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Chapter 4; Two Melodies Beneath a Moons Gaze.

Heading to the showers I felt the conflict in me disappear slowly. The chill however wasn't so easy to get rid of even with a hot shower and clothes. However I had a feeling tonight was gonna be a really good performance. When it was about time for the cafe to open you could hear the bustling of regulars inside, and soon the cafe was filling with new faces for tonight as well. Kate was heading the cafe tonight while danny took an early day off. I had no idea what melody I would sing but I was surely gonna find the perfect melody for tonight.

When the time came for me to make my way onto the stage and take my seat. I looked out at everyone here for the show but my eyes lingered at Kate for a little longer then usual. Soon I found myself taking a deep breath which normally calmed me but for some reason I was a little more anxious. When I finally closed my eyes a melody came out before I was ready to begin. But I followed the melody because it felt so familiar. A melody I never sung before was just flowing like I have repeated its tune hundreds of times. I wanted to understand where this melody came from and then I felt it. My heart was beating like when I kissed Kate so this was the melody of my heart.

The melody i wasn't given a tune to before. Finally my heart wanted to Express itself and I couldn't be happier to have such a beautiful tune fill this cafe. So I let myself get lost as I followed the melody perfectly translating my hearts deepest feelings for all here tonight. Once a heart sings like this I am slowly learning to listen closely. Because this will always be the purest melody I can display before everyone. Deep into the night I soon heard that familiar sound that signals an end to the nights performance.

It went by so fast I was surprised at how time flowed so quickly. I took my bow and waved to those who had clapped for me. When i headed off stage Kate didn't greet me but left a note on a table in my room. She wanted to meet me tonight under the stars by the statue where we first had kissed. My heart just wasn't ready to call for a curtain on its melody tonight. The tune was soaring inside of me which guided me to the spot indicated by the note. She had to close the cafe up so I know I was heading out earlier then needed but I felt I could wait for her for an eternity.

I don't understand this part of life and that's okay because sometimes we have to take a leap. And enjoy the fall for what it's worth in the end melodies will always ease any pain we find along our path. While taking that path we will even discover more melodies. So I guess what I am saying is I learned to fall without knowing and understanding but I dont regret it. When i saw her coming up the stairs Kate had changed her clothes and her hair style. I couldn't help but smile at her I half expected her to not show at all but I guess I knew better deep down.

The first thing she said was 'Was that the melody that lead to you kissing me.' I nodded slowly to afraid of speak at that moment. But then she said 'I have a request, Beneath the moon could you sing that melody again for me '. I was frozen at first but my heart began that melody again and before I knew it she was wrapped in my arms. Beneath the moon in front of the goddess of love we let our hearts create a musical symphony. A song composed by our hearts while we embraced each other without words. This was her answer and I couldn't explain this feeling properly but going forward I would discover it I'm sure. That night we stood frozen in time kissing and learning each other's feelings without word's being needed.

[Writer's Note]

I decided to end it here for the final chapter. Sorry if it felt rushed but continuing it would lead to another chapter. If it becomes well received I may be convinced to write out holiday chapters or maybe suggestions provided by the readers of what they would like to see going forward. For now L-13 has been competed thank you for the time in reading this story.

[This was posted by me originally on Writco so I hope everyone enjoys. ]

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