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Lacy Loveless knew happiness was just a wish ungranted. She had never experienced excitement that she could remember. Kids at school wold tease her how nobody loved her because she was “loveless.” Her parents had given her up and after a few foster homes she lived in the children’s home with kids in and out all scared to death of what their futures would hold. Her only sister who was so pretty was adopted 3 years ago. Could she ever feel love ? She was approaching 18 and her fate would be determined by her birthday court date.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Lacy Loveless knew they wouldn’t choose her. Nothing ever good happened for her. At five years old her parents were arrested she don’t remember what all happened but she definitely remembered her and her sister Kate being taken to a children’s home. Kate was the beautiful sister. She was talented and seemed to have an outgoing personality like herself. Lacy was the wuiet one that loved to hear stories or be read to. Lacy thought back to that more dreadful day when the miserable life they had got a bit worse. A lifetime of being teased that no one would ever love her because she was “loveless.” Kate was blond with beautiful blue eyes and she was tall for her age but she had a glowing beauty. Kate was light brown headed green eyes and was a bit shorter. Kate didn’t think she was ugly but just nothing like Kate. She remembers some aunt and uncle taking them. She had never met them and the stay was short lived when Kate cause “uncle Kenny” trying to do something bad to them. Kate had went to school and reported it to her teacher and they never seen him or aunt Donna again. However, off to the children’s home they went. Home after home they were in and out of until at last they had been placed with a couple that couldn’t have kids. They wanted one child but since we were sisters took both of us. Kate got all the attention which was fine with Lacy she preferred to be in her room reading. Kate was involved in cheer and tennis and gymnastics. You name it and Kate did it. Carl and Faye Caver were good to both of them and there was no abuse. Both girls did their part to make life good. Lacy though remembered how she was picked on at school and she hated it but refused to tel cause she was afraid that she would have to leave the Caver’s. They had been in the home for 5 years but there would always be a fear of going back. Kate was now graduated and Lacy now 17. Lacy didn’t feel loved but she did get what she needed. While they attended every event Kate was involved in. Lacy knew Kate was favored but it really didn’t bother her as long as she was safe. Even now with Kate being busy she didn’t feel that the Cavers disliked her but Lacy didn’t “belong” to them as much as with Kate.
Everything was fine until one day at school the group of kids led by Jenny Overbey, that were relentlessly picking on her, was bullying a freshman and her smaller brother. Lacy never would have picked a fight but today of all days she decided to stop them. So she stood in front of the frightened girl and boy and said nothing. While the group of kids poured angered words at them she wouldn’t allow them to be hit. As Lacy walked with the scared kids on of the girls with Jenny, yanked Lacys hair and pulled her onto the ground and for a moment Lacy let the girl pound her over and over but then had enough and fought back. Lacy got some over on her until they ganged up on her and left Lacy in a heap on the ground. The scared freshman and her brother were gone and Lacy was sure she had some broken bone couldn’t move. Finally,as it started to get dark a guy was walking by and ran to her
“ Are you ok?” The boy asked.
“” Lacy winced in pain.
He pulled out his phone and called 911. “ A girl is laying her at the high school she’s hurt, she will need an ambulance. My name is Huck Winters. Please hurry.” Huck took off his flannel and laid it u set her face. Blood was on the ground near her he wiped her hair away from her face. “What’s your name?” Huck asked.
“Lacy.” She barely could mutter.
“The ambulance is on its way Lacy.” Huck assured her. He laid his hand on her shoulder and he knew she was crying. “Can I call your parents?” He asked gently.
“She tried telling him her phone was in her pocket but he couldn’t understand. So she gave up. She could hear sirens. The paramedics got there and got her on a stretcher it was then that Huck realized how beat up she was. Her entire face was swollen and he couldn’t tell which cuts were worse.
The police asked some questions but Huck knew nothing. Lacy was unable to make them understand her. The police was able to get her phone and she had three contacts. Kate, Faye and Carl. They called the Kate. No answer. Next was Carl, No answer. Faye answered but said. What you need Lacy I’m in a big hurry, and rambled about some event when the officer interrupted. “Ma’am this is officer Duke’s, we have a teen girl..,before he could finish Faye was saying with dissatisfaction I knew it would only be time before she was in trouble what on earth has she done?” Faye seemed out out that she had to deal with this.
“Ma’am What is her name?” He asked
“ Lacy Loveless. Faye said impatiently.
“ Ma’am what is your relationship to Lacy.” He asked
“ Her foster parent.” Faye replied. “What has she done?”
“ She has done nothing she is at the hospital and has been beaten pretty bad. She can’t even talk at this point.” He told Faye.
“ I wonder what she done to deserve that?” Faye again showed no compassion.
“Ma’am as a foster parent you must come to the hospital to assume responsibility” the officer was saying.
Faye cut him off again and said” I’ll call my husband we. Will be right there.
