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L-13-Valentines special

L-13 Our Valentines Day

We have been dating for a couple of months now and the first holiday we decided to celebrate together was valentines day. I have witnessed people celebrating the love and care they feel for another during such a day. I have even seen the start of a relationship happen on this day so I wanted something different. For Kate and I have no reason to celebrate either of those, no I plan to celebrate finding her and the music that brought us together. I told Kate that for the first Valentine's day together I wanted to express myself to her and to let me handle the arrangements. She giggled at my suggestion but ultimately agreed as long as she could still get me something. We parted ways after that so I could begin the long day ahead of me, this day was gonna be special. I started by visiting the stores to find the right assortment of flowers and candy that would suit my idea. Each store offered so many options so it was a challenge to find the correct pieces of this beautiful puzzle I had planned.

After shopping for an hour I finally got everything needed for this event. I even enlisted some help and permission slips from the park staff, for the rest of the day the park was closed in preparation for an upcoming Valentine event. We began placing the flowers on the metal railings that lead down from the entrance of the park. A mix of yellow, blue, and violet flowers was tied against the metal railing delicately so as not to damage the flowers. We then began filling up handwoven baskets with the assortment of candy I hand-picked which ranged from strawberry Carmel chocolate to a blueberry muffin. We now had to move some musical equipment around the center stage which was just a fountain but everything was almost perfect for this day. Once everything was set up I had the park manager arrange to have the fountain pour out a violet purple color from the selected dye I picked. Now it was time to get the night's celebrities Danny, his girlfriend, and Kate. I found them all inside the cafe talking and enjoying some tea, I haven't met Sarah because of her busy schedule at work but she's nice.

I tell them all to arrive at the park by seven for a night worth remembering the smile on my face was contagious because everyone started to laugh and smile, no doubt they are all curious as to what I have planned. After giving Late a light kiss I head off to my room to change for the night ahead. Since I would be moving a lot during the performance I needed flexible but nice clothes. Kate wanted me to have nicer clothes in case we go out on dates and such so my wardrobe has gotten bigger. I decided on the cardinal red top with an ebony skirt that flowed flawlessly, after getting dressed I slipped out the back door not to be seen before the event starts. That floaty feeling is surrounding me again I love this feeling most, Kate let me feel so many unique emotions but this my favorite so far. After arriving at the fountain in the center the park staff opened up the main gate guiding people during this night by glow stick light lined just under the railings. We arranged for quilt blankets to layer the ground where everyone would dance and sit with the ones they hold the closest.

The lighting around the fountain was darker to conceal me till the time to begin arrived, my eyes caught Kate as she walked down the path. She stood out vividly to me with her dark blue sweater and dark tan vest wearing a knee-high skirt. Everyone was here and surely ore would come in later on but for now, it's time to begin to help everyone celebrate this day. To show everyone that Valentine's day is meant to be expressed with everyone and those close to you, a way to bring our community together. I step barefooted in front of the fountain with a microphone in hand, glow sticks are placed around the fountain lighting up around me. Most here know me from the L-13 cafe but I take a humble bow before I begin, I prepared a special melody for this night. After a few moments of centering myself, I began tuning into my heart's beat listening to its rhythm. It's singing so loudly knowing that Kate is near us so I begin to let my melody flow outwards. Starting with a low soft tune I follow it so flawlessly like I'm being lead by the hand, my body can't help but sway as the tempo rises and falls like waves.

The stars above have begun shining more brightly as my melody reaches out across the sky above for all to hear. My eyes search through the crowd before me watching how everyone is feeling the message and intent behind each sound that forms this melody. I finally found Kates's eyes and notice the river behind them so I extend my hand towards her beckoning her to come to me. Without missing a beat I set the microphone down on the fountain and pitch my voice just a bit higher as I continue carrying the sound effortlessly. My fingers lacing with Kate's as we begin to dance and sway I can't help but be lost in her eyes, the river behind them threatens to burst open as her smile persists onward. I heard the sound of others rising and dancing along with us, so I press on carrying my melody higher and lower. Granting everyone an unforgettable night on Valentine's day. After forty minutes of letting my melody play out, I finally bring it to a close but no one notices because the melody is inside them all. And we continue to dance and sway late into the night before midnight everyone settles down and the staff begins handing out the woven baskets to everyone.

I take this moment to steal a kiss from Kate which lasts longer than intended but this night belongs to everyone. I had a special piece of candy that is sold only on valentines day, a homemade strawberry syrup filled chocolate. When I fetch the wrapped candy my fingers are met by her lips as she takes the piece of candy, I was so captivated that I didn't notice she had done the same. So we ended the night before midnight feeding each other pieces of candy we decided on which was followed by another kiss. When everyone went home Kate and I took a detour home to spend a little more time together. She told me how much she enjoyed the event and everything I did, she was beaming with happiness she couldn't even keep still. This made me smile but she warned me that the next event is hers to plan and she would do her best, that's when I took her in my arms resting my head on her shoulder. I whispered that I would cherish anything she decided on for we had a lot of time moving forward to find new memories to create.

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