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Line's of Devotion

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The story of two high school friends journey through life. With an ever shifting perspective.

Romance / Other
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Line's of Devotion

Chapter 1

/Astra pt 1\

The blaring sound of the alarm clock repeating itself stirring me restlessly. Tossing and turning wrapped in the comfort of the blankets was obviously coming to an end. Reaching across blindly fumbling around for the snooze button on the alarm clock. The silence returned once more to the small one room apartment. Stirring finally from the bed after a few moments which lead to groans and the popping sound from the stretching of each limb.

Astra had finally settled on getting ready for the day ahead which meant a shower was needed. Like every other day everything was done within an hour and thirty minutes. From shower and hygiene to the breakfast cereal she ate every morning. Settling on clothing has often resulted in a tank top with a pair of fitted jeans however today she decided on a pair of shorts. Being an athlete at one point in her earlier highschool years lead to her toned and athletic figure.

As she finished slipping her shoes on she managed to catch a glimpse at the clock. Much like all of Astra's life everything was on a schedule nothing really changed in her day to day life. With the sound of the door opening and closing a voice rang out apologetically.

"Hey Ash sorry I'm late had company to get rid of first. Sooooo we ready yet?."

" Cait I do not need to know about the sex partner's keeping you. How many times have I told you keep it to yourself."

/Point of view Astra\

Everyday she manages to find a partner for the night and can not help but tell me. Unfortunately I have yet to get through to her that I do not wanna hear about it. Everyone was given a chance except me but she is my best friend so what am I to do.

" Alright Cait let's go and get this started but you owe me since you are almost fifteen minutes late. This was your idea remember."

"Ash come onnnnnnnnnn you know I'm not a runner. Could we not have had a better deal then running this early. Like seriously Ash just go get laid to burn the energy like normal people."

" Not everyone's open like a grocery store you know?. Some people actually enjoy connections now let's go.."

It's just like back in highschool she has not changed in over six years. Before she could respond I took off ahead of her not wanting to hear what came next. She followed me shortly after and met me outside where we began to stretch before taking off in a jog towards the fire department about thirty minutes on foot from my apartment. Today was the agreed upon day for me to go with her to a grand opening gym. I personally did not believe in going into gyms and Cait was going for the view. However I finally agreed if she would do an early morning run with me. Anything that let me spend time with her was more then enough for me.

I have been in love with her for so long that it became a line of devotion for me. I know she has her reasons for not choosing me and keeping our friendship over a relationship. But I can not pretend it does not hurt so I drew a line I would never cross while remaining devoted to her. Perhaps one day I will get my chance and untill that time comes I will keep to this line I drew. Our jog through the early morning streets was quiet as always around this early morning.

Cait always asked me why I continue running if I will not get a career with it. Each time I just gave her the run around avoiding the answer buried inside of me. I ran because I thought maybe I could outrun my feelings for her so every day I push myself hard. Hoping I could finally escape this line of devotion I drew for myself. It did not take long before we came to a stop at the fire department as planned from here we would walk the rest of the way to the gym.

"Hey Ash before we go........Let me breath please.?"

"How can you think joining a gym will be easier then a thirty minute run."

I could not help but laugh at the state she was in and I could not help the path my eyes drifted from the sweat tracing her skin.

" Well that is why....I am going to get in shape properly."

" Get in shape while drooling you mean."

" Hey everyone enjoys a good view it would be rude not to appreciate such ya know.?"

" Yeah yeah let's just get this over with so I can go back to my apartment."

"You agreed to stay with me for the duration though no backing out of it now."

" Come on let's go."

After the small breather and the water break we continued onward at a normal pace. She was right I did agree in exchange for this morning run to stay till the end. But after it settled in and the more I think it's more like a nightmare instead of a even trade. She was gonna have her eyes glued to everyone but me in this gym and the more it sinks in the worse I feel. But it was a feeling that would go away because I know my place by her side regardless of my own personal feelings and I had to treasure what moments I could get either way. This gym opening was said to be open to females only during the day and male's at night which explained why Cait was so eager to join up.