With that they hung up. The officer told Lacy her parents were on their way. She didn’t seem affected by that at all the officer thought.

Lacy laid on the bed thinking about why she had done and although she was hurt terribly she was proud of herself. She could see the officer talking to someone but she couldn’t see who. Other than the nurses she was alone and she admitted to herself how scared she was. After about 45 minutes the officer came back in the rooms me said,” Lacy, your parents should be here soon. I need to stay until they are here. Please let the nurse know if you need me.” She nodded.
Lacy wasn’t sure what she looked like but her jaws felt very swollen and her lip was apparently cut because it stung. She let the tears roll from her eyes but knew she could allow herself to cry her ribs hurt too much.
X-ray had come and took necessary pictures that confirmed 2 broke ribs and her hand was broke. The did a CT scan of her head and face and everything was fine.
Back in her room she noticed a visitor, tall, black hair, tee shirt. She had seen him before but from where?
“Hi” the stranger said. “ Remember me Huck?”
Lacy remembered now he rescued her. She nodded.
“Hi.” Lacy winced with the exertion of talking. Tears rolled down into her hair. Huck moved closer to her.
“ Don’t try to talk if it hurts.” He took a Kleenex and wiped her tears carful not to touch the lacerations on her face. The nurse came in and explained that she had to clean her wounds. Huck touched Lacys hand and softy rubbed it. The nurse began with putting a towel beside her face, then pouring warm saline she used a gauze pad to wipe the wound carefully. Lacy cringed, and reaction made her grab Hucks and and squeezed against the pain. Again tears rolled down into her hair. The nurse talked quietly to Lacy and cleaned as gently as she could. She told Lacy the doctor would be in to see if anything needed stitches. Lacy let her head roll to one side as tears kept rolling. The nurse asked if she needed anything and Lacy asked for a drink as best as she could. The nurse came back with. Cup of ice chips.” Only this until the doctor does his exam. Huck took the ice and spoon and let an ice chip touch her lips. Lacy let it slide into her mouth. He continued this until she was done. The doctor came in and checked Lacy over and decided he could glue one laceration and the one on her cheek he used butterfly stitches. Her mouth would heal on its own. Her hand was wrapped and a appointment was made with a specialist. The doctor told her she would need admitted for at least overnight due to her broken ribs. After an hour and a half of being in the ER Faye and Carl had finally arrived. The officer came in the room with them.
Faye and Carl look at Lacy as if they couldn’t recognize her.
“What did you get in a fight over Lacy?” Faye asked with disapproval.
Lacy said nothing.
“Lacy,” Carl spoke to her like a 10 year old. “ Faye asked you a question and we need a answer.”
Lacy let the tears roll again.
Huck spoke up from the corner.”Mr and Mrs Loveless, I am Huck Winters.”
“We are mr and Mrs cavers! Faye interrupted. “ Are you her boyfriend?”
“Huck blushed, I’m very sorry Mrs. Caver. I was walking and found your daughter badly beaten and called 911. She is unable to talk due to her broken ribs.”
Carl ran his hands through his hair seemingly frustrated.
“Thank you Huck.” Faye said.
Officer Dukes then spoke. “ I’m going to need a statement from Lacy.” 4
Huck grabbed her backpack and looked in it and found a note book and pen. He held it for Lacy. “Help us find who did this to you.” Huck look at Lacy and knew she was afraid. “ I know you are scared but no one will hurt you again. She had not stopped letting her tears roll. He again wiped them. Lacy took the pen and wrote,” 2 kids being bullied, stepped in to help, 4 girls, 1 boy attacked me.”
Huck asked,” do you know names?”
Lacy penned,” only 1 Marie Flowers. Hates me.
Huck handed it to the officer.
“ Do you know the kids you defended?” Officer Dukes asked Lacy. Lacy shook her head no. “ This will get me started and a full investigation will be done. Here is my card just in case she remembers anything “he laid it on her nightstand and he left.
The nurse came in with IV and medications. Huck stayed by her. Faye was antsy.
“Lacy, will it be ok if me and Carl run to Kates Art show? It Starts at 7:00 and it’s 6:45 now which means we will be late but we can come up after the show? Faye explained.
Huck was about to lose it so he took a deep breath. The nurse was also flabbergasted but did not turn Fayes direction.
Lacy nodded her head yes. With that Faye patted her foot and off they went.
The remainder of the evening was rest for Lacy she was given pain medications and antibiotics to keep her from infection. She was glad Carl and. Faye had left. She didn’t need them. Oddly enough she was ok with Huck being there but didn’t know why he would want to stay. He had stayed right beside her the whole time. The nurse had told her the medicine would probably help her sleep. Paige finally closed her eyes and no longer had the intense pain in her side. It was a full ache now. Tolerable. As she drifted off she reached with her good hand out to Huck. He took her hand and Lacy was fast asleep.
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