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Chapter Five; When two Stars connect

Kate and I have dated for a few years now and we got a place together with her brother and his now-wife. It was a large house separated by two floors we took the second floor which had everything we needed. We go out for double dates a lot but we always get the question asked, when will we tie the knot. We often avoided it skillfully because it was a conversation we had often between us. I was afraid of it because I'm a person who lives freely and yet here I am already connected to Kate, so if we got married is that the end of our road. I couldn't waylay my worries on my own and I couldn't word it right to Kate no matter how often I tried.

Kate and I were in love but I could tell how much she thought about us marrying, and I wanna give it to her. But I couldn't construct things properly so I disappeared for a day creating an excuse in my absence. I needed air and a new perspective so I went out to a retirement home I once visited to sing my melodies to. The elderly are the wisest people and strangers I trust myself to, and now more than ever I needed their wisdom. After arriving I found the receptionist asked her to page Mary or Richard then I waited for either of them.

It didn't take long for Mary to show up which meant Richard was home resting. We said our greetings and I started explaining things to her. Then I asked if I could sing my melodies here again for everyone so I could find my answer. She smiled at me like a mother would and helped me get set up. The melody I planned to use was something I heard in my dreams but I could never remember the dream itself. But the piece was beautiful and I could feel the way it made me feel in my current predicament. So when everything was ready I started to let my voice call out to everyone.

The sound was happy and rotated from low to a medium pitch of the tone. I felt like my heart was drawing a star chart the longer I carried each note of the melody. Soon that same star chart was charting a course through so many obstacles like it was searching the galaxy itself for something. The reason I close my eyes often during these melodies is to envision what I'm conveying to everyone, and right now I'm envisioning my star connecting to Kates. Even if I had to travel through a galaxy using a star chart with hundreds of other stars I would seek her out only every time.

Soon I closed out the melody which got me some applause. Then an older man walked up to me and asked if this was for someone special so I just nodded. I told him my story he was listening to every detail and never once said a thing, he just listened to everything. When I finally came to my problem and explained as best I could what my problem was he just smiled. I was confused at first but as soon as he explained I was understanding just what he was smiling for.

Elderly Man; " Love never has an end, similar to how you explained it to me. It travels seeking out the one you were connected to no matter what happens. We decided when it ends and when it begins, the same way we decided what is love and what isn't. You have been ready for some time now to marry this person, and it's alright to get scared. Because love is patient."

After his words, I couldn't help smiling yet crying because he was right. I was scared of something that wouldn't matter Because Kate and I were meant for one another. My heart sings the loudest with her near me, my mind raced at the possibilities we have together. My hands have memorized the way her skin feels like I was a skilled potter. Everything was connected and it was just waiting for me to finally slip the final piece into place. I'm not sure I'm ready but I know this is our next step, It just feels right. After leaving there I went home to kiss Kate and tell her I found the answers I needed.

She was confused but I told her it's a secret for now and I will make everything clear soon. Between time with Kate and helping at the cafe I had little time to work on a project that alike speaks my heart's loudest demands. I was borrowing a building that Richard had acquired for storage but he agreed to my request. I lined the ceiling with wallpaper that was purely black then I found the right color to create a canvas of stars. Each star was in the shape of a musical note and every planet I added was drawn in the shape of hearts. This project for us had to be perfect I wanted her to understand words I couldn't speak clearly.

The walls I decorated in Dark green wallpaper, and I decorated my life leading up to meeting her. I used shapes to describe my activities or people I met. Piano keys for the fellow musicians I met along the way, strings to tell of the times I felt emotional. At the end of my decorations was a large tree blooming on a hill I described all of its transformations through time. This often signals an end to life in some aspects but from this perspective, I drew a white line from the fully grown trees to the farthest star on the ceiling. I wasn't sure I was conveying everything right but I hope she likes it and that I didn't mess up. After decorating everything I had to furnish the lighting and other things.

This exhausted me and Kate could see it every time I came home to her. But I assured her it was almost ready just wait a little more. a day I didn't think was possible was now fast approaching I never had dreams of a wedding but soon I'll greet the unexpected.
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