce to Kate that night but she didn't know it was gonna be his girl friend. Apparently she didn't tell Jace so she put on a fake smile and endured everything. I never experienced such things personally, Sure with Kate I do strange unexplainable things. Like wear an outfit she really likes on me to a night time event she had planned. But I really just don't have a clue about the heart's wants or needs.

After she got it all out she stayed curled up in my arms a little longer, which I didn't mind it was really nice. Her scent was really intoxicating maybe this is what it meant to have those kind of feelings. I am really not sure but i was content being like this with her. Eventually she asked me a question, why is your name Seven. To be honest I don't even know what my name is. I mean sure you are given a name regardless if it's by birth parents or foster. But for me if it wasn't a name provided by my birth parents then I should create my own name.

I told her that seven came from a story I once read about a woman who loved seven people. Each one had something that set them apart from the next person. She had problems truly conveying her feelings so she never could choose between them. So she sung melodies often which could sometimes be interpreted as her true feelings. But in the end she could never truly tell which she loved more. So she composed seven melodies one night for the seven people she loved. In that same night she disappeared like the wind leaving behind her heart in seven melodies.

I decided on that name because I felt close to her. And if i had to make a choice similar to hers i would have matched her step for step. I don't have experince in love but if I can leave myself in the melodies I sing, I could be happy with that. She told me that must have been a sad story all I could do was smile. She wasn't wrong it was perhaps in a poetic way sad to leave so much of yourself in melodies. I could only hope I did that from all my melodies I have given to people lately

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