"Hey is this really the gym opening Cait...It looks empty."

"Yeah this was the place but.....Surely someone is here they should be open by now it's said to open by nine right?"

"Wait you are asking me when they opened I thought you knew all this ."

" I mean Ash have you seen the pamphlet it was not easy to pay attention to the times exactly.....Oh look someone is here."

And just like that she took off to the woman who was entering the building. I simply followed her as she bounced forth to get whatever information she could.

"Hi I am Cait and this behind me is Astra.... We came to join but the place looks like a ghost town ."

"Ah yeah I'm the only one on duty today since we had a small group for early mornings. My name's Gina let's get you two inside and we can get everything taken care of."

The gym was set up nicely and even had various high end equipment set up. The interior was well done it felt cozy and welcoming for sure but I still felt uncomfortable being here. It took only a few minutes to get the registration out of the way.

"So Astra ran track in highschool and you Cait have no experience with any type of exercise other then walking ?."

" Trust me it crossed my mind but watching Ash run track back in highschool tired me out. Sooooo I knew it would not fit me but since a gym is opening so close by I figure I could finally catch up to her figure."

" You know Cait you did not need a gym to catch up with me. Could have joined me for morning runs."

" Ha yeah that thirty minute jog to the fire department nearly killed me. I am not capable of such early morning things I am a delicate person"

She may not be fit but she was slender and was in shape for the most part. But it is still funny to see she struggles with a simple jog .

"Hey do not laugh at my delicate self."

" Well we will be able to help you get where you need to be so you can keep up with those morning jogs. Come on let's get started you two."

We started with repeated stretches to get the muscles ready for the workout laid out for us. I had no problem with it but Cait purposely had difficulty I'm sure just to get more hands on treatment. Her methods have not changed in all these years I known her, if anything they only improved. Cait was like the kitten you could not leave out in the rain once you seen it. Throughout the day we did rigorous exercise and workout routines untill Cait finally tossed in the towel. She really was delicate.

"I am done no more....My body is sore and aches alllllllll over please have mercy on me Gina.."

" It has only been two hours with proper breaks but this is a good stopping point for you. Astra how about you "

" I signed up so I might as well finish the first routine laid out for me."

" Well you do that but I need my bed and much needed rest now."

" Just remember this was your idea Cait ."

Without responding she exited the building it has always been fun teasing her. Her ideas had always been a draw back or just plain bad I had gotten into so much trouble following her whims. And yet I still am following those whims it seems but it's not all bad I guess.

" You know Astra you are really fit do you really run every morning.?"

" Yeah it is probably one of my few activities worth mentioning."

" So never been to a gym then ?."

" Nah never really had a reason to till now I guess."

"What changed?"

"I made a deal with a delicate devil"

We both could not help but laugh at this and for the first time i managed to take her figure in. She was definitely a fitness instructor and took care of her body. I felt nearly entranced by her figure and when my eyes met hers I could not help but turn away feeling embarrassed. I am sure she caught me starting at every perfect curve god what is wrong with me.

" Uhh so I guess that's the end of the routine.?"

Changing subjects to avoid further embarrassment.

" Yeah that was all of it you got done faster then most people with this kind of routine. "

Her smile was like the sun staring at the way her lips curved and her teeth shinned nearly felt like I could go blind staring for to long. And once again I was caught staring before I ducked my head in embarrassment for the second time I caught her smirking. Yeah I was definitely caught.

" Well I better get on home it was nice meeting you Gina"

"Like wise Astra I am glad you decided to join us here. Will I see you tomorrow to?"

"Um maybe ...I have a morning run like normal so if I have time after I could probably stop by for another go around."

" Maybe we can have a run together one morning."

" Uh yeah sure that be nice. See ya "

"Take care thank you for coming today."

As I left I could feel her eyes on me I am sure the flirting was real. Feeling her eyes on me I guess was natural if she was interested in me. God I fumbled so hard on that I must be way out of touch. But it was nice to meet someone new at least maybe this won't be so bad.

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